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' :i| Ml : 1^^. "" The EXHIBITOR HAS HIS SAY (Continued from preceding page) Lewis Polly Bergen. This pair of boys is tops a-s a comedy team. Will do above average business anywhere. This is the type of picture people want to see now. Played Sat., Sun. Weather: Good.—E. W. Kraske, Project Theatre, Worden. Mont. Small-town and rural patronage. RKO RADIO Lusty Men, The (RKO)—Susan Hayward, Robert Mitchum, Arthur Kennedy. Great picture for horse lovers—well filmed—excellent entertainment. The Mitchum and Haj'U'ard "combo" is good boxoffice. Arthur Kennedy does a fine job and is weU liked here. Played Wed., Thurs., Pri.. Sat. Weather: Mild.— Robert Taylor, El Lago Theatre, Rice Lake, Wi.s. Small-town and rural patronage. On the Loose (RKO)—Joan Evans, Melvyn Douglas, Lynn Bari. Very good picture, fair crowds. I think this is a picture that every mother should see. Very good acting with a good cast. Played Thurs., Pri., Sat. Weather: Cold.—Tom Hetherington, Musicland Theatre, Kaslo, B. C. Small-town and rural patronage. Story of Robin Hood, The (RKO)—Richard Todd, Joan Rice, Peter Finch. Again RKO will make you believe they have another "Snow White" but^-beware! English dialog which is taboo in my community. Played Thurs., Fri., Sat.—George Kelloff, Ute Theatre, Aguilar, Colo. SmaU-town and rural patronage. Tembo (RKO) — Travelog. Expeditionary crew and natives. Played this midweek to more than normal Sunday business. Bought it right and made some dough. Talk about thrills—this has "em! Played Tues.. Wed. (family night). Weather: Good.—W. S. Danelz, Border Theatre, Elmore, Minn. Small-town patronage. REPUBLIC Honeychile (Rep)—Judy Canova, Alan Hale jr., Eddie Foy jr. Good show for the clodbusters. Just what they like to see. You can't go wrong on a picture of this type for a rural community. Business above average. Played Sat., Sun. Weather: Good.—E. W. Kraske, Project Theatres, Worden, Mont. Small-town and rural patronage. Oklahoma Annie (Rep)—Judy Canova, John Russell, Grant Withers. Color couldn't hurt Judy and we packed them in again. If there was anyone who didn't love every minute of this farce they forgot to mention it and you couldn't find them in the midst of a howling auditorium. Played Fri., Sat. Weather: Nice.—Bob Walker, Uintah Theatre, Fruita, Colo. Small-town and rural patronage. 20th CENTURY-FOX Golden Girl (20th-Fox) — Mitzi Gaynor, Dale Robertson, Una Merkel. We did well with this. It Ls a good picture. Played Sun., Men., Tues. Weather: Good.—Bill Brooks, Liberty Theatre, Halley, Ida. Mining and farming patronage. Kangaroo! i20th-Pox) — Peter Lawford, Maureen O'Hara. Pinlay Currle. First night wa.s fair but the last two nights flopped. Out side of one or two scenes you couldn't tell It was filmed In Australia. If you get a low film rental you won't lose money. Played Sun., Mon., Tues. Weather: Good.—Bill Brooks, Liberty Theatre, Halley, Ida. Mining and farming patronage. Lcs MlHcrablcH (20th-Fox)—Michael Rennie, Debrn Pim'ct, Uobtrt Newton. I didn't see this mid judKlng from the reviews I wouldn't walk around the corner to see It. Evidently most of our patrons thought the same thing ii.s business was poor. Played Tues., Wed. Weather: Clear and warm.—Herman Perkins jr.. Alpha Theatre, Catonsville, Md. General patronage. Lydla Bailey (20th-Fox)—Dale Robertson, Aniie Francis, Charles Korvin. Play this one by all means. We gave it extra publicity and did okay. Played Thurs., Fri., Sat. Weather: Showers.—Harold BeU. Opera House Theatre, Coaticook, Que. Small-town and rural patronage. On the Riviera (20th-Fox)—Danny Kaye, Gene Tierney, Corinne Calvet. This is no good for small towns. Strictly big city stuff. Rogers Perennial Draw In Nova Scotia ELLS OF CORONADO (Rep) — Roy B Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Brady. "Good ole Roy Rogers"—no matter if we play him late or early, no matter if he has retired from movies or what the title is—the kids from 4 to 80 enjoy his shows. Just hang out the sheets and business takes care of itself. Played Fri., Sat. Weather: Mild and wet.—K. R. Corkum, Cross Theatre, New Ross, N. S. Small rural community patronage. Scenes are very lavish and beautiful but they don't bring in the customers. Business very poor. Played Sat., Sun. Weather: Good. E. W. Kraske, Project Theatre, Worden, Mont. Small-town and rural patronage. Return of the Texan (20th-Fox) — Dale Robertson, Joanne Dru, Walter Brennan. This was a welcome change from the usual run of westerns. It has a modern setting instead of the old stagecoach-and-Indians theme. A very interesting picture with Walter Brennan supplying the laughs. Business was below normal. Played Thurs., Fri., Sat. Weather: Very chilly.—Norman L. Barker, Lorimor Theatre, Lorimor, Iowa. Small-town and rural patronage. Something for the Birds (20th-Fox)—Victor Mature. Patricia Neal, Edmund Gwenn. Weak plot, poor casting—especially for Victor Mature. Fox should find better stories for Edmund Gwenn to hold the vast group of fans resulting from his previous fine film appearances. The trailer material complimented the film too highly. Below average business. Played Sun., Mon. Weather: Unseasonably mild.—Robert Taylor, El Lago Theatre, Rice Lake, Wis. Small-town and rural patronage. UNITED ARTISTS African Queen, The (UA)—Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Morley. Very fine characterization by both Bogart and Hepburn, plus a good plot and beautiful color. It all adds up to splendid entertainment. This, however, did not pull too well for me. I don't know why unless they went elsewhere to see it as it had played all situations near me. I still say it is a fine show. Played Sun., Mon. Weather: Cold.—I. Roche, Vernon Theatre, Vernon, Fla. Small-town and rural patronage. Island of Desire (UA)—Linda Darnell, Tab Hunter, Donald Gray. I didn't see this one myself but I understand it was just an average picture which brought us only average business. Played Tues. Wed. Weather: Clear and warm.—Herman Perkins jr.. Alpha Theatre, Catonsville, Md. General patronage. UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL Bend of the River (U-D-James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Julia Adams. Everything an exhibitor could ask for to please the action fans and even draw In a few of the more skeptical. Arthur Kennedy is outstanding 1 this and it's a tossup w-ho your audienc admires most—Stewart or Kennedy, more of these really "big" westerns for weekend and we will stay in business lo: (when television comes). Played Fri., S Weather: Mild for the time of year.—K. Corkum, Cross Theatre, New Ross, N. Small rural community patronage. Flesh and Fury (U-D—Tony Curtis, Ja' Sterling, Mona Freeman. One of the bej' boxing pictures that I've ever seen. It hs everything for everyone—handsome Ton Curtis for the ladies, Mona Freeman and Ja Sterling for the men, with plenty of actio and a "just right" touch of romance for a] Played Wed., Thurs. Weather: Pair and coll —James Wiggs jr.. Tar Theatre. Tarboro, I C. Small mill-town and rural patronage, ,V!nU [.i\W «t(llliBl< Its Francis Goes tO' West Point (U-I)—^Donal fBlillW O'Connor, Lori Nelson. Alice Kelley. This «i»'i'"* another one of three series pictures thj have lost a lot of pull here. The other two at Ma and Pa Kettle and Martin and Lewis. Tit I holds true in many situations. The first may still be all right. Played Tues., WedMs'»i'" Thurs. Weather: Fair and warm.—Dan Gues iW "" Tower Theatre, Wichita Falls, Tex. Suburba iWi and city patronage 0|-Piii! ,»K|Slt> Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (U-D—Pipe tin, m IB Laurie, Rock Hudson, Charles Coburn. It iifi m itii the kind of a family picture that everyon win enjoy. The cast was superb and tb B story entertaining. It will do a nice busines lii-iii iu J for you. Played Sun., Mon. Weather: Favm i able.—Bob E. Thomas, Orpheum Theatr Strawberry Point, la. Small-town and run glm ,.,, '*g patronage. IS)I [» WARNER BROS, ftll F», Hi! f Big Trees, The (WB)—Kirk Douglas, EvK'^j^Jnp^, Miller, Patrice Wymore. Full of outstandin ||„|ji)j„ action that keeps your patrons on the edg ti y« m of their seats. Don't fail to play this pictun a h'ti nil! it's certainly the type that will please everj I^i Inls 1 body. Played Sun., Mon., Tues. Weathei ... Cool.—G. J. Forhan, Montcalm Theatre, Hul !!lllny«U Que. Small-town and rural patronage Carson City (WB)—Randolph Scott, Lucil Norman, Raymond Massey. Nice weeken show. Seemed to please the customers. W included "Rudolph, the Rednosed Reindeei which helped bring out the children. Playe^* "« Fri., Sat. Weather: Clear and cool.—K. I Corkum, Cross Theatre, New Ross, N. Small rural community patronage. L^i'' Pllti Jl (IiiiW I"! Ml Tci! i U Im I! sliMiO ,3 lliLiii [% 1*1, I>i nsi a ft IK) Mlt Dj IJ Ulsbll! fij Ux fnii Enforcer, The (WB)—Humphrey Bogar ( FcrsI, n, Zero Mostel, Ted DeCorsia. Here's a grin rugged tale with Bogart in his element. Nc for children. Most men will approve but tb tlsiii locBi •feioM,, ladies weren't sold on it. Played Tues., We( ,:!3i Weather: O.K.—Frank E. Sabin, Majesti m I Theatre, Eureka, Mont. Small-town and run i»m. patronage. (III w"^ rt«te

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