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0^^g A NEW CONCEPT OF A '" fresh and sure-fire planned .^.rr.f^ry.^ pr(ff ^^ gram adding new names to Paramount'; . \. long list of ticket-selling stars is no in operation for 53. Many of theit j- -^ fHVNDER ^ ^\A m^ "^ • ^rc ALAN CHARLES starring DEBORAH CORINNi Produced by EVERETT RISKIN Directed by CHARLES VI DOR • Screenplay by JO SWERL Adaptation by GEORGE TABORI and FREDERICK HAZLITT BRENNAN From the novel by Alan Moorehead j I «-", vt 4 SitiGiNG Color by _ TBCUNICOIOR. starring hm mm mmm\ mm mtwm Willi BOB WILLIAMS • TOM MORTON • FRED CLARK JOHN ARCHER and RED DUST r^rofjuced by IRVING ASHER • Directed by NORMAN TAUROG ^ ''x'-penplay ' lAM O'BRIEN iiastof ' .''lul Hervey Fox ik^

)ie to the screen widely publicised other fields: Rosemary Clooney, drey Hepburn, Anna Maria jcrghetti, Yul Brynner. Thus they are immediate marquee assets, ready to assume the stature which Paramount has recently ^i\en personalities like Martin and Lewis.and Charlton Heston. HUK Color by TECHNICOLOR starring RAY MILLAND ARLENE DAHL WENDELL COREY with PATRIC KNOWLES • LAURA ELLIOT Directed ancJ Written for the Screen by LEWIS R. FOSTER From a novel by Max Murray Produced by WILLIAM H. PINE and WILLIAM C. THOMAS COLOR By TECHNICOLOR Starring ««HI with NOAH BEERY -GRANT WITHERS the Screen and Directed by LlWIS R. FOSTER • Based on a novel by Tom Gill IProduced by William H. Pine and William C.Thomas