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. . The . . RKO . . , Om,ih,i, . . Larry . . U-I . . Jack o AHA ohii A. Gentleman. Omaha mortician, gave ' his third annual Christmas party for children at the Orpheum and Omaha theatres. Everything was free and Omaha musicians donated their services for the film and music program . Chevrolet company scheduled an elaborate showing for dealers in this territory at the Paramount December 22. . . Filmrowers were cheered by the news that Don McL\icas, United Artists manager, had been released from St. Joseph's hospital. where he was taken after a siege of the flu nearing the pneumonia stage. He is convalescing at home . The Variety Club held a board meeting at the Blackstone hotel quarters to map the 1953 program. Joe Scott, 20th-Fox manager, entertained nephew. AU-American end Tom Scott of his the University of Virginia, and Tom's iiride of a few days. They were en route from the east to San Francisco where Tom will play in the Shrine game. Tom brought some movies of Virginia U. games and showman Scott invited some Filmrow friends in for a showing. His nephew is from Baltimore . . . Joyce Anderson, branch manager's secretary at United Artists, is looking forward to a trip home to Des Moines at Christmas. District Manager Al Kolitz of Denver visited RKO Manager Max Rosenblatt . held its Christmas party at the Paxton hotel . Universal and MGM both had staff parties MAIL IN DATES TODAY ALBERT 831 S.Wabash CHICAGO NOW BREAKING ALL RECORDS !i One of series of Think Pieces about improving your theatre and its equipment. RCA products are the best to be had —buy wisely. -S UNITSHOWS ART OF LOVE ^BED-ROOM DIPLOMAT BIRTH OF LIFE WING QUtSTION 'SUNG VICE MT HOW TO TAKE A BATH at the exchanges . Manager I. M. Weiner and his wife celebrated their 25th wedduag anniversary . Renfro, retiring Variety chief barker, attended a stag fish fry of the 100 Year club at the Omaha Athletic club. Fair weather has speeded work on Howard Kennedy's new drive-in at Broken Bow, and grading work has been going ahead . . . Joe Jacobs, Columbia manager, said his salesman would work in the exchange until after the holidays, going back into the territory January 5. Joe last week visited the central Nebraska area . Callahan. MGM auditor, was in the Omaha branch for several days. Gerald E. McGlynn, Des Moines manager and former head of the Omaha exchange, received word his son. Lieut. Gerald jr. spent five days rest and recreation in Tokyo and is now back in Korea with an engineers construction battalion. His address is 02103829. Hq. 439th Eng. Cons. Bn., APO 71, Postmaster, San Francisco. He has been in Korea since May 15. . . . Tlie Clyde Cooley, Omaha lATSE official, announced at least 75 per cent of the theatres in this territory had signified they would close Christmas eve. Omaha downtowners also will close early in the evening May Broadcasting Co. has received an $18,000 building permit for alterations to a building that will become an addition to its KMTV television studios ... A free show was held at the Chief Tneatre in Weeping Water for children of the community. Exhibitors visiting Filmrow included Carl Mansfield. Schuyler: Cliff Shearon, Genoa; Warren Hall, Burwell; OUie Schneider, Osceola; Ed Osipowicz. Correctionville, Iowa; Dick Johnson, Red Oak, Iowa; Carl Harriman, Alton, Iowa; Wally Johnson, Friend; Doc Nalteus, Mapleton, Iowa; Howard Brookings, Oakland, Iowa; Sol Slominski. Loup City, and John Green, Sargent. Ycur hospital is expanding its research and TB education-for-prevention program, ever see1

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