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New Akron Linda Theatre<br />

Built for and by Youth<br />

AKRON— If<br />

the pollsters made a checkup<br />

a tufted or pillow effect. On this same<br />

to find out what kind of motion picture<br />

theatre most appeals to young people, the<br />

answer probably would be the Linda Theatre,<br />

color note, the exit doors are of brown and<br />

gold plastic with large metallic buttons as<br />

a decorative feature.<br />

Akron's newest film house. This new In contrast to the reds used in the<br />

foyer,<br />

showcase was designed, built and decorated<br />

according to the ideas of 21-year old Lino<br />

Alessio who has breathed the spirit of<br />

youth in this beautiful $200,000 structure.<br />

The Linda, named after Lino's 2 ^-yearold<br />

sister, has many innovations, chief of<br />

which is the radiant heating installation,<br />

said to be the first of its kind in any Ohio<br />

theatre. To provide the proper heat, 15,000<br />

feet of pipe line was laid under the flooring.<br />

With the accent on youth, the Linda<br />

specializes in eye appeal. First to attract<br />

attention is the brilliantly lighted marquee:<br />

next are three glass panels in the face of<br />

the building, illuminated in three different,<br />

alternating colors. The builtin ticket booth<br />

conforms to the architectural construction<br />

of the building, and leaves an unobstructed<br />

entrance into the lobby through five<br />

glass<br />

doors.<br />

The lobby, with red and gold carpet, is<br />

furnished in morocco leather furniture and<br />

offers a pleasant meeting place for the<br />

young people. The foyer stresses the welcome<br />

shades of red and gold featured in<br />

the carpet. The walls are done in gray<br />

plastic blocks with brown rosettes, giving<br />

walls of the 800-seat auditorium are decorated<br />

in rose floral damask. Approaching<br />

the stage, the wall covering blends into<br />

full draped turquoise and silver satin hangings.<br />

The stage and screen curtains combine<br />

all of the auditorium shades, being of<br />

red plush and silver satin.<br />

The concealed lighting is in ceiling<br />

coves, and uses varying colors to blend<br />

with the mood of the picture. The seats<br />

are staggered for better view and also for<br />

better view is the reverse incline construction<br />

of the auditorium floor. This means<br />

that the floor slopes for a space, levels off<br />

for another space and then slopes again,<br />

thus giving three level ranges.<br />

The building, which includes four stores.<br />

is of Haydite blocks with a terra cotta<br />

front. Inasmuch as the new Linda, located<br />

on Goodyear Heights boulevard, is a neighborhood<br />

house, the owners are appealing<br />

to family trade by providing parking space<br />

for 1.000 cars.<br />

Lino Alessio designed and supervised<br />

construction of the theatre. He is a graduate<br />

of Buchtel high school and briefly attended<br />

Akron university. Manager of the<br />

theatre is Lino's 19-year old brother Reno.<br />

Lino Alessio,<br />

designer and supervisor.<br />

Although their father is a general contractor,<br />

his position in relation to the Linda<br />

was reduced to that of an adviser. The<br />

boys built the kind of theatre they think<br />

young people will like to attend.<br />

The opening of the Linda was on the<br />

scale of a college prom. Two pretty girls<br />

in formals gave away 850 roses to the<br />

ladies. WADC broadcast a description of<br />

the theatre and also interviews with patrons.<br />

NBC picked it up for national<br />

broadcast. The 21-year old Lino and the<br />

19-year old Reno have proved that in building<br />

and operating a theatre, imagination<br />

and enthusiasm can meet experience and<br />

conservatism on an equal footing.<br />

CREDITS :<br />

Two interior views. Left, the spacious lobby in red and gold carpet and gray<br />

plastic blocks with brown rosettes on walls. Right, auditorium view.<br />

Air Conditioning: Orton Hearing Co.<br />

Booth Equipment: National Theatre Supply.<br />

Marquee ond Sign: Bellows Electric Co.<br />

Projectors: Simplex with Peerless Magnarc<br />

lamps, Cinephore F 2 lenses.<br />

Radiant Heat ond Plumbing: Thatcher Plumbing<br />

Co.<br />

Screen: Walker plastic molded, Cleveland<br />

office of National Theatre Supply.<br />

Seats: American Seating Co. Bodiform.<br />

Sound: Simplex Four Star, including Voice of<br />

the Theatre.<br />

Start 300-Seat Theatre<br />

At South Charleston<br />

CINCINNATI—W. B. Urling, South Charleston,<br />

W. Va., has disclosed plans for construction<br />

of a 300-seat theatre in Kincaid,<br />

W. Va., and work on the new structure has<br />

been started.<br />

Urling and William Thalheimer, Logan, W.<br />

Va., have completed plans for construction<br />

of a theatre for Negro patronage in Charleston,<br />

W. Va. Urling and Thalheimer. with<br />

Roy Letsinger, also will begin work on a new<br />

theatre at Jenkins, Ky., where they also own<br />

and operate the Jenkins.<br />

Poppy Day Film Shown<br />

FAIRMONT, W. VA.—The Lee Theatre<br />

here exhibited "G I. Joe's Kid," sponsored<br />

by VFW Post 629. depicting what is done with<br />

some of the money spent on Poppy day. It<br />

was photographed at the VFW home for<br />

widows and orphans at Eaton Rapids. Mich.<br />

Install Sound Equipment<br />

FREEPORT, PA.—John Wiseman's Ritz<br />

has new sound equipment with Voice of the<br />

Theatre speakers, lamps and generator. National<br />

Theatre Supply furnished the equipment.<br />

Ohio Theatre Supply Co.<br />

Gets Typhoon Franchise<br />

CLEVELAND—Ohio Theatre Supply Co.,<br />

owned and operated by Ben L. Ogron, has<br />

been appointed exclusive franchise dealer in<br />

the Cleveland exchange area for the Typhoon<br />

Air Conditioning Co., makers of an air conditioning<br />

unit built especially for smaller<br />

theatres up to 1.000 seats.<br />

Ohio Theatre Supply is not only a sales<br />

organization for Typhoon, Ogron says, but<br />

also guarantees the installation for a year,<br />

makes the installation, and maintains 24-<br />

hour service.<br />

BOXOFTICE :: February 26, 1949

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