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^oUtftwMd ^efuint Columbia and 20th-Fox Buy Two Story Properties Each Once listed as a title for a Wald-Krasna production at RKO Radio before the W-K unit was dissolved and Jerry Wald packed up and moved over to Columbia as a vice-president and executive producer, "The Long Grey Line" has been dusted off as the tag for a new Columbia acquisitions, "Bringing Up the Brass," an autobiography by Marty Maher, athletic instructor at West Point. The yarn, for which President-Elect Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote the foreword, will be produced in Technicolor by Robert Arthur in the early summer of 1953, and a script writer will be dispatched to the military institute in the near future to gather material for the screenplay. Also purchased, for distribution through Columbia, was "Sunset Rim," a western novel by Curtis Bishop, picked up by the Scott- Brown unit. It will star Randolph Scott and will be produced by Harry Joe Brown, who booked John Meredyth Lucas to develop the script . . . Twentieth Century-Fox, matching Columbia's pace, also bought two properties. "Be Prepared," the story of a children-hating man forced to take over as Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop, sounds—although no catting has officially been set—as if it were made to order for Clifton Webb; a best-.seller by Rice E. Cochrane, it has been assigned to Producer Leonard Gold.stein. Also acquired by the Westwood studio was "The Girl With Black Glasses," an original by Walter Reisch with a Metropolitan Opera background. It goes on Charles Brackett's production slate ... To MGM went the film rights to "The Tea House of the August Moon," a novel by K^ (^

The story of a flame named Ruby ... who wrecked a whole town ...SIHBYSIH! '!5!l^ E ,j. Jjd by JOSEPH BERNHARD and KING VIDOR- Directed by KING VIDOR -Screenplay by SILVIA RICHARDS ly ARTHUR FITZRICHARDS • A BernhardVidor Presentation • Released by 20th Century-Fox