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Jane Cameron

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Members’ beads from last month’s challenge:

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No pressure, no prizes, just fun!

Make a bead, set of beads, focal, mixed

media, on or off mandrel piece using the

theme of ‘Summer’ or the technique of


Post your photos on www.frit-happens.co.uk

and/or www.craftpimp.co.uk and/or our

Facebook page by

All members' photos will be included in the

August issue of the GBUK

Jane Cameron

I made my first lampwork bead at the

International Festival of Glass (IFG) in 2010,

after a performance of the “Torcher Chamber

Arkestra” led by Carrie Fertig. The next day, I

queued up early to book a place on a half day

lampworking workshop and made my first cased

bead! Having got “the lampwork bug”, I went

home and ordered a hothead / Mapp gas

setup from Tuffnells, which then languished in

my garage for some time until I plucked up the

courage to start experimenting. I then got

through two cans of Mapp in as many weeks,

and rapidly upgraded to a bulk propane setup!

I’m also a glass fuser, and was originally planning to make lampworked

elements in Bullseye glass to add to my kiln glass, but then I discovered

Effetre glass was much softer … I have been on a course with Becky at

Chameleon Designs, who showed me how to make little fishy sculptures and

gave me some great tips on how to control the glass. I have also watched a

lot of videos on the Internet and read quite a few books.

I feel very lucky that I also found “Frit

Happens”, which is a wonderful and

supportive forum and has helped me with

many of my newbie issues!

In terms of inspiration and development,

I take a lot of photographs and am also

trying to gradually work my way through

the techniques in my lampworking books

(might take a while!).

I have recently started to sell my beads on the

internet, and also at local craft fairs along with my

other work. I am currently developing designs which

combine my beads with fused glass pieces and

hand painted silk to make unique jewellery and

accessories. Some of my recent work has been

made using a range of techniques, including metal

leaf and foils, enamels and raking. I’m still experimenting

with these beads but they are looking

quite exciting so far! I work and teach silk painting

and music from my home studio in Woking, Surrey,

which is easily accessible by car and public transport.

You can find out more about me and my

work on my websites, or do check out my latest

creations (and say hello!) on Facebook.

I also do silk painting (and

run silk painting courses)

and some of my marbled

beads have been inspired by

my textiles work. I also enjoy

playing with frit. I think the

thing I love most about

lampwork is the freedom you

have to change the shape

and texture of the glass in

such fluid ways and in such

a short space of time.





Katherine Martin

Nicky Townsend

Colette Ladley

Debbie Williams

Scarlet Leonard


Sandy Kelly

Katherine Martin

Colette Ladley

Stringer Lines: These are a few bright

simple beads that I made for BoC, who

urgently need more bead donations. The

large stripy green and orange crunch was

made with a core of white and then a

number of encased stringers I made at Di

East's. We were experimenting with

layering transparents over different

opaques to make a full rainbow of

colours. If you look closely, you can see

a yellow centre in the wide green lines -

that stringer was made with transparent

green over yellow. I made this bead as a

cylinder and applied the stringers side-byside,

working from one end to the other,

melted them all in and then crunched. Try

to keep the joins where the stringer starts

by Heather Kelly

and finishes all in the same place, then you can

try to press the bead so they are on the side, or

you can cover them all up with a vertical stripe of

something opaque. (They weren't that visible for

this one, so I left them on the back).

Tulip Lines: This is a focal lentil I made with Plowden &

Thompson 100 COE tulip, which is a lovely colour that

can strike from yellow all the way to a light red. In this

lentil I have yellow and orange. I used Reichenbach deep

black for the stringer - it stays black and doesn't spread

or web under high heat.

Sun Over Sea: This bead was something of an accident. I

was intending to make a lentil, then ended up with a

spinner so couldn't finish shaping it properly. It has a core

of Reichenbach mystic grey with a spiral of Arke around

that, reduced and encased in Lauscha soft clear. Then I

added some random lines and splodges of Notos, again

reduced and encased. This gave the blue MOP look. The top

of the bead was unbalanced (and this point is when it

began spinning) so I just added lobes of more clear on

either side, put some Notos on top of them (and some dots

of it around the top), and used my tweezers with teeth to

squeeze out the 'ears', before reducing and sticking it in the

kiln. I wasn't entirely sure this would come out looking ok,

but I actually rather like it. It is very shiny and the Notos

looks fairly golden, so along with the teeth lines that made

me think of rays of sunlight, I called it Sun Over Sea.

Murrini …

…is an Italian term for coloured patterns or images made in a glass

cane (long rods of glass) that are revealed when cut in cross-sections.

Check out Jolene Wolfe’s tutorials for making heart murrini

applying murrini

and ways to use them

Dates for your diary …

Sunday 24th August 2014

GBUK will have a stand with the Bead Collection from this year’s annual competition,

and copies of this year’s journal.

Members have the opportunity to sell their beads on the GBUK table at Stourbridge.

We will have limited amount of space available on the stand for this. They will be

taken on a first come, first served basis. We charge £2.50 per 'slot', a slot being a

square compartment measuring 3 inches square and 1¼ deep. Members may 'buy' up

to three of these for the duration of the two days.

Please contact chairman@gbuk.org if you have beads you wish to sell.

: Tuffnell Glass, Rudston, Yorkshire YO25 4UD

: 12/13/14 September 2014

: 1000 - 1800

On Friday we will have the torch benches for members to play and / or demo on -

we are hoping there will be some of you willing to share your techniques with our

members; Teresa has offered to show us a trick or two too.

On Saturday the AGM will be at midday.

Sunday is a free day on the torches for those that want to stay for the whole


Lunch will be provided in the form of jacket potatoes and toppings.

Please can members bring salad, cake and drinks to share.

Along with the lure of the Tuffnell Glass shop, there will also be other traders selling

lampworking supplies (we will announce the full list nearer the time).

There will be a mini competition, entries to be taken to the AGM, voting to take place

at the AGM, the theme is ‘

The prize will be a £10 voucher to spend with the traders attending the event.

Nominations are OPEN and will close

on July. 31st

We need you to nominate yourself or another member for the

following posts:


The Chairman shall oversee all the meetings and activities and shall make sure that at

all times the organisation is abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by this constitution,

provides direction to the committee, chairs meetings and the AGM and prepares

reports for members.


The Secretary shall be responsible for documenting all the paperwork of the organisation

and will distribute the minutes from all meetings, deals with all official communication

and between members. In the absence of the Chairman the Secretary will fulfil the tasks

of the Chairman


The Treasurer shall maintain a correct balance of the funds of the organisation, shall

keep a record of all accounting of the organisation and shall regularly (at least quarterly)

make available a written breakdown of the income and expenditure of the organisation;

be responsible for obtaining an independent audit of the finances on an annual

basis and notifying the results of the audit to the Committee, including signed copies of

the audit statement.

Membership secretary

Membership Secretary – deals with new and renewals of membership.

Events coordinator

Events organiser – organises events, books venues.


Webmaster – responsible for maintaining the website and complying with reasonable

requests by the committee in a reasonable timescale; oversees the preparation of the


Please check the member is willing to stand before


Voting will take place, by email, between

1st August & 31st August.


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