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. . William . . Marjorie

. . William . . Marjorie . . Richard j w T R O I T . . . Ben Cherwin Harris, former UA salesman now with the Richards shoe company, has decided to switch permanently from the show to the shoe business . Richmond is back as manager for Max Allen at the Lincoln Park Theatre, with Irwin Lovett taking on relief managerial duties only Wachnansky, general manager of the Nick George circuit, is in Miami for a month's vacation. . . William "Gen- Nick Greorge reports he has dropped the title of United Drive-In Theatres, which he registered some time ago . KSee Us About Planning CONSTRUCTING & EQUIPPING DRIVE-IN THEATRES THtAIRi raUIPMEWT CO. 106 MUhigon St., N.W. Grand Rapids 2, Midi. / Clendole 4-8852 •Nights ( Simdoys 3-24IS iis/ ERNIE FORBES THEATRE SUPPLY 214 W. Montcolm Detroit 1, Mich, woodward 1-1122 We Help You Make Moyies Better Than Byei 3030 West Davidson Ave. TOwnsend 8-2230 Detroit 6, Micti. L O- L THEATRE CONCESSION INCREASED PBOFITS - DECREASED WORBIES PERSONAUZED SUPERVISED SERVICE DRIVE IN AND INDOOR THEATRES 2937 Si. Aubin Detroit 7. Mich. Phone To. 13352 Te. 13894 . eral" Graham has moved from the Booker Edward L. T to the National Tlieatre . . . Hyman and Bernard Levy of Paramount Theatres were reported to have been in town Ann Fearon, secretary to Dillon M. . , Krepps, United Artists Theatre manager, who has been recovering from a fractured arm for two months, has become the victim of bui-sitis. Patricia Maclnnis, who has been handling special exploitation for the house, is pinch-hitting for her. J. Oliver Brooks, former exploitation chief . . . for Butterfield, will handle "The Birth of a Baby" for the Florida territory for this winter, with headquarters in Jacksonville Betty Robbins of the Film building is hostessing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilkinson, here from Chicago over tlie holidays . . . Lights were on again at the Kccadilly, north end house which has been operated by Noel W. Sanders. Nightingale notes: Eddie Waddell calmly waited until his last game to roll his big 247, to the amazement of Jack Colwell, who thought he had the high with a 242 in the first game . . . Welber Haartge's cigar made like a forest fire when he got that last pin Frank Quinlan. a 137 average to make a 241 . . . bowler, did okay with a 230, while Joe Foresta, who averages 138, had a 524 total . . Glennis Smith rolled the biggest game of her career, 155, with Edna Valiquette and Bea Douville—the latter just practicing . . . Peggy Light and Mary Scheuer were also busy at the bowling lanes. Herman Cohen is back from a vacation at Palms Springs and ready to announce a new connection following his recent resignation from Jack Broder's two companies . . . Earl J. Hudson, United Detroit Theatres president, has been named to the 12-man National Advisory Neurological Diseases and Blindness council . . . The death of George McCall, well remembered as manager of the now vanished Downtown here for Howard Hughes, was reported last week from Culver City. Film star George Montgomery was a guest . . . of honor at a luncheon given by Bill Power of Chevrolet for the tradepress and radio-TV people at the Detroit Athletic club with his wife Dinah Shore Bert Foster, Lippert salesman, is leaving for a month's vacation in California . . . Max Kolin has just completed a stand of several weeks at the Strand, filling in for a vacationer . Rice of United Artists made a weekend trip to Chatham. up his new home in Lincoln Park . afi Hall, fu-e marshal of Detroit, is back from :' I motor trip to Houston, where he attended th'l fire convention, followed by a few days ill New Orleans . . . Irving Teicher is managini the Palmer Park, which he reopened Thurs day. George Ledward, who has been at th: Grand, returned to his old post at the Palme; Park booth. H.G.Bernstein Is Dead. Detroit Chain Owner DETROIT—Harold G. Bernstein, well known Michigan circuit operator, died her December 10 after a heart attack. He ha^ had at least one previous attack. Bernstein was the second generation of show family, being the son of Daniel Bern stein, who operated theatres in the sam area prior to his death about 12 years age Harold was in show business all his busines life, and became one of the best know exhibitors in the state. He was a frequent visitor to Detroit Film row with a "competitor," Ed Johnson, pas president of Allied Theatres of Michigai with whom he maintained an "unwritte partnership" in many civic activities, as we as being associated in recent years in drive-i operation. He was described by a veteran leader c the distribution industry here as "the be; showman in the state—almost the only ma who knew how to put a picture over." Bernstein is survived by his wife, the forme Marjorie Barnett, at one time with Monograi here. Get Hike of 21 Cents DETROIT — A new contract coverir laboratory technicians has been approved t ' the board of lATSE Local 737, granting basic increase of 21 cents an liour to t€Cl nicians at General Film Laboratories. ^ other basic change in the old contract hi been made. The raise is retroactive to M£, 8, the expiration date of tlie old contrac' and covers a two-year period from that dat;i At Jam Handy Organization, the union hi asked for reopening of the existing two-yer contract, which expires next September, ur: der the cost-of-living increase clause, aiv negotiations have been started. For Chcrracter Role in "Lctrceny' Douglas Fowley has been set for a chai| acter role in "A Slight Case of Larceny," Metro release. ANYWHERE UPHOLSTERING, REPAIRING THEATRE SEATS PMmpt, RcliobIc Service. 15 Yoors Know-How. 1507 SERVICE SEATING CO. JOHN HEIDT W. Klrby Detroit Phono TYIor 7-8015 3, Mich. John J. Maloney, MGM division manager, was in town for four days . . . Sid Bowman, UA chief, is aiming to set the pace for the new Bernie The Manchester Kranze drive . . . Theatre, Manchester, which was operated by Irwin J. Gill, has been closed . . . Bryce Paulson recently reopened the Remus Theatre at Remus, revamped following the fire of a year ago. AUTO CITY CANDY CO. 2937 St. Aubin TEmpIc 1-33S0 Detroit 7, Mkh COMPLETE SUPPLIES FOR YOUR THEATRE CANDY DEPARTMENf! CORN—SEASONING—SALT SYRUPS—CUPS— POPCORN BOXES—GUMS I and Complete Assortment ot Candy in Special* Priced Theatre Packs. MT. VERNON GARDENS (Formerly Loremer>'sj Earl Bradley, Florist Phone BRoodway 3-4646 19890 James Couicns Detroit 21, Mich. Clayton Wilkinson has moved from the Senate to the Grand in Highland Park, taking over the day shift . . Val Zurek, former . laboratory supervisor, has been upped to general manager at General Film Laboratory, creating a new post, and Fred Anderson has been promoted to supervisor . Zagor, secretary of lATSE Local 737. is busy fixing Service ..... RcpolR DETROIT POPCORN CO. READY-TO-EAT POPPED CORN Corn - Seasoning - Boxes - Bags - Salt POPCORN MACHINES AND CARMEL CORN EQUIPMCNl 5633 Grond Rivor Ave. Phone TYIcr A-69\: Detroit 8, Mich. Nights- LIN 3-M6f "., BOXOFFICE December 20, 191 iC^-

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