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! uBiy i "-fiuitlie . . and i World . The . . When poison . . loan . . The . . And . . Blasting . . The . . Striking FEATURE REVIEWS Story Synopsis; Adiines for Newspaper and Programs THE STORY: "The Member oi the Wedding" (Col) lalie Harris, a lonely 12-year-old living in the deep south, •-; a dull, life, unhappy her only companion being Ethel warm-hearted Negro maid, and her little cousin, n De Wilde. When her brother, Arthur Franz, brings nis bride-to-be, Nancy Gates, Julie envisons a way out her difficulties: She'll go off with the newlyweds and, : :th them, live happily ever after. Ethel tries unavailingly save Iiilie from inevitable disappointment, but after the dding Arthur and Nancy go off alone and Julie, humiliated r.d hurl, runs away. Alter a sordid experience v/ith a unlcen soldier in a saloon, she returns home to find Branjn very ill. His subsequent death changes her, and with .pproaching adolescence she finds awareness ol the future's wonderful possibilities. CATCHLINES: Meet the Unforgettable 12-Year-Old . . . Who Wanted So Much to Stop Being Lonesome ... A Compelling, Tender Story ... A Smash Film Version of the Broadway Stage Success. r r|. THE STORY: "Never Wave at a WAC" (RKO) Rosalind Russell, a Washington society leader and daughter of a senator, is divorced from her husband, Paul Douglas. Learning that her current boy friend, William Ching, an army colonel, has been transferred to Paris, and that her best friend and social rival, Hillary Brooke, has secured a commission in the WACs, Rosalind instructs her father to get her a commission immediately. Meantime Marie Wilson, a burlesque queen, also decides to join. She and Rosalind meet at Fort Lee, Va., to undergo basic training. When things get too tough, Rosalind arranges to get released, since her commission never arrived. However, when a rtew truckload of WAC recruits rolls in, Rosahnd changes her mind, rejoins the service and plans a reconciliation—perhaps in Korea—with Douglas. CATCHLINES: . . It's Eyes Left for Rollicking Russell . . . The Here's a Whole Danged Regiment Rosalind Looking for Laughs? . . . of 'Em . . . And Eyes Right for Luscious Marie Wilson Wackiest WACs in History. THE STORY: "The Pathiinder" (Col) THE STORY: "Tropic Zone" (Para) George Montgomery, a white man raised by the Mohicans and revered by them, sides with the English against the French in their war to dominate the new continent in 1754. Posing as a scout for the French, he carries out espionage on their key fort, St. Vincente. He is aided by an English girl, Helena Carter, who acts as his interpreter and an Indian friend. Jay Silverheels. When they try to obtain the French defense plans they are discovered by Carter's ex-fiance who recognizes her as English and they are sentenced to be executed as spies. The English forces attack ne fort just in time to save the sweethearts. CATCHLINES: Rhonda Fleming operates a banana plantation in Puerto Barrancas, located in the heart of tropical Central America, where John Wengraf, the double-crossing tov/n boss and owner of the only export ship, crookedly controls the independent growers, backed by the town's commandant. Ronald Reagan and Noah Beery, soldiers of fortune, arrive in Puerto Barrancas, accompanied by Estelita, a dancer in love with Reagan. Wengraf hires Reagan to serve as foreman on Rhonda's plantation, but his real job is to disrupt the banana-growing operations which heretofore have been managed for her by Grant Withers. Instead, Reagan falls for Rhonda, unites the independent plantation owners in an all-out fight against Wengraf, cracks the crook-^-' monopoly and wins Rhonda's love. A Man a Woman—and a Wilderness to Win . . The Greatest Indian Fighter ol Them All Plainsman Indian Against Faces the Fury of the First Frontier . . . Indian White Against White. CATCHLINES: Get Set for a Hard-Hitting Heat Wave ... As Fists Fly and Romance Runs Riot ... In a Tropical Outpost Where a Man's Past Is Forgotten .'. . If He Can Stand and Deliver. THE STORY: "The Man Behind the Gun" (WB) THE STORY: "Torpedo Alley" (AA) Randolph Scott, an army major masquerading as a soldier of fortune, arrives in Los Angeles in the 1850s and learns that Lina Romay, singer in a gathering place for outlai*s and rebels, is the ringleader in a plan to seize southern California and make it a slave-owning empire. She offers Scott vast acreage if he will help, but upon learning his 'rue identity tries unsuccessfully to have him killed. Subseluently Scott discovers that Roy Roberts, a state senator, ..; the real leader of the rebels and leads a small army contingent in an attack upon Roberts' hideout. A running fight ensues, and Roberts, believing Lina has double-crossed :im, kills her. The rebels surrender after Scott subdues .•obert.'j in a hand-to-hand battle, and the conspiracy is ma.'-.hed CATCHLINES: Torn From History's Pages ... A Story of Los Angeles a Century Ago . the City of the Angels Was in Its Brawling Infancy ... A Nest of Intrigue . . . Romance Sin. Mark Stevens, a carrier pilot in World War II, is rescued at sea by a submarine after he freezes at the controls and crashes, killing his two crewmen. Brooding over his weakness, he is unsuccessful in civilian life after the wjt and re-enlists, this time applying for submarine duty. At the New London, Conn., training base he renews acquaintance with Douglas Kennedy, executive officer aboard the submarine which rescued him, and Kennedy's girl, Dorothy Malone, a navy nurse. Stevens and Dorothy fall in love. He and Kennedy are ordered to duty in Korea, where Stevens proves his heroism in a dangerous shore ass!,gnment. Wounded, he meets Dorothy aboard a hospital ship and they realize their love is the real thing. CATCHLINES: Down Periscope . Spine-Tingling Exploits of the USS Stingaree and Us Heroic Crew . Terror in Hostile Seas . Ashore Behind Enemy Lines in Korea. THE STORY: "The Strange Ones" (Fine Arts) Nicole Stephane and her brother, Edouard Dermithe, have •oen .sharing the same room and the same dream world irice they were children. Dermithe, hurt by a snowball, I i fo.-^cod to leave school and is nursed by his sister. When l!.' ].' mother dies, Nicole gels a job as a model and meets • Co-.ima, who is allowed to live with them. When '' marries a wealthy widower, who dies before the •noon, she is heir to a fortune and a huge house, thoy all live. The girl gradually breaks up a budding .'.o between Ronee and her brother. The heartbroken iTkr- ; and dies and the sister goes mad irid kill!; H'liio and herself. CATCHLINES: ' r>liango Story of a Brother and Sister Who Shared a " Write:! Hii! Fascinating Tale Most Cocleau, Unusual Author and of "Bcauiy and ni I I on Cocloau'a Celebrated Novel, "Lea Enfanta Story of and Memories. the Secret Room With Its Treasliftiii . ^.v THE STORY: "Battles of Chief Pontiac" (Realart) While tensions mount on the frontier between the British and the Indians, Chief Pontiac (played by Lon Chaney) seeks to avert war. Lex Barker, a young ranger lieutenant, clashes with Berry Kroeger, commander of a detachment of Hessian mercenaries, who advocates violence to keep the redskins in their place. The tribes agree to fight for their land, and Barker, encountering a group of whites held by the Indians, goes with them to confront Pontiac, to whom he is a blood brother. While peace parleys are being planned, Kroeger incites full-scale war, and leads his troops into an Indian ambush. Kroeger is captured by Pontiac and subjected to the same tortures he had inflicted on the redskins. Peace agreements are drafted, and Barker plans marriage to Helen Westcott, one oi the prisoners he had rescued. CATCHLINES: Thrill to llie Story of an Exciting Chapter in Frontier History ... As Renegade Soldiers Goad Redskins to Savage Warfare . the Lives of Innocents Are Entrusted to the Hands of One Man t\ 5::

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