CREATIVE EXCELLENCE - Fellowship for British Hairdressing

CREATIVE EXCELLENCE - Fellowship for British Hairdressing

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Due to the popularity of many of our Fellowship events, please book your

ticket for the following to avoid disappointment!

Pro Hair Live

Sun 1st and Mon 2nd April 2012 – 10am – 4.30pm

Manchester Central

Once again at the very heart of Professional Hairdresser Live, the

Fellowship Stage will be bringing you a star-studded line up of

hairdressing talent.

Tickets available now at a pre-booked price of £12 per day or £20

for two days. Visit or call 08448 125713.

Fellowship ClubStar Evening

With Zullo & Holland

Monday 16th April – 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Wella World Studio, 93 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7SS

Free to ClubStar members. £15 to non members. Call Pam Haynes

on 01295 724580 or email:

Fellowship ClubStar Workshop

With Zullo & Holland

Monday 30th April – 10.30am – 4.30pm

Wella World Studio, 93 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7SS

ClubStar members only – £15. Call Pam Haynes on 01295 724580

or email:

London Session Workshop

Monday 30th April – 5.30pm for 6.00pm

Wella World Studio, 93 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7SS

Tickets £27.50 to Fellowship members. Required to bring your own

model. To book call Denise Simkins on 01295 724579.

Evening with Fellowship Hairdresser of

the Year – Bruce Masefield

Tuesday 26th June 2012 – 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Wella World Studio, 93 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7SS

Shoot for Success! Powered by

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing

23rd or 24th May. 9am – 5pm

Ask Academy, 74/78 Seymour Place, London W12 2EH

Two action packed dates have been scheduled into the Fellowship diary

on 23rd and 24th May with a trio of talent that can help you create your

shot for success! Fellowship members are invited to bring a model of

their choice and receive guidance from the best in the business in terms

of photographer Richard Miles, fashion stylist Bernard Connolly and

makeup guru Lauren Mathis. All you will need to do is create your hair,

choose your outfit from the selection provided and let Lauren interpret

your makeup vision. Richard Miles will then capture the story under your

direction which will then be edited prior to retouch on the day. Each

delegate will receive a cd containing their retouched shot.

£300 per delegate.

These are just some of our fantastic events planned for this year – full details are published at the

back of the magazine. To book your ticket contact the Fellowship office on 01295 724579.



ClubStar winner’s

photoshoot with

Mo Nabbach

As winner of the Terry Calvert Creative Award at the annual

ClubStar competition. Kate MacClellan of Smart Est 73 claimed

an amazing photo shoot opportunity with

photographer, Mo Nabbach, as well as a Redken Product

Styling Kit and GHD Styler Kit.

The annual ClubStar competition sponsored by Redken saw 8 ClubStar

members take centre stage on the Fellowship stage at Salon International to

battle it out for some fantastic prizes. The eight finalists presented their models

and added their final touches to the look in front of mentor Simon Shaw.

Kate was ultimately victorious and the shoot took place on the

15th January at Kate’s salon Smart Est 73 in Weston Super-Mare,

where she has worked for the last 18 months. Kate opted for a simple

background as she wanted her main focus to be on the shape and hair.

Kate created strong hair shapes, combining different eras with beauty

and bringing them up to date, taking inspiration from the late 70s and 80s

punk look. Kate said, “I love how the strong shape challenges the soft

feminine texture as I think she still looks sexy as well as hard”.

Kate continued: “Shooting with Mo Nabbach and creating the perfect

picture really gave me lots of inspiration to do more photo shoots and

competitions and the passion to inspire other young hairdressers to do the

same. I can’t wait to do more work with ClubStar and am looking forward to

pushing myself in different events”.

Shooting with Mo Nabbach and creating

the perfect picture really gave me lots of

inspiration to do more photo shoots and

competitions and the passion to inspire

other young hairdressers to do the same.

Kate MacClellan


Hair: Kate MacClellan, Smart Est 73, ClubStar

Competition Winner 2011 supported by Redken

for 2012 Photography: Mo Nabbach for Styling: Debra Smart

Make-up: Debra Smart

FM 03

Kevin Arkell

I have thoroughly enjoyed being your

Chairman for a second term and I am a little

sad at the thought of leaving, but it is

important for younger people to take the

reins and move the Fellowship forward.

What an unhappy time of it we had last year, sadly losing

several of our key friends and members – some of the major

architects of the current Fellowship in fact. 2011 was a year

spent attending a constant stream of funerals – a very sad year


Happily though, once our new President, Mark Creed, was

officially installed, the year began to steadily improve, thanks to

the many successful activities which Mark has covered in his

report. I truly commend Mark for his hard work and diligence in

his first year of Presidency which has set the pace for an even

more successful second year.

Other good things also happened by carefully thinking through

and debating strategies to make the Fellowship a more business

like and stronger organisation. For example, to manage our

finances more effectively, our finance committee spent the best

part of the year setting up systems so we can monitor the costs

and revenues for all our activities and compare them year-on-year.

So big thanks to the current finance committee – Alan Richardson,

David Drew and Phillip Rogers – for their wisdom, advice and

help with this. The same committee is due to be elected again at

the next Council meeting and we have put forward two proposals

to vote on to ensure the finances are managed as effectively

ongoing. Building our fabulous brands has also been a focus:

The F.A.M.E. Team 2011 managed by Bruno Giamattei and

Errol Douglas M.B.E., Project X managed by Karine Jackson,

ClubStar managed by Simon Shaw, the Colour Project managed

by Tanya Hennessy and Jo O’Neil. These great individuals have

given us the benefit of their professionalism which is as valuable

as it is valued – thank you so much. Another very positive aspect

to 2011 has been all the PR activity, in particular the quality of our

magazine. FM really is a superb publication which portrays the

image of the Fellowship in a very creative and positive way in

each of the 11 editions per year. So congratulations and thanks to

our PR angels and in particular to our own PR manager and

magazine editor, Julie B.

So all in all, 2011 turned out to be very successful year for us and

it’s with a heavy heart that I retire from my Chairmanship at the

next Council meeting. And it would be remiss of me not to thank

all those people who have supported me in this role.

Firstly our secretary Carol Spencer; extremely supportive, efficient,

always ensuring our policies are adhered to. Ably supported by

her colleagues Denise Simkins and Pam Haynes, we are lucky in

having a very trusted team running the office.

Thank you to all the project leaders for putting on and organising

our events and activities, particularly our Events Co-ordinator Ann

Herman, without whom half of the events just wouldn’t happen.

Thank you to Vice Presidents, Gary France and Bruno Giamattei

and of course my Vice Chairman Edward Hemmings. They have

the onerous responsibility of supporting all activities, often without

receiving the recognition they deserve.

To our current Chancellor David Drew, who always works for the

greater good of the Fellowship and brought us two memorable

Luncheons and Awards.

To our sponsors, who have stood up to the plate yet again,

delivering total support not just financially, but with liberal access

to their academies and offices for events and meetings. Without

this additional support our lives would be much more difficult and

I must particularly thank the L’Oréal group, Wella, Schwarzkopf

and Goldwell for their unstinting generosity.

So what of the future? Well, it’s looking good! We have the

strongest, highest quality membership ever, great relationships

with our sponsors and the trade press and the organisers of the

two UK exhibitions, enabling us to showcase Fellowship talent to

huge audiences from both home and abroad.

We have a very sound financial base to build upon, all the right

organisational tools to support our activities and a succession plan

in place to ensure The Fellowship continues to remain the UK’s

premier hairdressing organisation. I have thoroughly enjoyed being

your Chairman for a second term and I am a little sad at the

thought of leaving; but it is important for younger people to take the

reins and move the Fellowship forward, and I am confident of

leaving the organisation in good shape to achieve this.

I thank you all – each and every one of you – for making my

second spell as Chairman to be both rewarding and successful

(I trust!) and I wish you all much health, wealth and happiness for

the future.

Kevin Arkell


FM 04


“It’s with a heavy heart that I retire from my Chairmanship at

the next Council meeting. And it would be remiss of me not to

thank all those people who have supported me in this role.”

FM 05



It's been truly spectacular as

we’ve seen our unrivalled line-up

of talented members share their

skills at inspiring premier

Fellowship events such as

Masterclass and Members’ Night

It's become the ‘norm’ to enjoy an action packed calendar of

Fellowship events and the first quarter of this Olympic Year has

been no exception. Thus far it’s been truly spectacular as we’ve

seen our unrivalled line-up of talented members share their

skills at inspiring premier Fellowship events such as

Masterclass and Members’ Night. A ‘must see’ event seems to

be the overused strapline that gets banded around and applied

to every production regardless of merit these days – but

they're words that really do reverberate entirely true and

appropriate when applied to any Fellowship event.

Our Events Committee constantly bring to the table new ideas and

initiatives for Fellowship Members – one of which is the fabulous

opportunity for members to employ the skills of professional

photographer Richard Miles, fashion stylist Bernard Connolly and

makeup artist Lauren Mathis on a 'per shot' basis. For just £300,

the model you provide will be transformed into a professional

retouched photographic image to help you promote your business.

It's yet another incredible event, powered by the Fellowship. Book

your place now on May 23rd/24th, 2012, the ‘event’ will take place

at Schwarzkopf's ASK Academy, London W1.

If you're reading this, then like me, you are very passionate about

our craft. To ensure neither yourself or members of your team

miss any of our fantastic events, do make a point to visit our

brand new website which promises to put

you in the picture on all things you indeed ‘must see’.

The Fellowship literally 'go on the road' at the end of this month –

up to Manchester – where we will be providing a platform for our

members at Professional Hairdresser Live @ Manchester Central.

Whether you are from the North, South, East or West of the UK –

make a point to visit this fabulous two-day event and catch up

with Spring/Summer headlines on the Fellowship stage.

One event that is not to be missed is my Presidents’ Night!

The date for your diary is April 23rd, the venue, the gorgeous

Hurlingham Club in Fulham. Please join me on what promises to

be an exclusive evening of sophistication, glamour and unrivalled

conversation. A marvellous opportunity for those wishing to

'network' with fellow members – or sit back and celebrate

everything that is truly great about our profession.

Before I sign off and let you continue this 'good read', it would be

extremely remiss of me not to add a personal thank you to our

Chairman, Mr Kevin Arkell, for all the help and support that he's

given me throughout my Presidency. I also want to add on behalf

of my fellow council members, a heartfelt thank you for all the

time and energy he has bestowed upon our organisation for the

last 2 plus years.

As most of you are aware, this is Kevin's second coming

(as Chairman!), and I must say it's been a true inspiration to

work alongside this fountain of knowledge and to hopefully

glean some of his amazing business acumen and experience.

A huge thank you Kevin and our very best wishes to both yourself

and wife Linda for the future.

Mark Creed


FM 06


Regents Park Holiday Inn, London, played host to an array

of hairdressing talent on Monday 12th March, as endorsed

by President of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing

Mark Creed, “We have one of the most auspicious and

prestigious audiences here this evening, and it is great to

see so many of you here to support the Fellowship.”

Moving on to praise the unique opportunity which evenings such

as the Masterclass offer: “Tonight’s all about education, and

wherever you are in your career, every one of you should be able to

take something inspirational away with you this evening.”

Co-compered by Maria Weijers and David Drew, who engaged the

Masters with the audience, ensuring that we were kept abreast, step

by step on the stylists technique and vision.

Opening the evening was current British Hairdresser of the Year Akin

Konizi of HOB. Akin demonstrated examples of the work that has

propelled him into hairdressing’s hall of fame, strong geometric

shapes, that more than met the mark. Encouraging the audience

Akin said: “take a second glance at your work, always step back and

think what each cut is doing, and ensure you can part on either side,

for added movement.” Akin also preached the importance of practice.

Reminding the audience that you have to invest time into your skill,

sharing the fact that finger waving took him three years to hone.

“Take a second glance at your

work, always step back and

think what each cut is doing.”

Akin Konizi

Legendary haircutter Debbie G was next. Creating a beautiful fluid

shape, with diagonal angles and tilted balance, Debbie commented:

“I enjoy taking a classic shape and mixing it together with a bit of

disconnection.” Debbie, who is well known for her refined cutting,

FM 07

was undertaking the arduous task of precision cutting on dry hair.

David Drew said: “I challenge any member of the audience to find

scissor marks!” Debbie also thanked team member Tom Smith,

who had created the beautiful blackcurrant tone, which Debbie

referred to as “make up for the haircut.”

Coming all the way from Nottingham, the next master fast

becoming a familiar face on the hairdressing circuit. Angelo Vallilo

from Zullo and Holland told the audience “I will be demonstrating

a progression from last years work, working with a shorter, more

Mod feel, but keeping with the season’s key players, movement

and texture.” Angelo presented two looks, building the graduation

in the scissor over comb, whilst keeping an extended length on

top for dressing out, accentuated by stunning clean colours.

“This is the cheapest facelift

going, a carved out hairline

opens up the face, and really

highlights the cheekbones.”

Jamie Stevens

Mr X Factor himself was next, and Jamie Stevens began his

presentation with a note of thanks, stating “what a pleasure it is to

work alongside such hairdressing greats, I am always honoured to

be involved with the Fellowship.” Jamie worked on a short graphic

cut, with a carved out hairline, Jamie told the audience “This is

the cheapest facelift going, a carved out hairline opens up the

face, and really highlights the cheekbones.” The colour, applied by

Jamie’s sister Tasha, was a beautiful subtle peach hue, which

Jamie predicted would be a huge trend for Spring Summer 2012.

Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year Bruce Masefield of Sassoons

was next, working with layering, with weight at the top. Bruce

described the cut as “almost two fringes, which in turn creates

beautiful texture.” Bruce advised the audience not to rely on

product to shape the cut, but to cut the detail in. Maria

complimented Bruce’s technique and credited him with

“a beautiful rhythm when cutting, which truly makes him a joy to

watch”. Bruce also said what an honour it was to work alongside

such talent, even if it is somewhat off-putting to have to present in

front of co-worker Mark Hayes!

FM 08

Mark Creed took this opportunity, whilst walking amongst the audience, to

interview Tracey Devine, of multi award winning Angels who was enjoying the

presentation. Mark asked Tracey what her trend predictions for spring summer

2012 were, “Women are wearing their hair much stronger” Tracey said, “but with

a real feminine edge, it is somewhat reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s.” As the

first section of the Masterclass stood complete, Mark invited the audience to

gather for the evening’s special guest. Maria Weijers was charged with the

honour of interviewing hairdressing legend, and colour innovator, Daniel Galvin

OBE. Daniel is third generation in a hairdressing dynasty, and now his children

are following him into the family business. Daniel spoke of a family anecdote in

which his sister originated in hairdressing, however finding herself less than

enamoured with the general public, switched careers, and opened a poodle

parlour! Daniel spoke of how colourists, back in the 60’s, were treated as

second-rate salon citizens, even required to share their colour bill with the

stylist, and having worked tirelessly to bring the colourist up to the same level of

respect as the stylist in Daniel’s salon!

Daniel’s salon houses an incredible 25 colourists and 25 stylists, which he still

loves to be a part of, “Morning manager’s meetings do not interest me, I like to

be out on the salon floor, seeing clients, I love it. It will forever be my passion.”

Round two of Masters took to their respective podiums for the long hair

section of the night. First up was Leonardo Rizzo, Creative Director of

Sanrizz, who said, “Normally I shy away from long hair, as I associate it with

bridal. However I thought why not have some fun, and play around with

colour.” Working with a band of colour uniting blues with greens, Leonardo

created a stunning impact.

Cardiff’s Ken Picton was up next, and as current holder of Wales and South

West Hairdresser of the Year, Ken had plenty of great ideas for the upcoming

trends. “A huge look gracing the catwalks and consequently the high street is

Sports Luxe, which features amazing strong colour, and when translated into

hair, this incorporates vast amounts of texture.” Ken championed this look on

a model with curly hair.

Tallulah from the Daniel Galvin salon was next, and was somewhat of a dark

horse! Tallulah had intimated to Maria that she was concerned she didn’t

have a lot to talk about, however this was far from the truth, as the stylist’s

talent has been sought out by Britain’s Next Top Model, and was jetting off to

Paris the next day to work on the upcoming season. The hair she chose to

work on for the evening was a romantic red carpet look, with finger waving

across the crown.

Errol Douglas MBE was the next to impress, another jetsetter, Errol spoke about

his upcoming trip to Australia. Errol’s model featured a micro embossed base,

with a backcombed shape, which is taken from his current collection.

Anita Cox from Cox McMillan, told the audience how she loved the simple

shapes at London Fashion Week. Anita created a stunning style, with clean

lines, and a smooth sleek texture, whilst still keeping the volume. Anita

created a tight pony at the very base on the neck, and tucked it under to

create a perfectly undone shape.

FM 09


What a fabulous start to the year! 2012 F.A.M.E.

Team members have been rolling up their sleeves

at a quartet of fabulous iconic days in preparation

for their debut photographic shoot.

What a fabulous start to the year! 2012 F.A.M.E. Team members

Isabella Hyde from Rush, Ryan Harris from Angels, Becky Hunt

from Sanrizz and Ashleigh Hodges from Flame have been

rolling up their sleeves at a quartet of fabulous iconic days in

preparation for their debut photographic shoot under the

direction of Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year, and F.A.M.E.

Team Art Director Bruce Masefield in the Spring.

First things first – the F.A.M.E. Team gathered together for a day

with their Art Director, BRUCE MASEFIELD to learn the legendary

art of the Sassoon cutting technique. Teaching the ABC cutting

foundation which centres around the geometric rules of cutting

which is, according to Bruce “the base for all creativity”, Bruce

outlined the premise A – one length cut, B – graduation and C –

layering. Despite it all looking and sounding quite technical Bruce

referred to it as “the rules of freedom – in other words, once you

have fully appreciated the fundamentals, you have the tools to

create any shape you want”.

Bruce was later joined by his Assistant Creative Director Alex

Penada, presented two models – an Emma Watson inspired

graduated crop and a layered bob. Both haircuts were blunt cut

and showed a variation of texture, achieving point cut perfection.

In the afternoon it was time for the F.A.M.E. Team to practice their

newly learned skills. Becky Hunt told FM: “It was a challenging

and very enjoyable day. We all loved it!”

If there was a name synonymous with celebrity styling in the hair

world TYLER JOHNSTON is the one. Tyler met up with the team for

a day of inspiration and creative learning at the Wella World Studio.

“The rules of freedom – once

you have fully appreciated the

fundamentals, you have the

tools to create any shape you

want.” Bruce Masefield

Enjoying an overview of Tyler’s career – the team were impressed

by his enviable showreel featuring his work with recognisable

faces from David and Victoria Beckham to Cindy Crawford.

The focus was on session as Tyler presented several looks to the

team including a beautiful blow dry, catwalk pony tail and slick back

editorial style. It was then the F.A.M.E. Team’s chance to impress

with Tyler’s advice: “The foundation of your style is most important”

as they learned the art of how to dress out session styles.

Reporting on the day the team said: “We’ve had a fantastic day

and are absolutely buzzing”.



FM 14




“We’ve had a fantastic day and

are absolutely buzzing.”

F.A.M.E. Team on Tyler Johnston Day

BILLI CURRIE stands as one of London’s top boutique hair

salons, and as a salon is well versed in the art of session styling.

So when the opportunity came for the F.A.M.E. Team to spend a

day with Billi, they were ecstatic! The day started with a

presentation on who's who in session styling, with Billi giving a

brief biography of each, leading on to explain the different types

of session styling such as runway, editorial, and celebrity.

Showcasing a model for the team, Billi showed various different

looks, with a focus on classic styling, such as a ballerina bun and

French pleat with a modern twist. He also spoke about the

importance of the foundation of your creative style: “As long as

you have a good classic foundation you can build any creative

style on top with hair pieces or whatever grabs your fancy.”

“As long as you have a good

classic foundation you can

build any creative style on top

with hair pieces or whatever

grabs your fancy.” Billi Currie

Talking the F.A.M.E. Team through old experiences he’d had with

session work and whilst working at Sassoon, the team got to

understand exactly what path in hairdressing they wanted to

follow, and where their strengths lay. He discussed emotional

intelligence and how to deal with situations and to always be

honest and most of all, love what you do.

In the afternoon it was the turn of the team, who each had a model

to style. Sitting down with mood boards, that they had previously

compiled, of session work they admired. They then chose a style

they were unsure how to create, so as to learn the tricks to do it


The team recapped at the end of the day on each model so

everyone could understand how the style was achieved, and learn

from each other. Isabella Hyde said: “We had a brilliant day with

Billi Currie, he taught us all about what session work entails, as

well as some classic hairdressing techniques. Thank you Billi!”

“It’s an interesting group-set

and it will be interesting to see

how they evolve.” Errol Douglas M.B.E.

No stranger to the past successes of the F.A.M.E. Team ex. Art

Director and ex. F.A.M.E. Team member, ERROL DOUGLAS

M.B.E. shared his wealth of knowledge with the Team at the Wella

World Studio.

The format of the day took the Team through team building, stage

work, session work and also published work. Spending quite a bit

of time divulging their strengths and weaknesses, Errol helped

zone in on their unique selling points. Errol commented: “The first

job of all is to ensure that four quite strong individual characters

present themselves as a Team – it’s an interesting group-set and it

will be interesting to see how they evolve.”

The Team were later given professional models to work with in

order to encourage Errol’s perception of the main ingredients

needed to sustain a successful hairdressing career. Errol also

enlisted the talents of make up artist Lauren Mathis and fashion

stylist Angharad Merrey to complete the picture.

FM 15


ClubStar sponsored by Redken for 2012, is the youth membership

scheme aimed at young and talented hairdressers. Members enjoy

the benefits of training and education as well as stage work at the

likes of Professional Hairdresser Live and Salon International.

The Art Team auditions are open to all ClubStar members.

Here’s a glimpse of what ClubStar members have got up to so far.


Allilon hosted an educational, creative and intimate evening

flowing with champagne, nibbles and buzzing excitement.

Starting with a tour around the stunning four floors of Ena

Salon, the guests were quickly put at ease in anticipation for

the informative seminars, described by Katie Mulcahy as

"passionate and full of inspirational new ideas." Allilon aims to

use its expertise and collective knowledge to share and

educate people of all levels in the craft.

Jemma Stafford from The Fantastic Hairdresser acknowledged

the benefits of learning in comfortable surroundings “It was a

fantastic evening - it was super informative but with a very informal

and friendly atmosphere and the team leading us through the night

were really inspiring and very knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed

the intimate gathering.”

Oli Wells from Kennadys thought the event was a great

opportunity forforgetting the politics and focusing on the craft.

Jay was an awesome host, making us feel warm and welcome at

the salon and what really impressed me was that he took the time

to learn our names and what we are all about. Katie was also a font

of knowledge due to her experiences with the Fellowship F.A.M.E.

Team and came across as genuine and very approachable. For

me it was a great night!”

The evening proved a huge success bursting with innovative

ideas ensuring everyone was fully engaged and participated.

Jessie D’elaine from Michael Barnes Hair described what stood

out for him. “The demonstration models were terrific and the guys

were very helpful with answering any questions people had. They

also presented three models from their latest ‘Aces Collection’ and

showed projected videos detailing the process they went through

to create each of their collections. I would be thrilled if there were

to be further events with these guys; and would love to see them

organise a cutting workshop.”

Capping the evening Katie Mulcahy said: “Jay and the team at

Allilon could not have been more friendly and welcoming. I was

truly blown away with how professional and organised the evening

was. I was truly inspired myself!”

FM 16





Gary France and the Toni & Guy International Artistic Team

hosted an evening event for ClubStar members on the 30th

January at the Toni & Guy academy. Gary introduced their

brand new Alignment collection as well as providing an insight

into the latest session trends from London Fashion Week to an

audience of 80 ClubStar members.

The series of demonstrations included women’s cutting, men’s

barbering and colouring. The attendees were also treated to a

long hair section, which focused on editorial and avant garde hair.

The international Artistic Team utilised 10 models to showcase the

looks from their Alignment collection. Their aim was to show the

ClubStar members different aspects of hairdressing and enthuse

and inspire them. Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year Indira

Schauwecker treated the audience to tips from backstage and

she was on hand to demonstrate some of her winning


Gary described it as a “great evening with a full house” and said

the ClubStar members were a “superb audience”. The ClubStar

members were equally full of praise for the event, with attendees

from KJM commenting that there were “inspiring colour

techniques, imaginative avant garde work and a gents haircut”

that they were all impressed with.

FM 17


Multi-award winning hairdresser Chris Foster of the Foss

Academy hosted a workshop for ClubStar at the Wella World

Studio on the 13th February. Master barber Chris is

renowned for pushing boundaries in conventional barbering

and has translated these skills into a great educational


All the attendees brought their own models with them.

The idea behind the workshop was targeted learning so the

ClubStar members learnt how to improve in areas where they

struggled. Chris covered a variety of foundation barbering

techniques, including how to use clippers, how to texturise with

razors, how to texturise short haircuts and how to cut long hair

within a masculine framework. He also taught them how to

support shape within a cut, as well as dealing with any issues

they had with men’s hairdressing.

Ellis Lambert from Michelle Griffin was full of praise;

The workshop was absolutely brilliant. Chris’s passion for mens

hairdressing is so inspiring. He even took time to work with us

on a 1-2-1 basis in order to conquer any challenges we faced in

the world of barbering”.

“They’re a great bunch of people to work with”, says Chris.

The workshop was so successful that Ellenora Dean, one of the

ClubStar Art Team members, even went on to assist Chris at

London Fashion Week. She said “I had an amazing time and

I really appreciate it!”.


Mahogany’s International Creative Director Colin Greaney and Creative

Director Karen Hood held a cutting workshop at the Schwarzkopf

Professional Ask Academy on Monday 20th February for twelve ClubStar

members. All the attendees brought along with them a model or head

block to experiment with.

The morning saw Colin and Karen create looks from the latest Mahogany

collection, called Duality. They were shown a DVD along with a live

demonstration of cutting and colour techniques. The students then had the

opportunity to recreate the looks under the watchful eyes of the Mahogany

duo! Colin and Karen really enjoyed working with ClubStar; Colin commented

“The Mahogany/ClubStar Workshop always gives me and my Creative Team a

great sense of satisfaction as the ClubStar members are always bursting with


Danielle Smith and Anthony Rawlings were two of the ClubStar members who

attended the event. They described the workshop as “well presented and the

concept was great”. They said they had taken the ideas back with them and

tried them out at their salon. They were transfixed by the avant garde models,

which was the highlight of the event for them. They commented “The

colouring was great too and Colin kept the audience engaged because of his

bubbly personality and interesting techniques”. Mahogany has a great

reputation for education, as Colin says: “We believe that education is

paramount for successful growth, both commercially and creatively”.

ClubStar membership is just £51.00. There’s no joining fee; sign up by completing the online form at

or by contacting Pam, the ClubStar Secretary, on 01295 724580 or by e-mail at

FM 18

Raymond Bird Shoots

for Sophie Morter

ClubStar member Sophie Morter from Billi Currie, one of

London’s most popular boutique salons, won a shoot with

former hairdresser and master photographer, Raymond Bird in

the annual Terry Calvert Creative ClubStar Competition at Salon

International 2011. As runner up, Sophie was awarded a

Redken Product Styling Kit and GHD Styler Kit along with the

photo shoot opportunity with Fellowship photographer and

magazine publisher Raymond Bird.

Raymond has enjoyed a long career in hairdressing, with

highlights including managing Michael Cornell hairdressing in

Mayfair in the 1960s and inventing and developing products for

L’Oréal in the 1980s. Raymond ‘retired’ from the chair and

returned to his first love, photography - he had spent his time at

school locked in the dark room developing images. He began

taking photos for the Fellowship and this year finds him shooting

his first ‘session’ work for them, including the ClubStar Art Team

images and this shoot with Sophie. Of Sophie, Raymond says:

“She prepared fantastically. My brief was complete as she sent me

mood boards and pictures of the models well in advance.

It was only her debut shoot but it was all over in 3 hours, purely

down to her great planning”.

Sophie took creative direction in a fashionable men’s hair shoot.

The theme of the shoot was a fusion of ‘Geek Chic with Rock &

Roll.’ While both male models had a similar style and look

(Rock & Roll chiseled features and tattoos), their personalities

contrasted - one was fun and flirty, the other sombre and sullen.

Taking this into consideration, Sophie constructed similar haircuts

but with contrasting colours.

By using a bright white colorama and shooting the images in high

contrast, the detail in the hair as well as the models’ tattoos came

to life. The styling was inspired by the renowned model David

Gandy, who shoots with Dolce & Gabanna. Sophie was also

inspired by the sharp tailoring of Tom Ford fused with the

distressed, underground feel of the ‘Unconditional’ brand. Sophie

adores fashion and follows it religiously. “Geek-Chic was a huge

fashion-statement last year and continues to be an on-going,

current trend with celebrities and the public. I wanted to re-create

the look, not only with hair but also with the clothes and

accessories.” Sophie added ‘geek chic’ glasses and kept the

clothes quite simple by accessorising a simple white vest with


Throughout Sophie used two complementing models to display

variations on a similar theme, with a strong emphasis on contrast

and similarity. Both models had fantastic chemistry, which allowed

them to feed off each other’s status perfectly – as seen in the


FM 19

Project X students

learn the power

of presentation

This month 2012 Fellowship Project X students were

treated to an intensive presentation skills day.


“The guys were brimming

with confidence by the

end of the day and fully

prepared for the challenges

of their year ahead”

Karine Jackson

The day was hosted by presentation skills expert Debbie G,

who kicked off the day by getting each of the students to

present the moodboards they’d prepared in advance.

Once she’d established what coaching each individual needed,

she was able to establish a plan for everyone and conduct a

series of exercises and role plays throughout the day, working on

voice projection, stance and timing.

The team worked through lunch to make the most of the day and

then presented their moodboards again at the end of the day

using everything they’d learned.

“The difference was amazing!” said project leader Karine Jackson.

“The guys were brimming with confidence by the end of the day

and fully prepared for the challenges of their year ahead –

including, of course, stage time at Salon International later this

year. Presentation expertise is such a crucial skill to have as a

modern hairdresser and the students are now fully up to speed

and raring to go!”

Next month the Fellowship Project X’ers get stuck into a

photoshoot at the legendary Bedhead studios.

FM 20

The Colour Project’s

day with Edward Darley

The latest colour project training day was held at Mayfair’s

prestigious Sassoon Training Academy with Sassoon’s Colour

Director, Edward Darley as mentor.

Today’s course incorporated some of Sassoon’s most valuable

lessons in the art of colouring and gave students an insight into

Sassoon’s unique psychology and techniques. One of which was

Sassoon’s shape and balance principle; this is a principle whereby

students are taught the techniques of working with colour to change

the tone of the hair whilst building shape. Students were also taught

the importance of colourists and stylists working together to

combine ideas so that they don’t conflict.

colour and cutting techniques can maximise the effect on all your

clients which will ultimately keep them coming back time and time


Tanya Hennessey “Edward & his team were inspiring beyond

belief as usual with their amazing colouring & cutting techniques,

all the students were in awe as they sat & watched him perform

something really special.”

After the morning tuition it was time for students to try out the

techniques on their models. All students had great results and it

was clear to see that all students had fully understood these

valuable Sassoon concepts. There was a great feeling of motivation

at the end of the day as all students left feeling inspired.

Edward Darley “It’s extremely important for students to know

everything colour can do. Today showed students how combining

Christy Blake inspires

Colour Project

two demonstrations one of which explained HOB’s fundamental

technique whereby you section the hair from ear to ear and take

horizontal, radial sections from this to ensure even colour

development across the head and for better coverage throughout.

Christy then went on to explain the process of creating ideas and

where to look for your inspirations. Christy explained the importance

of learning to open your minds when looking to develop your own

techniques and how valuable your own techniques are to your salon.

After lunch the Colour Project team members went on to practise

everything they had learnt on the models provided by the HOB

Academy. By using HOB’s fundamental techniques combined with

their attention to detail all team members created some fantastic

looks that incorporated everything they had learnt throughout their

informative and highly inspiring day with HOB.

The latest and last training day for this year’s Colour Project team

was held at the HOB Academy, Camden with HOB’s Senior

Colour Director, Christy Blake. Christy has over 10 years

experience with colour and has won many prestigious awards for

her outstanding set of skills and ability. Christy now works full

time within the HOB Academy delivering invaluable training days

to aspiring colourists and experienced colourists alike.

During HOB’s training day students were given a detailed insight into

HOB’s unique approach to colour techniques and where and how

they source inspiration. Beginning with techniques, Christy delivered

“It was a pleasure to host a Colour Project training day at the HOB

Academy in Camden. All of the delegates were very keen to learn

and they each produced some amazing work on their models. I am

looking forward to seeing how they take these techniques forward.”

Christy Blake, HOB Senior Colour Director

“HOB mentors Christy Blake and Darren Newton hosted an

exhilarating fusion of cutting & colouring and demonstrated some

awe inspiring ways in which they can work in harmony. Students

worked seamlessly together to produce some sensational results,

further proving that they are true professionals in every way.”

Tanya Hennessey

FM 21

Do you know a hairdresser

who deserves a once

in a lifetime opportunity?

Fellowship Scholarship 2012

in association with

Scholarship Prize

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing has teamed up with

the Sassoon Academy to offer one deserving stylist an

incredible, money-can’t-buy scholarship.

If you have a special stylist who has continued to shine and

deserves a chance to further develop their salon skillset, then

why not nominate them for this incredible opportunity?

The stylist must have a minimum of 4 years experience on the

floor working within a Fellowship salon. They must have a

strong foundation in hair cutting, and also be available to take

a four-week sabbatical with full support from you, their


Should your stylist be lucky enough to be chosen, they will win

a Sassoon salon intensive 4-week course at the Sassoon

Academy in London in September and November 2012.

Should you wish to nominate an employee please

call 01295 724579 and ask for the nomination form

to be sent to you.


Supported by

Fellowship Members may only nominate one person.

• Only one nomination per salon or per salon group.

• The course date will be mutually agreed between the entrant, employer and Sassoon

subject to availability.

• Daily attendance Monday-Friday for the duration of the course.

• No allowance is made for lateness or absenteeism without prior consent and The Fellowship

reserves the right to dismiss the candidate giving justifiable cause for action.

• Must be suitably dressed for professional salon work.

• The entrant must complete the course in full otherwise the cost will be billed to the


• Sassoon agree to not solicit the entrant for the purposes of employment in any way whilst

attending a Sassoon academy

• Denman International will provide a tool roll.

• A subsidy to cover travel, accommodation and meals up to a maximum of £100 per working

day upon production of receipts. An advance may be payable in exceptional circumstances.

• The entrant agrees to be interviewed throughout the course for the Fellowship Magazine,

Hairdressers Journal, and Professional Hairdresser.

FM 22


© Fellowship for British Hairdressing 2012






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Professional Hairdresser Live, Manchester

Events/Council, Goldwell Academy, London

Presidents’ Night, Hurlingham Club, London

ClubStar Workshop with Zullo & Holland,

Wella World Studio

London Session Workshop

Wella World Studio

Shoot for Success , ASK Academy, London

Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year

– Bruce Masefield, Wella World Studio

It’s a Knockout, Cheshunt Country Club

This is just a taster of our fantastic events planned for

2012. Tickets are available from the Fellowship office or



Ellie Adams, Kevin Arkell, Raymond Bird, Harriet Evans,

Sally Learmouth, Mo Nabbach, Johnny Paterson, Maria Weijers.

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