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St. George's School Cologne Newsletter



Wednesday 20th July 2011

Academic Year 2010-11: 11: Issue 18

St. George’s School Cologne Newsletter

Dear St. George’s,

It is hard to believe that we have reached the end of another academic year at St. George’s. With the completion

of all activities, examinations, end of year class trips and celebrations it is time for our pupils to enjoy a

well deserved break.

We would like to thank our pupils for their outstanding efforts again this year in all their activities. Please take a

moment to review this newsletter for articles highlighting their achievements in sport, social service and quite

outstanding personal endeavour in promoting charitable needs; Malin Eh tops the list in her dedication to a cause. Congratulations

to all our pupils for their work beyond the classroom!

Thank you to our staff for their continued hard work and dedication to all activities our pupils undertake; break times, weekends

and holidays witness staff supporting their pupils at every opportunity. Of course, some staff move on each year and we

would like to thank them for their hard work and contributions; we alos wish them every success in their new


Parents, thank you again for your ongoing support in all our activities; we are very grateful and trust that you

find an open door whenever you have a query or suggestion. For those families leaving us, we would like to

wish you every success in your move and look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing the entire St. George’s community a relaxing summer holiday,

R. Hollow and P. Dickinson (School Director and Assistant School Director)

New Academic Year Open Afternoon

Wednesday 31st August, 13:00 to 15:00

Autumn Term Begins

Thursday 1st September 08:00

‘A’ Level Results

Thursday 18th August

GCSE Results

Thursday 25th August

Academic Year 2011-12

Wednesday 31st August

Open Afternoon 13:00-15:00

FOR THE DIARY Academic Year 2011-12

Thursday 15th September

Non-Native German Info Meeting

Monday 3rd October

Unification Day

Thursday 1st September

Autumn Term begins

Saturday 3rd September

US: Activity Day

Tuesday 6th September

FS: Tea Party

Thursday 8th September

EY: Tea Party

Thursday 8th September

LS: Target Booklets issued

Tuesday 13th September

EY: Roald Dahl Day

15th-16th September

Book Fair

Thursday 15th September

LS: Year 03&04 Tea Party

Friday 16th September

LS: Year 05&06 Tea Party

Thursday 22nd September

EY: Reception Show and Tell

Friday 23rd September

FS: Friendship Day

Monday 26th September

European Day of Languages

Monday 26th September

EY: International Day

Thursday 29th September

LS: Open Doors

4th-7th October

School Photographs

Thursday 6th October

EY: Reception Reading Meeting

Friday 7th October

MS/US: Monthly Grades

Tuesday 11th October

EY: Reception Reading Meeting

Thursday 13th October

LS: Open Doors

Friday 14th October

FS: Autumn Walk

Friday 14th October

US: Ford Visit

Foundation Stage Department

says Rihana.

Yes, it is that time of the year again. It is time to say “Goodbye”, and time to move on…

Casey likes “playing, eating snack, make Butterflies“. Hugo likes colouring, playing, making

spiders, reading books, and cooking. Carla loves being a Bumblebee because “it’s nice. I want

to play with my friends, and because we play here so much!” Lilli simply loves „anything

“about being a Bumblebee just as Friedrich: “I want to play. I like anything”.

The Bumblebees have truly enjoyed the last year. We have danced, cooked, coloured, learned

numbers and letters, and we have enjoyed doing sports.

Take a look at our photos and see for yourself how athletic we are! We really love moving.

And so we will also move on to Reception with all our friends, and look forward to more fun!

Early Years Department

To complete our topic on “Animals”, the Owls class went on a trip to the zoo with the rest of Reception.

We saw lots of animals up close and with help from our guide learned lots more interesting animal

facts; flamingoes are pink because of the fish they eat, tigers can jump 9 meters, meerkats fight their

way to be the leader of their pack and camel’s humps store fat not water.

As we are the “Owls” Class our guide took us to see the biggest owl in the world! We had to be very

quiet as the big owl and the baby owls were sleeping because they are nocturnal which means they

wake up at night time. We stopped for lunch next to the elephant house where we watched the baby elephant

and its mum and dad play in the water to cool themselves down as it was a very hot day. We finished

off our day in the zoo by enjoying a nice cold ice cream. We had lots of fun and wrote all about

our trip when we got back.

This week Early Years had the pleasure of not one but two visits from a specialist dance teacher.

Georg shows the children short examples of all kinds of dance from hip hop to ballet. His enthusiasm

is infective and he makes sure that everyone is fully involved – including staff! It is lovely to see the

children losing their inhibitions and embracing the message: “Dance is fun for everyone and they

don’t need to worry about how it looks, just concentrate on feeling good!!”

Lower Upper School


Earlier this week, Year 05 & 06 spent three

days in the woods in Brüggen. With experienced

trainers, they completed all sorts of problemsolving

activities and trust-building exercises. It

was also a great opportunity for our Lower

School children to meet and spend time with

children from St. George‘s in Aachen. We were

extremely lucky with the weather until the last

evening when the rain arrived. This didn‘t cause

any problems however as we had a movie night -

complete with pyjamas, duvets and pillows! The

children (and teachers) were complimented by

the staff of the Youth Hostel for their great

behaviour and polite nature. A huge thank you to

the teachers who gave up their time to make the

trip such a success.

Lower Upper School


Last Thursday, 7th July, Year 06 staged the inaugural end-of-Lower School ball. The evening was

planned, prepared and staged entirely by our Year 06 prefects and proved to be an outstanding

success. There was a great meal; performances by the Year 06 bands; and a fantastic disco to finish. It

was a fitting farewell to their time in Lower School. I would personally like to thank the large group of

teachers who dressed up to such an excellent standard and gave up their Thursday evening!

School House Upper - School


Rain, Dance, Laughter and a BBQ!

Mrs Hollow says farewell to Boarding......

Mrs Hollow says farewell to Boarding......

It is quite unbelievable to me that I have come to the end of my

third year as Head of Boarding. Where has the time gone! It

has been a pleasure to work so closely with all the boarders,

visiting staff and especially Matron. I wish you all the best for

next year, my advice to you is; be good, have fun and most

importantly work hard. I will be checking up on you all!

Thank you again for all your support and hard work and I

wish you all a relaxing summer holiday.

Middle Upper School


Year 07 Rothenburg ob der Tauber trip

For the 9 th year in succession, the Year 07 pupils went to the Bavarian medieval town of

Rothenburg ob der Tauber. After a long journey, we first went on a guided tour of the town,

learning more about why the town was so important in medieval times. We also visited a

torture museum and had to find out facts about the town ourselves in a quiz. We went to

Nuremberg for a day as well, visiting a transport museum and the castle ramparts. Since it

was a hot week, we also went to the swimming pool twice. To finish the week off, we had a

comedy evening, where the pupils had to impersonate teachers and a disco. Overall, we had a

fun, yet educational week.


Middle Upper School


Year 08 Winterberg Trip

The Year 08 pupils went to Winterberg in the Sauerland. Whilst we were in the middle of nature

and did a lot of walking in the hills and up to the highest point of NRW, the Kahler Asten, we

had a very varied programme. We visited a mine, travelled to a fun park, went on summer

bobsleighs and even enjoyed some karting. On top of that, we challenged ourselves on a high

rope course, which overlooked the whole ski resort of Winterberg. After a week of all this, we

were certainly ready to enjoy home comforts and putting our feet up for the weekend!


Middle Upper School


Year 09 Rotenburg Wümme Trip

The Year 09 pupils went to Rotenburg (Wümme) near Bremen.

In an action-packed week, we spent a day in Bremen, starting

off with a tour of the city then a visit to the Universum Science

Centre. We also managed to go twice to a swimming centre,

given the hot weather this was necessary! A trip to the Heide

Park theme park was a highlight of the week for many. As you

can see, we also got up to some silly activities and Mr Williams

needed no encouragement to get on the dance floor!!!


Middle and Upper Upper School


SOS Kinderdörfer say ‘Thank You St. George’s!’

Thanks to the hard work and generous donations of our pupils and parents, St. George’s

has managed to raise over €1,400 for the SOS-Kinderdörfer project in Battambang, Cambodia.

They express their appreciation for our efforts in the letter below.

Upper Upper School


Year 10 have been outward bounds in Belgium!

This Year 10’s trip to Dinant was

full of superlatives: The hottest days,

coldest nights and the worst thunderstorm

ever seen. We also witnessed

possibly the best water fights experienced

on a Belgian campsite.

It was an inspiring trip and our pupils

shared many new experiences including

sleeping outside in tents, overcoming the fear of heights and

claustrophobia at the high rope course and cooking their own

meals. Although some experiences were more enjoyable than others,

we all had a fabulous time!

Upper Upper School


‘Sea Gypsy Children’ from Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

In an effort to raise awareness of children who lead a very different life as compared to us, Malin Eh

from Year 11 has taken part in a project supported by the Unicef Organisation. Malin used to live in

the South-East Asian country, Thailand, from her adolescence till the year 2009. Therefore, during that,

Malin had the great opportunity to see for herself the Sea Gypsy Children in Koh Phi Phi, which is a

small coastal fishing village in Thailand.

The Sea Gypsies are basically Sea Nomads who depend solely on

the Sea, as it is the main element of their very culture and tradition. They make a living by catching

and drying fish, which they sell if it is in surplus. The Gypsies’ Thai name is ‘Chao Leh’ literally meaning

‘People of the Sea’. Based on their traditional and cultural values which they never fail to follow,

we can somewhat foresee how the lives of their children would be. These children do not get the everyday

comforts or even the experiences that we do. They do not have proper education, sanitation, or

even the fun we all do!

By raising awareness of the Sea Gypsy Children to the outside world, Malin felt it would reach out to

philanthropists who would spare some of their own money and time in helping out these children by

providing them with proper food, clothing, accommodation, education and sanitation. This small effort

made by Malin was aimed for the greater good whereby the children would benefit one way or another.

In order to promote this project to raise awareness of the Sea Gypsy Children, Malin made posters,

presentations, donations, sold small memento of the ‘Chao Leh’ on ebay and also reached out to the

media through emails and social networking. She did so all of the

above mentioned once she was back in Germany from 2010 to

2011 as all these technological publicity efforts work best in High

Income Countries such as Germany. The efforts to raise awareness

of the Sea Gypsy Children were received with great appreciation

by many, which in term both benefitted the children and also Malin

who won in the Unicef contest as she

got a high rating and votes. Let’s play

our part and do what we can!


Car Share

An existing car-share

has one spare space for

September 2011.

Current route covers

Egelspfad, Lövenich,

Weiden and Aachener


For more information,

contact the school of-



To all those who

have supported

the school over

the past year, on

behalf of the

teachers and pu-


We wish you an

enjoyable sum-


The Round Table



The Round Table thanks you Children,

Parents, Teachers and Staff Members for

your outstanding support and your generous

donations. Our last Bake and Book

Sale has been very successful.

We wish you relaxing Summer Holidays.

See you back in September for more activities,

our Annual BBQ will be hosted on

Sunday, 18th September

St. George’s International


A very big THANK YOU to the

members of St. George’s In-

ternational Club.

Generous donations this year have

supported the music department -

including a work station and musi-

cal instruments.

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