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ight Purpose Purpose - Milso

Professional Battery Powered Flash

TritonFlash with extra small OctoDome ® nxt

The TritonFlash battery powered strobe kit is designed for

the professional demands of events, sports, portraiture,

architecture, editorial and other applications where

photographers require powerful output were an AC socket is

not available. The kit includes several essential accessories

such as an extra small OctoDome® SoftBox, and the

FlashFire wireless system, so photographers have

everything they need for location or studio work. A second

lithium battery will be included in the kit for a limited time.

Rated at 300 watt seconds with a guide number of 185 and

up to 750 full power flashes on a single charge, the

TritonFlash operates in the power range of studio strobes.

Fast recycle mode allows bursts of up to 7 shots per second for

capturing fast action at weddings, sporting events, or for

scientific purposes. The positioning of the flash tube maximizes

its efficiency for use in SoftBoxes, umbrellas and bare bulb


TritonFlash with

7 foot OctoDome ®

TritonFlash includes an all metal

swivel stand mount with twist lock

handle to support a 7 foot

OctoDome ® or other large modifiers.


• The latest Lithium Ion battery technology

for fast recycling and long life

• Built-in optical slave sensor

• Up to 750 flashes at full power on a

single charge

• Fast Power mode for bursts up to 7

frames per second

• 13 power settings with accurate 1/3 stop


• Includes 1 battery and 1 Bonus Battery

while supplies last. Quick change

design for fast battery swapping

• Powerful output of guide number

185 – suitable for large groups in full sun

• Battery pack will power two TritonFlash

heads simultaneously

• Very short flash duration for stopping

action, even on full power

• Modeling light with ten-second auto shut

off for maximizing battery life

• Comes with robust all metal swivel for

supporting umbrellas and large


• Can be operated worldwide on AC power

(100~240 volts)

• Will operate on AC power and recharge

battery at the same time

• Digital readout on backlit screen can

be easily read in bright or dark


TritonFlash with 30 inch

Silver Adjustable Umbrella

Powerful enough to use with an umbrella

for outdoor portraits in bright sun.

Example: 12 feet from subject, f/16

@ 1/250 sec. at ISO 200.

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