Trinity Festival - Trinity Grammar School

Trinity Festival - Trinity Grammar School


Trinity Arts Festival

From the earliest time in our history, Trinity

has valued the contribution the Creative

Arts have played in the development of

our well rounded days. The link between

the Creative Arts and Academic success

is well documented. Our staff invest so

much time in helping our young men

discover their talents and then nurture

them to be the best they can be. In this

our Centenary year, the “Festival of the

Arts” continues to provide a large range

of Creative Arts experiences for our boys

on each campus, but will focus on some

of our larger Centenary Events. So please

come and see some of our premiere

groups exhibit and perform their work for

you. Gather your friends, and extended

family to support your school community.

It’s part of belonging to Trinity. See you




22-25 May Senior School Production - Awakening II EDT 7:00pm

30-May Short and Sweet' - Senior Drama Ensembles The Latham Theatre 7:30pm


27-May Lunchtime concert Compass Court 1:10-1:50pm

29-May Head Master's Assembly - Festival Launch JWH Assembly Hall 8:30-9:15am

29-May Battle of the Bands JWH Assembly Hall 7:00pm

30-May Organists & Academy of Music Ensembles Concert Memorial Chapel 7:00pm

31-May Kindy Proms Annual Concert JWH Assembly Hall 11:00am-12:00pm

31-May Soloists' Competition Finals Orchestra Room 7:00pm

3-Jun Chamber Music Ensembles Concert Orchestra Room 7:00pm

7-Jun Centenary Gala Music Concert Sydney Town Hall 7:00pm

9-Sep Big Band Night of Jazz Orchestra Room 7:00pm


16-May Year 8 Visual Arts Workshops Summer Hill Campus all day

23-May Year 7 Visual Arts Workshops Summer Hill Campus all day

22-Aug HSC & IB Visual Arts Exhibition Opening Delmar Gallery 7:00pm

5-Sep 'Best of Art' Exhibition Opening Delmar Gallery 7:00pm

14-17 Aug Preparatory School Art Exhibition (Opening Aug 14, 4:30pm) Preparatory School 5:15-7:00pm

16-19 Aug Junior School Art Exhibition (Opening Aug 16, 5:30pm) Delmar Gallery 12:00-5:00pm


Trinity Arts Festival

Awakening II

Pilot gets shot down over France during World War 2,

disguises himself as a Catholic priest in a French village,

escapes thanks to the French Resistance to Spain and

makes his way back to Bomber Command in England…

Officer at Ambon knowing that the Japanese are about

to overrun the island gives up his reserved place on an

evacuation boat for a regular soldier who he knows

has a young family back home… Lockheed Hudson

bomber almost within the safety of landing at Milne

Bay in New Guinea, suddenly banks and turns as the

front gunner opens fire on the 5 Japanese Zero fighters

that have been tailing it. Is this a legendary Hollywood

action film? No, the stories of ex Trinitarians killed in

the wars of the 20th Century. The pilot in story number

one is Doric Birk, the officer in the second story is

James Whittaker, and the gunner in the third is Russell

Polack. These are three stories out of twelve that will

be staged as the major drama production for Trinity’s

Centenary Year.

May 22-25 | 7.30pm | James Mills Drama Centre

Book online >

Centenary Gala Music Concert

The School’s Symphony Orchestra and Choir will be

augmented by Old Boys, Staff, Parents and performers

from the wider Trinity Community. Special feature -

Chinese dance performance by our collegiate school,

Rendafuzong, Beijing.

June 7 | 7.00pm | Sydney Town Hall

Book online >

HSC & IB Visual Arts Exhibition

Our most captivating exhibition by our most

accomplished senior artists. Gain an insight to the way

our young men express their inner most thoughts and


August 22 Opening – 7.00pm

August 22-26 – 12-5pm | Delmar Gallery

Free Admission

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