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A NtW CONCEPT OF Paramount's forward drive tlliaiislii recapture maximum boxoffice attenc^jttractii ance has rejected all old, tired pre-sellin^jimui methods. New, aggressive ideas iiLn s' CHARLTON HESTON RHONDA FLGMINO JAN STERUNO FORREST TUCKER m EXPRESS BOB HOPi; ICKIIY ROOMEY MARILYN MAXWELL OFF USVIITS co-starring EDDIE MAYEHOFF with STANLEY CLEMENTS JACK DEMPSEY • MARVIN MILLER Produced by HARRY TUGEND • Directed by GEORGE MARSHALL Story and Screenplay by HAI KANT'"R and JACK SHER m Color liy TECBNICOLOn Directed by JERRY HOPPER Screenplay by CHARLES MARQUIS WARREN Story by Frank Gruber Produced by NAT HOLT

[(vvmanship meet the challenge of (1 attraction. Amplifying the means jcommunication to the puhlic been successfully achieved by Paramount for 53 -and this pioneering in new interest-compelling devices will continue as a primary means of extending the film audience PLEASURE ISLANP Color by lECmcOLOR l£0 GM^DOH TAVLOR wiikSENe BARRY- EISA WNCHESTER and inTroduc'ing DOROTH/ , AUDREY, JOM BROMILEY OALW Et/IM Produced by PAUL JONES Directed by F. HUGH HERBERT and ALVIN GANZER Screenplay by F. HUGH HERBERT Based on the novel by William Maier I HE WAR OF mil WORLDS Color by TECHNICOLOR Produced by GEORGE PAL Directed by BYRON HASKIN Screenplay by BARRE LYNDON Based on the novel by H. G. WELLS