We need your support!!! - Creative Learning Academy


We need your support!!! - Creative Learning Academy


May 23, 24, 25 — Semester

Two Exams

(grades 7 & 8)

May 28 — Memorial

Day Holiday

May 29 — Lower School

Field Day & MS Honors


May 30 — Middle

School Field Day

May 31 — 8th grade


June 1— Kindergarten


June 1 — LAST DAY


M a y 1 8 , 2 0 1 2

Summer Camps at CLA

We have an exciting array of summer camp opportunities

at CLA. Please pick up a brochure in the office or go to

our website, www.creativelearningacademy.org, and

choose the most interesting option for your child. We

have everything from Camp Creative to basketball

camps. Space is limited, so sign up today!

Best Wishes to CLA’s Ms. Ruby

Our Miss Ruby will be moving to Ohio at the end of this school year to be closer to

family. Ruby has been at CLA for six years. When she moved to Pensacola, she took

the job as After Care Coordinator at CLA. The next year she started the current format

of Camp Creative. “Ruby truly loves the environment that CLA provides for the

students” said Mrs. Ball. “She is caring, loving, and sensitive to the children’s needs.

She always wears a smile and truly enjoys working and being with children. She likes

for children to be engaged in age appropriate activities and to find success with their

learning.” Ruby says that she had lots of great memories of CLA that will keep her

warm on the cold Ohio nights. Safe travels, Miss Ruby. We will miss you!


Dr. H. Quincy Brown

Last week we tested our Parent Alert System. The test results revealed

a number of things about our system and a number of issues

about our database. When we send an alert, we receive a report of all

calls that were answered (human or machine), and all calls that could

not be processed. If you received a call on several sources, it is due

to the selections made in the preferences section of RenWeb. The Parent Alert System

defaults to calling the number entered in the cell phone box of the family forms.

Parents have the ability to modify the number called through the alert system (cell,

home, work). To change the default, simply enter Parent Web and from the left side

banner select School Information and Web Forms. In the working window you

need to select “Family Demographic Form”. Another working window will appear;

under Custodial Parents select one of the parents and a Custodial Parent Demographic

Form will appear. At the bottom of this page is a section called Preference.

You can select which method you would like us to use when we send a parent alert.

The “yes” column indicates the method of choice. Once you have selected your

choices, click on the Save button to complete the process.


May 23, 24, 25 — Semester

Two Exams

(grades 7 & 8)

May 28 — Memorial

Day Holiday

May 29 — Lower School

Field Day & MS Honors


May 30 — Middle

School Field Day

May 31 — 8th grade


June 1— Kindergarten


June 1 — LAST DAY


M a y 1 1 , 2 0 1 2




new books have been added to our CLA library collection. All Birthday Book Club donations

have also helped us transition into a 21st century library through the purchase of 2 Nooks from

Barnes & Noble. Nooks will be available for check-out from the CLA library.

Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Party

Who’s Invited: Students who have read at least three books

Where: CLA library

When: Friday, May 25, 2012 ***DATE CHANGE***

Time: 12:00


Eighth Grade Graduation:

Thursday, May 31 at 7:00 pm.

Kindergarten Graduation: Friday, June 1 at

9:00 am.

Student Spotlight

Two CLA students recently participated in the First Tee

Program of Northwest Florida spring event at Stonebrook

Village golf course. Nicholas Dimitroff ( 4th

grade) won first place in the “Putting, Pitching, and

Driving” competition. Madelyn Dimitroff (7th grade)

won third place in her age division.


Have you donated to the Annual Fund?

We need your support!!!

Every gift, no matter the size, counts!

We could list dozens of items that your gift, combined with others, helps

purchase. But how do you put a cost on planting the seeds of exploration

and personal discovery, nurturing intellectual curiosity, or inspiring

a desire to help others? Your gift makes all this possible.

When you give to the CLA Annual Fund, you help provide the exceptional education and

close community that has always made our school special. And you help us accomplish our

most important goal: inspiring a passion for learning in your child.

We need your support.

Our goal this year is to raise $80,000, we are $10,000 away from that goal!

Our financial strength is dependent upon participation of all members of our community.

Please join us; it is the best way to show your belief in a CLA education. Your support will

positively impact the present-day and future of our school. This year we have allocated

funds from the Annual Fund to paint the exterior of the school. Also, building ‘A’ will undergo

an interior renovation. Both of these projects will be done over the summer.

Every gift, no matter the size, counts!

To make your donation, simply complete a donation envelope and mail or drop off in the office

or click below to make your donation online. Please make your donation by May 31st.

Additional envelopes are available in the office. If you have any questions, please contact

Vicky Wonders, Development Director.

Make your secure payment online

Click Here!

A huge thank you to those who have given this year.

Your support means so much to our school!

Mary Lee Porter-Hanson Founding Visionaries

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cox



The Rehwinkel Family

Head of School Leadership Circle

Mr. and Mrs. David Bear

Dr. and Mrs. Jason Marshall

Dr. and Mrs. David Turbyfill

Hyde Park Road Partners

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Berryman

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Botts

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Fernandez

Mr. Sanjiv Kapur and Dr. Pardeep Kumari

Dr. and Mrs. Brett Laggan

Mr. and Mrs. Wright Moulton

Navarre Pediatrics

Mr. and Mrs. Ajit Patel

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rothfeder

Mrs. Annette Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Sontag

Mr. Walter Stewart and Dr. Martha Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson

Mr. Kyle Watson and Dr. Amy Watson

Blue and Gold Partners

Drs. Tarek Eldawy and Abeer Abutaleb

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ball

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bartee

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Beiswenger

Ms. Anna Holliday Benson

Mr. Ken Bothwell and Dr. Jane Benson

Mr. and Mrs. James Bledsoe

Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Boyum

Mr. and Mrs. David Daley

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Dimitroff

Mr. and Mrs. David Drasutis

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Drasutis

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gulley

Dr. and Mrs. Amit Gupta

Dr. and Mrs. James Hagy

Mr. Eugene Hull

Drs. Victor and Hillary Hultstrand

Dr. Humam Humeda and Dr. Joumana Sarkoche

Mrs. Allison Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kariher

CLA Annual Fund

We need your


Only $10,000

remaining to reach

our goal!!

Dr. and Mrs. Mohamed Khabou

Drs. Richard and Sommer Knittig

Mr. Mark Langley and Mrs. Colleen McAloney

Mr. Scott Marshall and Mrs. Siobhan Jackman

Dr. Farhat Mehmood and Mrs. Jennifer Burkhart

Dr. Clark and Malinda Metzger

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Odom

The Patterson Family

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Reilly

Dr. and Mrs. Sid Rosenthal

Drs. Jeff and Robin Schwartz

Drs. Davinder and CiCi Sekhon

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Swartz

Mr. Cameron Smith and Mrs. Jennifer Walden

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wehrenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Wilber

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wonders

Friends of CLA

Ms. Liz Allerellie

Dr. Irfan Ahmed and Dr. Rasha Beg

Business Essentials, LLC

Mrs. Robin Bates

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown

Ms. Carol Courcy

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Drewry

Mrs. Johneen Goltermann

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Green

Ms. Alixandra Heckman

Mrs. Candy Janson

Dr. Howard Liebman

Mr. Ken Justice and Mrs. Kelly Meek

Mrs. Maureen Leccese

Ms. Cathy Niemeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Partington

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Petsinger

Drs. Jerry and Megan Pratt

Mrs. Jennifer Russell

Mrs. Deborah Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Weeks

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew White

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilcox

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