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A SECOND GENERATION EXHIBITOR STEPS AHEAD David Schine Assumes Active Role In Far-Flung Schine Organization ALBANY — G. David Schine, 25-year-old son of J. Meyer Schine, head of the Schine theatre, radio, candy store and hotel empire, occupied a seat at the right hand of hi.s father at the 1952 convention here of the Schine theatre circuit managers and executives. Throughout the gathering in the Ten Eyck hotel the strong attachment between father and son was obvious. These and many other developments of the last three years leave no doubt that the mantle of leadership of the 150-theatre circuit and other enterprises is intended for the tall, industrious heir. A HARVARD GRADUATE Born in Gloversville, N. Y., where the Schine circuit was founded in 1918-19 by J. Meyer and his brother Louis W. Schine, David was educated at Phillips academy, Andover, Mass., and Harvard university. He served during the last war in the army transport service with the rank of lieutenant. After finishing college and war service some three or four years ago, he joined the Schine companies, and from the first showed an interest and willingness to work and learn that must have pleased his able father exceedingly. He now holds the titles of executive vice-president and general manager of Schine Enterprises: president and general manager of Schine Hotel, Inc., which owns the Ten Kyck here and the Roney Plaza in Miami. Fla., among others, and vice-president of radio station WPTR here. In his address at this year's convention of Schine Chain Theatres, Inc., David displayed a keen grasp of the fundamentals of the motion picture business and a sound outlook on the future. He talked fluently from notes, and in an interview later on, repeated without hesitation the principal points and details. He expanded on the formal remarks by observing that it would be beneficial to the industry if more sons of pioneer exhibitors became active participants in the business. ENTHUSIASM OVER NATURAL VISION One of the phases on which David then spoke enthusiastically was Natural Vision, the three-dimension process, and the first picture produced with it. Arch Oboler's "Bwana Devil," now being relea.sed over the nation. He had discussed Natural Vision with President Milton L. Gunzburg during a visit to the Los Angeles, and had seen "Bwana Devil." On the ba-sis of this conference with Gunzburg and the preview of the flim, young Schine predicted Natural Vision would be "a shot in the arm" for the motion picture business. Because the process requires no major changes in existing theatres, David .said It could be easily installed and he predicted the Schine circuit might be one of the first to utilize the Innovation, Another interesting comment of his was that an upward adjustment of motion picture admission .scales might be necessary because of increased costs of operation. A member of various buslneas and trade G. DAVID SCHINE associations, young Schine scion is a founding and youngest member of the Young Presidents Organization, a group which has received a great deal of publicity in national media recently. He belongs to the Harvard Club of New York City, where executive offices of Schine Hotels are located and where David lives. Single, his main interest other than business is international government. David traveled in Europe last summer, visiting France, Spain and other countries to observe economic conditions. He visited what is now NATO headquarters, American embassies, hotels and industrial plants, and talked with Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff, head of RCA, and with military men. He returned to the United States alive to the necessity for freemen everywhere uniting in opposition to communism. A dynamic faith in freedom and a willingness to accept the full responsibilities which it entails are a "must" for all Americans, David believes. David, like his mother Hildegarde, is a musician and composer. Several of his numbers have been published. His hobbies are music, photography, painting and art collecting (he owns a library of first editions and rare books.) Handsome in appearance, he is direct and persuasive in conversation and friendly in attitude. David is one of fom- children. His oldest sister Doris is married to Dr. Morton Maxwell, a physician. Renee, the younger sister, is the wife of Lester Crown of Chicago. A brother Richard, 18, Is a student at Harvard. Hildegarde Schine, their mother is well known for her gracious and friendly personality. She plays the piano and organ; composes numbers which have been played on radio network programs; paints and has other interests. She Is on the board of directors for the summer music .series at Lewi.sohn Stadium in New- York City. Pilots Drop in For Illinois Premiere SALEM, ILL.—Airplane pilots from St. Louis and other cities within a radius of 160 miles of here will drop down from the sky to the Salem airport here Thursday (1) to attend the premiere showing at Loren Cluster's Salem Theatre of the film, "Above and Beyond." Cluster, with the cooperation of Andy Anderson and Charles Wells, co-managers of the Salem airport, have sent invitations to approximately 100 pilots of private airplanes in the area surroimding Salem in southern Illinois, western Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana. Most of them already have signified their intention of flying here for the big film event—the first showing of the picture. Anderson and Wells have made arrangements not only for proper parking of the airplanes at the airport but also for transportation between the airport and the Salem Theatre at 119 South Broadway, in the heart of downtown district of the city. "Above and Beyond" is to be shown at the Salem Theatre from January 1 through January 3rd and another outstanding event in connection with the premiere rumiing of the film is to be the personal appearance here on January 3 of Commandant Paul Tibbetts of Eglin Field, Fla., who was the pilot in charge of the airplane that dropped the "A" bomb on Hiroshima. That historic event is the basis for the motion picture "Above and Beyond." Tibbetts, a native of Quincy, III., is a member of the Salem Post of the American Legion, which w-as responsible for the GI bill of rights. He is flying up from Eglin Field, near Pensacola and is to arrive here the evening of Friday, January 2. He is to appear on the stage of the Salem Theatre at the conclusion of each running of the feature film on January 3, which opens that day at 12:30 a.m. and to run three times on the day's program. Pilot Tibbetts made the decision to bomb Hiroshima. New Contract Departments Set Up at United Artists NEW YORK—New contract departments have been set up in the eastern-southern and western and Canadian divisions of United Artists sales department by B. G. Kranze, general sales manager. The new plan does away with a single contract department and creates two. One will be under the direction of John Hughes, in the eastern-southern division headed by Milton E. Cohen, and the other will be handled by Arthur Reinian in the western division under the direction of Division Manager James Velde, and in the Canadian division, headed by Division Manager Charles Chaplin. Hughes has been serving as assistant to Cohen and Reiman has been assistant to Joseph Sugar, who has been head of the over-all contract department and has just been named as branch manager in New York. Cohen, Velde and Chaplin have been named as co-captains of the Bernie Kranze drive which will start Monday (22) and continue 26 weeks. 34 BOXOFFICE December 27, 1952

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