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Weeks<br />

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hearsals.<br />

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Officialdom frequently shows up when Gross has special events at the theatre. When<br />

the hometown picture was premiered Leander Zwick, assistant attorney general, was<br />

present. He is shown addressing the crowd, with Mayor W. Ray Brown looking on, and<br />

Exhibitor Gross in the rear. Right, an ad on the premier of the hometown production.<br />

Watch for the<br />

World<br />

Premier<br />

of<br />

"Rhythm<br />

on Parade"<br />

.\ Hiiiind moUnn plctiir«i<br />

ulth<br />

All Local Talent<br />

Sept. 18 - 19<br />

: nilh.:-<br />

K.\ll'.M*N «ncl FLINT<br />

n «• • T li<br />

.Sti.ilinls ut HIM ra«»l

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