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> la marQue euromaster OUR MISSIOn : To ensure your safety, peace of mind and comfort wherever and whenever your journey, thanks to us being the undisputed tyre experts. Our expertise comes from working for many years with a professional client base, and is enforced by the daily commitment of our people. > TYRES NEED EXPERTS < > Professiona lism > Customer o rientation > integrity > innovation > P a s s i o n

The safeTy of our cusTomers is our main preoccupaTion. coming a very close second, is To provide Them wiTh simple buT long lasTing so luTions ada pTed To Their individual needs, which give saTisfacTion in Terms of price and qua liTy. for professional road users, euromasTer is The mosT frequenTly chosen service provider. our cusTomers ma ke This choice, noT only because of our Tyre experTise, buT a lso fo r The range of services and pro ducTs we can provide whaTever Their TransporT secTor or Type of vehicle fo r example: agriculTura l, indusTrial, Truck or car. a Tyre plays a crucia l ro le in The safeTy of a vehicle and consumes approximaTely one Third of The ToTal fuel used. This means ThaT The choice of Tyre, The way iT’s fiTTed and ba lanced TogeTher wiTh The a lignmenT of The vehicle play an impo rTanT ro le. Tyres are a serious maTTer. our peo ple a re passionaTe and ma ke The difference. in sha ring This passion, our cusTomers can Ta ke To The ro ad knowing ThaT Their safeTy and enjoymenT has been well Ta ken ca re of. olivier cheneveZ, general direcTor. 3

> euromasTer europe 4 europe : > 1647 service centres spread over eleven countries: - UK: 479 - France: 376 - Spain: 136 - Switzerland: 36 - Holland: 101 - Sweden: 69 > 2008 turnover: €1,850m. > 11,500 employees. > Over 10 million Tyres sold every year. > 37,000 tyres fitted every day. - Finland: 52 - Denmark: 49 - Germany: 328 - Austria: 21 - Poland: ouverTure > 500,000 credit customers: no.1 in Truck, car and van fleeTs. > 2,800 repair Trucks to ensure customer mobility. opening of centres in POLAND

france : > A network of 370 centres guaranteeing broad national coverage. > A turnover of €520m (2008). > 3,100 employees including 2,600 technicians trained every year. > 724 repair trucks for onsite interventions. > Over 3 million tyres sold in 2008. > 1 million retail customers. > euromasTer france 5

> environmenT 6 > Euromaster is also a benchmark for its commitment to environmental protection. a “green” charTer which provides for: > Working methods which respect nature > Waste processing solutions for all used parts: tyres, motor oil, oil and fuel filters, brake pads and discs, batteries, etc.: all Euromaster service centres are equipped with specific protected airtight tanks for storage.

> Training A proactive training policy, guaranteeing the professionalism of all employees and quality service provision in all service centres. > Initial training followed by further training. > 50 000 hours of training. > 4 % of the payroll dedicated to training. 7

reTail offers 8 > > A broad range of brands tailored to different styles of driving and budgets: Michelin, Continental, GoodYear, Dunlop, Kleber, Pirelli, BFGoodrich and Uniroyal. > unique Tyre experTise: alignmenT: Fuel Economy, Tyre Life, Reduction of CO 2 emissions. balancing: Driving comfort. Tyre repair: Budget optimization. niTrogen inflaTion: The intrinsic properties of nitrogen guarantee optimum tyre pressure over time. auTomobile mainTenance: > A routine maintenance service for brakes, oil change, shock absorbers, exhaust pipes, etc. > A warm reception, professionalism, commitment: a capacity to identify requirements, technical advice before any work on the vehicle.

> exclusive offers which keep Euromaster one step ahead: masTer séréniTé : Tyre warranty and assistance 7 days a week throughout Europe. masTer ga rdiennage: A 5-star hotel for tyres all year round. 9

> lighT duTy vehicle fleeT offers 10 > European leader in tyre solutions > Proven added-value for light duty and utility vehicles > The 1st European partner of international leasing firms > A trained fully proficient sales force when it comes to your professional requirements > Dedicated contacts: fleet managers, key account sales staff, technical advisors > A fleet of mobile repair trucks for onsite intervention throughout Europe.

The management of large fleets requires increasingly sophisticated expertise which means surrounding you with the best partners. > Beyond the provision of a national service, fleet managers often hope to benefit from continuity in their contract at European level. > Rational tyre management is one of the key success factors, as it reinforces your environmental policy, as well as that of your customers. > Above all, you want to offer a high quality service to your drivers, as well as rapid performance. Euromaster is a choice partner for fleet management professionals. We have a dedicated organization and a comprehensive services portfolio. > An efficient, specialized sales team at national and international level. > Coverage in over 11 European countries. > Over 95% of satisfied or highly satisfied customers (1) > A coherent IT system able to deliver national and European reporting, as well as centralised invoicing. > A contractual system which is both national and international. (1) European Customer Satisfaction Survey 2008. HARRIS INTERACTIVE. Innovation also lies at the heart of our strategy, and we have dedicated tools and services. > Automatic authorisation of activities performed for your fleet, based on a cahier des charges. > Tyre hotel… > The online appointment service for your fleet drivers. > The mobile service to send our services to your users’ workplace. Euromaster provides support to fleet managers in order to optimise their tyre budget and simplify its management.. 11

> Truck fleeT offers 12 > A dedicated, professional sales force in daily contact with customers. > A broad range of new and retreaded tyres. > a rea l “Tyre service” to optimise the mileage of its customers’ tyres: - Rotation, rim return, nitrogen inflation, balancing and geometry in order to increase tyre life. - Retreading and regrooving to give a single tyre 4 to 6 lives. - Personalised management of the carcass to guarantee its traceability. > a fleeT of repair Trucks equipped to respond with the same professionalism onsite: Real time saved for the employee and the company alike > eibs – a round-The-clock breakdown service, 7 days a week ThroughouT france and in europe. Breakdown repair in the shortest time (2 hours on average), according to pre-set rates conditions organised through dedicated call centres, 1,650 centres and 2,800 vans in Europe.

a who le range of exclusive managemenT offers: fleeT inspecTion to optimise the tyre budget and boost fleet productivity. > A visual inspection, a diagniosis done by ERM fleet inspectors. > An inspection report to forecast future work and allow for traceability. fleeT Tire managemenT: > A detailed examination of the tyre with pressure control. > Complete traceability offering visibility as to overall fleet consumption of products and services. > Comprehensive advice including mileage analyses The monThly budgeT subject to review to facilitate the annual tyre budget and plan monthly payments over the year. The regisTraTion do cumenT pa ckage based on the definition of a monthly lump-sum per registration document for the provision of services. mileage conTracT: A customised management service for a fully external tyre function. 13

> agriculTural offer 14 > A broad range of tyres and technical advice on each type of tyre according to use, whether driving wheels, steer tyres, narrow tyres, trailer tyres or forestry tyres. > Service offers to ensure better use of vehicle tyres and increase their longevity such as hydro-inflation or repair. > Intervention on the farm or in the field to save time for farmers. > A specialised sales force to advise and satisfy the requirements of agriculture, viticulture and forestry, as well as agricultural works companies or cooperatives. > a Tyre repair service on a simple telephone call from 8am to 6pm and even 24 hours a day during the harvest: intervention every day and at any time in certain periods in order to enable farmers to keep their machinery up and running.

> Civil engineering offer > Euromaster, a real tyre partner for public works, mineral extraction, quarry works, earthmoving work or construction. > Technicians specially trained in the specifics of civil engineering. > Tailored technical resources > Service provision which ensures an optimal use of tyres: maintenance, repair. > An expert technician in civil engineering with a crane truck and equipment according to the duration of the building site (6 months to 36 months). > An onsite breakdown service (quarries, public works sites, civil engineering work, mines and ports, etc.) provided in the quickest time, thereby reducing the time vehicles are off the road and therefore ensuring the continuity of the company’s activity and its productivity. > HanDling offer > A comprehensive range of handling tyres from budget to premium to satisfy different user requirements: green tyres, solid tyres, inflatable tyres. > Fixed presses and equipment for fitting solid tyres > Round-the-clock intervention: as an exclusive offer, Euromaster can be called out round the clock for inflatable tyres. > Thanks to its mobile presses, Euromaster can fit solid tyres directly onsite. 15

> TYRES NEED EXPERTS Moving forward… EUROMaSTER’S aSSETS > The broadest European coverage with 1, 650 cen tres > Franchise: extension of the network via franchises > CUTOMIZED OFFERS: development of innovative, customized solutions to satisfy the many requirements of a vast public of amateurs and professionals > Michelin partnership Moving forward… • 01/09 • photo credits: Euromaster photo library,

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