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Chicago Herald-American

Chicago Herald-American Introduces Limerick Contest to Boost Movies M|.||i// ^' /, ~w. /MERrSAOAMtrOR ALL THE FAMILY Tlut May Larn You CASH AMD PRIZES! n^Ht r.«T4-.i» i«" • I.—-*. •-- »« '•; pM « i-»f»**« '•• '" "^ ^"'* ^^ H".M Aj-«r«M -i«U luncncit from »•« iKW Ull iK* .^•M.r,l >• tMfik |2S Ml cMt>! H»r'* u-ipW. r an o/ »—• '-"• »"" '•'«'• READ THCSC RULCt PUT FOR FUNI t PUY FOR FROFTTI -J r^ l»TE« THE V>Vi ^^ MERiLO-iMEIIieil^S ^ MOVIE UHUICK COITUTI Tlw rt.iiK (aKidy tJD rnjuy llii* riiyioin- f*rW4 u wortL i2S in ca*hl Hrrr-. • wrnpl* "WSmi t*u iloft acting frucBpT uad bmoh. And T«v toaf lor a duaut* ot llw Mtoa. No o*rd lo IhI Uaftc Ttmo » gla>M> ood ma^ **>•-• HUD THUt RUUt ft^l. ^.1, wJ -«LI. i..«-»n -'II t» PubLArJ »«kr| Wi .won -111 b» .ni««J » T.-» Jwifn' J«u>wi »lll W (-lit •-> »n'f •"• *" fr1»r»4. *uplw«. ».rd. -.11 kf >ud> »

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