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PuUe SmU To Release 33

PuUe SmU To Release 33 in January\ Jackson Park, Towne Theatres Must Bid for Pictures Tliree-jiidge coui-t in Chicago rules these theatres which have been getting films on flat rental as result of two famous antitrust precedents must now submit bids; another appeal likely. * One-Third to Be in Color By FRANK LEYENDECKER NEW YORK—Thirty-three features, including two reissues, more than have been released in any month of the 1952-53 sea- .son to date, will be available to exhibitors for Bankers Trust Limits Film January 1953. This is the same number as was released January 1952, when Loans to Hali Budgets the release lists included more westerns Bars financing for single pictures; prefers and program pictures. Exactly one-third of the 31 new pictures groups of three, with one being used as for collateral for another; limit on single transactions to be $300,000. January 1953 will be in color, compared to only seven in color out of the 33 released in January 1952. Nine of the new pictures will « be iJi Technicolor and one each in Warner- New Technical Developments Color and Trucolor. To Boost Grosses: Skouras THE SUBJECTS IN COLOR National Theatres president says Cinerama, The Technicolor pictures for January will Eidophor, three-dimensional films to bring include four musicals, "Road to Bali," "Meet new era in motion picture exhibition; says Me at the Fair," "I Don't Care Girl" and he is filled with optimism over outlook. "April in Paris," and five in the adventure category, "Redhead From Wyoming," "Tropic UA May Finance As Well As Zone," "The Man Behind the Gun," "The Pathfinder" and "The Lawless Breed." "Ride Distribute Films for TV the Man Down" is an adventure film in Trucolor and "Stop, You're Killing Me" is a Expansion into producing end of business on ownership sharing basis under consideration, it becomes known shortly after Para- comedy with music in WarnerColor. The other important dramas are among the mount announcement it is about to start; most important for the season and will include: "My Cousin Rachel," "The Bad and Universal curtailing TV shorts. the Beautiful," "Ruby Gentry," "Above and C. J. TevUn Returns to RKO Beyond," "Thunder in the East," "Angel Pace," "Kansas City Confidential." "I'll Get You," As Studio Operations Chief "Torpedo Alley," "The Desperate Search" and Held prior to Howard Hughes' disposition, last September, of his controlling Wave at a WAC" and "No Time for Flowers" "Guerrilla Girl." "The Four Poster," "Never interest in the company to a syndicate are comedies and "Luxury Girls," "Star of headed by Ralph Stolkin. Texas," "Timber Wolf," "Winning of the * West" and "Marshal of Cedar Rock" are in Adolph Zukor Birthday Fete the action-programmer or western category. Nine major companies will have three releases each for January, the best showing to Switched to the Palladium Previously planned at Hotel Ambassador; date for the season. Broken down by companies, the January 1953 releases will be: date is still January 7; other Zukor celebrations in Dallas February 6, New York March ALLIED 4, Mexico City March 21 and ARTISTS—"Torpedo AUey," starring Toronto, .sometime in March. Mark Stevens, Dorothy Malone, Charles > Winninger and Bill Williams; "Star of Texas," .starring Wayne Morris with Lyle Talbot and Plan Three-Dimension Films Rick Vallin, and "Timber Wolf," starring For Kirby 1 1 Evergreen Grant and Chinook. Houses Frank L. Newman sr., president of the THREE FROM COLUMBIA northwest circuit, reports that that one of its COLUMBIA—"The Four Poster," a Stanley three Seattle theatres will be equipped early Kramer production, starring Rex Harrison next year for Natural Vision; also to be in and Lilli Palmer; "The Pathfinder," in Technicolor, stai-ring George Montgomery and ten other area cities. * Helena Carter with Elena Verdugo, and "Winning of the West," a Gene Autry western with Supreme Court Turns Down Smiley Burnette. Utah Film Carrier Case LIPPERT—"I'll Reject.'! attempt Get You," starring by Wycoff George Co., Inc. to Raft with Sally bar the Utah Gray. Public Service Commission from regulating its business on grounds METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER— "Above and carrier started suit before Its business really Beyond," starring Robert Taylor and Eleanor was threatened with regulation. Parker with James Whitmore; "The Bad and the Beautiful," starring Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Dick Powell, Canada Walter Pidgeon, Spent Gloria $108,207,000 Grahame, Barry Sullivan and Gilbert Roland, On Films Last Year; Up 15% and "The Desperate Search," starring Howard Nuinlji T ol paid iulinlsslons Increased three Keel and Jane Greer with Keenan Wynn and per cent of 239,132,000 from 231,747,000, with Patricia Medina; "The Clown," starring Red the per capita expenditure rising Skelton to and $7,72 Jane Greer with Tim Considine. from $7.12, the Canadian government reports. color, staiTing Bob Hope, Bing Crosby anJ Dorothy Lamour; "Tropic Zone," in Technil color, starring Ronald Reagan, RhondJ Fleming and Estelita with Noah Beery, ami "Thunder in the East." starring Alan Ladcj Deborah Kerr, Charles Boyer and Corinnf Calvet. RKO — "Androcles and the Lion." a Gabriel Pascal production, starring Jean Simmonfl Victor Mature, Maurice Evans, Robert Newl lOn and Alan Young with Elsa Lanchesterl "Never Wave at a WAC." starring RosalinJ Russell, Paul Douglas and Marie Wilson witll Hillary Brooke, Arleen Whelan and Lief Erxkl son. and "No Time for Flowers," produced ii| Austria, starring Viveca Lindfors and Pau Christian. REPUBLIC—"Ride the Man Down," in Trul color, star-ring Brian Donlevy. Ella Rainel and Forrest Tucker, and "Marshal of Cedal Rock." an Allan "Rocky" Lane western. TWENTIETH CENTURY-FOX—"I DonI Care Girl," in Technicolor, starring Mitil Gaynor and David Wayne with Oscar Levant! "My Cousin Rachel," starring Olivia Del Havilland and Richard Burton with Audrel Dalton, Ronald Squire and John Sutton| "Ruby Gentry," starring Jennifer Jone Charlton Heston and Karl Maiden, and twl reissues, "The Gunfighter," starring Gregorl Peck with Jean Parker and Helen WestcotI and "Yellow Sky," starring Gregory Peck an| Anne Baxter. UNITED ARTISTS LISTS TRIO UNITED AP.TISTS—"Kansas City Confi dential." an Edward Small production, star ring John Payne and Coleen Gray with Pres ton Foster; "Guerrilla Girl," starring Helmv Dantine with Mariana, and "Luxury Girls, with Susan Stephen and Lawreiice Ward. UNIVERSAL - INTERNATIONAL — "T h Redhead From Wyoming," in Technicoloi starring Maureen O'Hara and Alex Nicol wit( Hugh O'Brian; "Meet Me at the Fair," ii Technicolor, starring Dan Dailey and Dian Lynn with Carole Matthews and Chet AUeii and "The Lawless Breed," in Technicoloi starring Rock Hudson, Julia Adams and Mar Castle. WARNER BROS.—"April in Paris," I Teclinicolor, starring Doris Day and Ray Bol ger with Claude Dauphin; "The Man BehinI the Gun," in Technicolor, starring Randolp Scott and Patrice Wymore with Lina Romal and Philip Carey, and "Stop. You're Killin| Me," in WarnerColor, starring Broderic Crawford and Claiie Ti-evor with Virginll Gibson and Bill Hayes. RKO Re-Elects I. M. Walkei| NEW YORK— J. Miller Walker has bee elected vice-president, general counsel an| '. secretary of RKO Pictures Corp.. positions held before the Ralph Stolkin group tool over Howard Hughes controlling interest. H| lias been with the company 22 years. Walker also is a member of tlie board madl up of Howard Hughes, chairman, and Noal PARAMOUNT— "Road to Bali,' in Techni- Dietrich, A. D. Simpson and Edward C| Burke jr. BOXOFFICE :: December 27, 1961

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