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' h . . . Ohio . . Robert ' ' RESEARCH for BUREAU MODERN THEATRE PLANNERS ENROLLMENT FORM FOR FREE INFORMATION The MODERN THEATRE PLANNING INSTITUTE 825 Van Brunt Blvd. Kansas City 24, Mo. Gentlemen: 12-20-52 Please enroll us in your RESEARCH BUREAU to receive information regularly, as released, on the following subjects for Theatre Planning: n Acoustics n Lighting Fixtures D Air Conditioning Plumbing Fixtures n Architectural Service Q Projectors n "Black" Lighting ^ Projection Lamps D Building Material |-j Seating n Carpets U Signs and Marquees D Coin Machines n ^ 1 . r> .. D Sound Equipment LJ Complete Remodeling D Decorating Television n Drink Dispensers Theatre Fronts D Drive-In Equipment Q Vending Equipment D Other Subjects Theatre Seating Capacity Address . City State Signed Jack Zide Is Elected By Detroit Tent 5 DETROIT—Jack Zide. owner of the Allied Film exchange, was elected chief barker of Variety Tent 5 of Detroit to succeed Adolph Goldberg of Community Theatres, who becomes national canvasman. Other officers elected were First assistant, Harold Brown, film buyer. United Detroit Theatres; second assistant, Milton Zimmerman; Columbia manager; property master, Ernest T. Conlon, executive secretary. Allied Theatres of Michigan, Jack Zide and doughguy, Ben Rosen, manager. Confection Cabinet Corp. LOUISVILLE The Switow Amusement Co. neighborhood Cozy, managed by Joe Hedden, has added a parking lot as part of its customer's service. The lot located at the rear of the theatre, can accommodate approximately 60 cars, is laned for proper parking and is The operation of the State, lighted . . . Crothersville, Ind., has been turned over to Sylvia Peake. The theatre was formerly run by Mr. and Mrs. Tex Richards, who are devoting their time to the operation of the Scott Theatre, Scottsburg, Ind. Exhibitors seen on the Row recently included R. L. Dunn, Paoli Drive-In, Paoli, Ind.; Edwin St. Clair, St. Clair, Lebanon Junction; A. N. Miles, Eminence, Eminence; Bob Enoch, State and Grand, Elizabethtown; Ken Bale, Twin City Drive-In, Horse Cave; Fred Belcher, Family Drive-In, Charlestown, Ind.; John Keck, Sandy, Sandy Hook; Hugh Kessler, Pal, Palmyra, Ind.; Don Steinkamp, French Lick Amusement Co., French Lick, Ind. A new drive-in has been started by Robert E. Enoch, Elizabethtown Amusements, Elizabethtown. Plans for the project were drawn by Fleming & Patterson. The theatre, which will accommodate approximately 700 cars, will be named the Knox. In addition to the Knox, Enoch also operates the State and Grand, both indoor houses, and the Star-Lite Drive-In, all at Elizabethtown. According to information appearing in the Courier-Journal here, the Scoop Theatre, which closed a short time ago and which was purchased by J. Graham Brown, will be recon.structed to contain a large convention hall as part of the Kentucky hotel, with the lower floor to be taken in for stores and extensions of the hotel. The Kentucky is also a part of the Brown interests. COLUMBUS Although the free admission policy at thjl Little has been successful, it is possibll only a temporary success, said Robert WilJi secretary of the Independent Tlieatre Ownei J of Ohio, in a recent bulletin to ITOO memj bers. "In the fourth week there has not beei an appreciable decline, however," he adde«i Wile pointed out that the Little is a run house where no percentage pictures played. He said the policy also necessitate! the employment of a house officer to che vandalism, since the free policy requires th anyone who wishes to enter may not be mi| strained. Om Huntington, who spent several yea»| in Hollywood as a standin and extra, been appointed pubhcity manager of tele vision station WTVN here. Columbus Huntington's home town. He succeeds Rut Russell, who resigned following her marria to Mort Sherman of the sales department cj WBNS-TV. City parldng commission announced the second site for a downtown municip parking garage would be located in the aref bounded by Grant, Third, State and Ric; streets. This is near the Ohio, Grand am Hartman theatres. First garage will be buij on East Long street at Tltird. Corsley television station WLW-C will mo\j to channel 4 and its power will be boost The station has been operating on channel'^ State university will make for application shortly after the first of the ye to build an educational television station, saiifl President Howard Bevis. The application be for cliannel 34 on the UHF band. Variety wives were to hold a Christn get-together on Saturday (20) in the Varie^ clubrooms . Wilke, Hollywood acb made a personal appearance at the Gra Friday (12) when "Cattle Town" opene Wilke's sister-in-law, Mrs. Ruth Wilke, worlj for the Paramount inspection departmeo He has appeared in several other picture! including "Arrowhead" and "High Noon." • Harsli is souse fcstlel"' ):,proW' ; eslnW l-flTff, W If fire liep mm "\ i fslalJiM Postage-paid reply cards for your further convenience 'n obtaining information arc provided in The MODERN MEATRE Section, published with the first issue o( month. HB 1,109 TB sufferers have been heolcd—restored to usfliil lives through skillful core of WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.

»Mk, ' High d(JS I """politj,. *, it 1, * to rro(, Wevet," iie JiHittleis, *% PHia,. ty ih HI "se offictr ": Iter spent may nc seven; No Harsh Requirements ^ iJFor Reopening Theatres I DETROIT— Closiiit! of a Ihcatrc for u ! period should not mi-iin sppclal Inspection difficulties prior to reopening If normal adequate standards are mahUulned while dark, BCCordlnR to Edward Hall. Detroit fire murabal. Inspections of some closed houses which have sbuKht to reopen have been unusually thorough In recent Instances according to FUmrow rumor. The difficulties experienced by the Rouge Theatre, located In a .suburb which tried to enforce a new zoning ordinance because the house had been clased for a few months, probably contributed to the fears of Detroit exhibitors In this connection. However, any Inspection of a closed house iin and em by the fire department is only the type of Inspection that normally is made every few months anyway. Hall said. This differs from He sutctK the frequent "police type inspection" with which exhibitors are more familiar, made while the is operating, to see that there is no overcrowding, that doors are operating im mnomiK I P'°P*'^'y' ""'' ^^^ ^'^^ I tomtom I. The principal difficulty encountered appears to be the reluctance of some i exhibitors bold 1 7(!0)inttieTi nnce >t ittlt Towi s.RiitliWiIti ipection Teral otier « ' iffi H(1 to reinstall and reconnect their alarm systems. are required to be in proper functioning condition. Objections. Hall indicated, are chiefly on the ground of, liather than difficulty in securing the equipment for installation. BOWLING DETROIT—A new team called the Spoilers iwed in the Film Bowling league to replace eatrical Advertising, but the newcomers imained at the bottom of the list. Tcon Won Lost Tcom Won Lost "•' UA 291 J 141/j Republic 19 25 Allied 28 16 AA 18' 2 25', 23 21 Spoilers 14 30 de^ Allied Films did the record rolling of the bettering their own previous mark by ill 'ist 17 points to hit a new second high of the ieason of 2,355, and going 12 points over their )Wn mark to enter the big three singles of ^^a^on with 822. edGretit!!|^''^ ol'52 Ramey, Pt" ntjc.wittioiit!' le ai« or of St ition Greatest S* and Cecil! of all*' this ?' .mierican ciic DETROIT—Amusement Supply was still he standout in the Nightingale club: Team Won Lost Team Won Lost Amusement ...54 26 McArthur 40 40 Carbon 46 34 NTS 36 44 Altec 42 38 Mt. Vernon ... 34 46 Forbes 41 39 Locol 199 27 S3 scores were rolled by Jack Cohvell. fe42. total 618: Eddie Waddell, 247. 607: Wel- )er Haartge, 241, 547: Carl Mingione, 213. 182; Frank Quinlan. 300, 496: Carl Larsen, 100, 540: Roy Thompson, 191. 540: Joe Foresta. .94, 524: Edgar Douville, 515: William jtouchey, 518. Quonset Theatre at Pierpont, S. D., Withstands Ravages of Flames -T 7 TmmF TkAy From North Central Edrtlon PIERPONT. S. D.—The value of a quonset type theatre was illustrated graphically here recently when fire struck the Saturn Theatre, owned by B. A. Bengts.son, and damage was limited to gutting of the interior of the structure. Bengts.son said that the four and one-half year old house withstood the flames very well. He said that the only two steel partribs and 30 sheets of corrugated iron will need to be replaced. Present plans call for the owner to rebuild the house "bigger and better." This decision was brought about by the action of local citizens, who after the fire swarmed into the burned-out theatre with shovels and spades and cleaned out debris, tossing it into trucks and hauling it away. The Bengtssons, who live in an apartment above the theatre, were well provided for, too, when citizens gave them clothing, furniture, curtains and food for the new home. Total loss to the theatre in the fire was ii D WAITING FCR YOU ^ : C s more than the $21,700 insurance which the Bengtssons carried. Much of the equipment was saved, but was damaged badly by heat, smoke and water. The fire started while BengUsson was making an autumn cleanup around the theatre. He .set fire to some weeds in the rear of the theatre and one of the burning weeds was pulled into an air vent. In a matter of seconds the interior was ablaze. Bengtsson, who is 26 years old, and his 24-ycar-old wife are both convinced that a great new era is about to dawn for the motion picture industry and that TV will become the industry's greatest ally. When Bengtsson was 9 years old. he said, he produced and directed his first amateur circus, with a cast of 30 and admissions of five and two cents. He grossed $21.52 and played the show two days each year for three years. grossing a little more each time. When he was 13. he started operating the then onechange a week local theatre. He continued this operation until entering the air force. HANDY SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM BOXOFnCE: 825 Van Brunt Blvd.. Kansas City 1. Mo. Please enter my subscription to BOXOFFICE. 52 issues p«r j»m (13 oi which conlain The MODERN THEATRE Section). D $3.00 FOR 1 YEAR D $500 FOR 2 YEARS $7.00 FOR 3 YEARS Q Remittance Elnclosed Q Send InTOice lansfetto*^; Ieasitll««J JirtOjOltK d'Jiat lOft 1 ^etlef «d."M« :a« 1((1 Memphis Variety Gains Nearly Half of Goal From Soutiieast Edition MEMPHIS—More than $30,000 of the 178.500 goal for the Variety Club's planned ionvalescent Home for Children with rheunatic heart disease has been raised, M. H. Jrandon of Film Transit said this week. The ampaign i.s now in its third week, but wa-s lowed up by the Thanksgiving hohdays. STREET ADDRESS . TOWN NAME STATE POSITION lOXOFFICE December 20, 1952 L 97