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Christnia«^ Christmas

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! hlttee, fHenry Greenberger J I ger Re-ElecledbylenlG CLEVELAND Hciiiy Orci-iibfinfr wii.s unanimously ro-clcctpcl to serve u secotul term ns chief burker of the Variety Club, Jack Silverlhoriie. Hlp- |X)(lrome munnRer, was named first lusslstant burker a n cl Jerome Warner Wcchsler. matwiKer. becomes second assistant. Also reelected were I. J. Schmertz. 20lh - Pox nianaRer, as doughguy and Leonard Greenberas property guy. |i Henry Greenberger The new board of f llrectors Is made up of the above officers with .he addition of Irwin Pollard, Republic nian- »gpr; Milton Grant, Silk Screen Process Co.; Irwin Shenker, Berlo Vending Co.: M. B. tlorwitz, head of the Washington circuit; Sanford Leavitt, Washington circuit: Abe Cramer, Associated circuit: Marshall Fine, \ssoclated circuit; Nat Barach. National Screen Service manager; Oscar Ruby. Coumbia manager, and Max Mink, RKO Palft ice manager. t Under the leadership of Greenberger, the V Variety Club launched its most ambitious liarity program of its history. It has underaken to sponsor the operating costs of the Cleveland Cerebral Palsy Foundation School. 1 project estimated to cost in the neighborlood of $50,000 annually. Initial project to alse money was the recent midnight benefit ' how at the Hippodrome with tickets sold it I $1 and $5. While all of the returns are ( lot yet assembled, it is estimated that the ( how will net about S3,000. Next Tent 6 calendar event will be the i jJew Years Eve ball to be held in the HoUeni jen hotel. Silverthorne, still in his 1952 capa- Ity as chairman of the entertainment comis in charge of arrangements. ees Telesession a Milestone CLEVELANE*—Great interest was centered ere by members of the film industry on the ees & Sons Carpet Co. telesession in the lippodrome Theatre last week i8> from 11 m, to noon. It was attended by 250 to 300 ales representatives from retail stores in le northern Ohio area. Tlie .sound was clear nd distinct, continuity was uninterrupted nly a few times, but the picture was Im at times. A full sample display in the Uppodrome lobby compensated for the lack f color on the .screen. The sales promotion jilks by Lees officials was effective. Repre- Imting the company from the Cleveland Ifflce were Arthur Summers and Martin mall 'Carmen' Crowd in Toledo TOLEDO—Manager Howard Fcigley reorted that his Rivoli Theatre was only about le-third full for the large screen telecast the opera "Carmen," December 11. Scaled ; $1.50 to $3.60. the drew mail orders om a 50-mile radius. Feigley said he would 3t hestitate to have another similar event I'levised. The seasonal factor was blamed I'r the disappointing turnout. 11952 is the 26th year of operotion of omusc- IjBt industry's WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL HOS- Roxy at Detroit Switches To Second Run Policy DKIKoir Ihi- -Allch 1)1 ih.- Uoxy. 1. - .sent downtown Wowlwurd uvriiiir hoiuw. to n .second run policy, Li brWiK miuir by Drtroll Theatre followitiK withdrawal of the circuit from Cooix-rutlve Theulrtrs of Michigan, No .stntemenl.t on rc-a.-voai for the withdrawal have ben made by prllidpaU of either the circuit or the booklns Kroup, although a wild flood of contradictory and uiiaiithorlt4itlve rumorn hai rolled along Ptlmrow. Tlie Roxy ha.s long been operated aa a key or third run theatre, with an all-night policy. It Is the first time in many years that a house on the fringe of the downtown district has seriously Invaded the .second run field, u.sually pre-empted by one major downtown and several well-.scattered suburban theatres. Booking for the DTE circuit has been taken over by Milton Herman, whQ has been acting as supervisor and explolteer. Hollywood Display Is Set for Light Co. COLUMBUS— Robert Wile, secretary of the Independent Theatre Owners of Ohio. Is cooperating with Cinncinnati exhibitors and the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. In a Hollywood display to be placed in the downtown main office of the company March 16-Aprll 9. The company plans to make the display one of its major promotions of the year. The following Cincinnati exhibitors already have pledged the cooperation of their theatres: F. W. Huss Jr., RKO; Rube Shor, Herman Hunt, N. G. Shafer, Louis Wiethe and William Bein. Others are expected to Join soon, said Wile. The company will run a contest through a newspaper and will furnish all prizes. The company also will take 2,000-line ads to tell about the display. Wile said the tieup originated through the success of the Hollywood at the Fair exhibit at Ohio state fair last August. Wile is soliciting major film companies for displays of props, costumes and other displays. The Gas & Electric co. proposes to provide a theatre on its main floor with the exhibit. Film clips from forthcoming pictures would be shown to whet the public's appetite for these pictures. Two Distribution Deals Completed by Al Dezel DETROIT—Two new distribution deals have been negotiated by Albert Dezel. who recently acquired the Lippert franchise in Detroit and Chicago areas. Sixteen former Film Cla.ssics features, as well as the special combination of "Good Time Girl" and "Not Wanted." will be handled in the Chicago. Indianapolis and Detroit territories. The deal was negotiated with Oliver A. Unger and Herbert Bregstein of Beverly Pictures. In a separate deal made with David Dietz of Dietz & Home. Dezel will take over the distribution of the exploitation unit. "Watusi" and "Cajun" for the middle west. The unit Is currently playing the Great States circuit in Chicago, and Is booked for a holiday playdate in the Alhambra at Milwaukee. Marines Greet Debra, Star of Sousa Film CLKVKLA.ND I!.. ::.a;.;.. ".< 25 xtrons, in full uniform and wr -rm and combat ribbon*, lined up .>.. .... ^..rveland airport Turwiay >9> tvion to greet 20th- Pox xtar Debra Paset and her mother, tirt. Prank Henry Orlffln. on their arrival to attend a prrM-rndlo-marlnc luncheon tn Ihe Carter hotel b.s part of the promotion arranged by 20ih-Pox explolteer Sol Oordon for "Stars and Stripes Forever " The picture will open New Year's eve at the RKO Palace. Shoring MpotUght luncheon honors with the iitar of "Stan and Strlpea Porever" was Augu-st Caputo. wcU-known local musician, and onetime member of the (amoui SotiM band. In an after-luncheon speech be pointed an Intimate picture of the band king. teUlng the gue-stH how he came by the name Soum. Of Spanish origin, his name wan Juan So. When he Joined the marine.s he added USA to hLs last name, thus becoming John Philip Miss Paget's mother, whone stage name is Margaret Gibson, has had a long career on the variety stage and brought up her five children backstage. Of her three daughters. Debra has already "arrived." Another, astng the name Tela Lorlng, Is with Paramount and the third, Lezll Gae, Is currently being tested at Universal. One of her .sons. Russell Shajme. Is making a .screen test for 20th-Fox. "There are no pictures in immediate proBpect," Debra told her luncheon guests, "but there are .some loncouts in the offing." Besides starring at the 20th -Fox luncheon at which Jack Silverthorne. Hippodrome manager, was master of ceremony, and 20th-Fox Manager I. J. Schmertz was host. Miss Paget took part in the induction of new marine recruits and held several radio Interviews. Prom Cleveland the star and her mother went to New York, then Boston and then home to Hollywood for Christmas. Manager Schmertz .screened "Stars and Stripes Forever" in the 20th-Fox screening room on Wednesday for the local marines. In addition to representatives of the Cleveland newspapers and radio stations, present at the luncheon were Art CuUison. critic of the Akron Beacon Journal; Fred Childress, critic of the Youngstown Vindicator: Jack Hynes. manager of the Paramount Theatre. Youngstown; Jack Armstrong of Toledo, general manager of the Schwyn circuit, and several of his managers. W. N. SklrbaU. head of the Skirball Bros, circuit, and a few local industry members. Lancaster. Ohio, Theatres Seek City Tax Relief LANC.'\SrEK. OHIO AfciMU-vs for local theatres have asked city council to repeal the municipal 3 per cent adml.'Sion tax. in force for the last four years, "because of declining revenues." One theatre here has closed and two of the four remaining houses barely will break even this year, the attorneys told council. According to the city auditor, revenue from the admission tax is only a little more than half of the amount yielded when the tax was inaugurated. Council was told that 12 Ohio cities have repealed amusement taxes and that in the last two years 159 Ohio theatres have closed. JXCFTICE December 20. 1952 ME 91