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. . Local i I ' i Briefies STUDIO PERSONNEUTIES V Universal-International Les Brown and his orchestro were signed to headline a musical featurette which Will Cowon is producing end directing. Cleffers Allied Artists Set OS music director on "Jolopy" wos MARLIN SKI LES. Metro DIMITRI TIOMKIN will score "Toke the High Ground." Paramount The score for "Little Boy Lost" will be composed ond conducted by VICTOR YOUNG. Meggers AlEed Artists As his first production since recently signing a long-term ticket, HAYES GOETZ will produce "Pocahontos," being aimed toward an early spring start. Columbia "The Nebraskan," o historical western by David Long, will be produced by ROBERT COHN. Century-Fox 20th Assigned to direct the William Bloom production, "Woterhole," wos ROY BAKER. ROBERT WEBB will direct "The Twelve Mile Reef," oction drama about sponge-divers, for Producer Robert Bossier. Universal -International "Wings of the Hawk," the Glenn Ford starrer, will be directed for Producer Aaron Rosenberg by BUDD BOETTiCHER. Warners Fronk Melford Productions tagged JOHN BRAHM to direct "The Diamond Queen," which rolls early next month. Options Allied Artists STERLING HAYDEN was signed to top the cost of "Fighter Squadron," World War U aviation dromo, which Williom Colihon will produce. Independent WILLIAM HOLDEN and DAWN ADDAMS were ^QUAuri r SPECIAL ., fRAILIERs MOTIOli°PICTURE .SERVICE COJ I25HYDESI. SSniranciKol^SKf. QUKK TlttATRE SALES! Selling theatres is our business. Live orgonization, quick results. When others foil, give us G try, past record of sales IS our proof. UNITED STATES COVERAGE Inquiriet Answered Immediately FRED B. LUDWIG, Realtpr Vn f .Bufn»i

, ... . Francis . . was Invasion' Scores 180 n Slow Frisco Week 8AN FRANCISCO With tin ixitptloii ul [nvaslon, U.S.A.." which opened u wild 180 er cent loixs at the United, the rest r the first run, except for the Oolden ate rating 100 for "Thunderblrd.s," were •low average. De.splte the large crowd.s In le downtown area, people were lopplng. (Average ll 100) X My Pal Gui (20th Fox). Breakdown (Rcolart) 90 ilden Gate Thunderbirds (Rep), Toughait Man In Arliona (Rep) 100 tw's Warficld Everything I Have li Yours (MGM), 2nd wk 90 rphcum Block Costle (U-l); Roiden U-l).... 95 jromount Cottlctown (WB), The Gombler ond fhe Lody iLP) 85 The Iron Miitroti (WB), 3rd wk... 90 litcd Artiits Invoiion, U.S.A. (Col) 180 >lymoulh' Keeps Pace in Seattle /ilh 105 Per Cent SEATTLE—First runs here slumped badly. 1th only one theatre hitting over the averse murk. The .second week of "Plymouth dventure" and "Apache War Smoke" at the Iberty gro.s.sed 105 per cent. uc MousO'-Coptoin Block Jock (Classic); Love Island (G-K) 85 iliscum—Botdc Zone (AA), The Rose Bowl Story (AA) 100 'th Avenue Night Without Sleep (20th-Fox).. 75 xrty— Plymouth Adventure (MGM); Apache Wor Smoke (MGM). 2nd wk 105 c Bo\—The Iron Mistress (WB), 3rd wk 95 c Hall Bccouse You're Mine (MGM); The lur of 13 (MGM), 3rd wk 85 phcum—Outpost in Molaya (UA) 95 iromount—My Pol Gus (20th-Fox); The Moverick (AA), 2nd wk 100 m to lot Top' Remains enver Leader DENVER— First run bu.siness was off conlerably last week. oddin, Tobor, Webber With o Song in My Heart (20th-Fox); Broken Arrow (20th-Fox) 85 (nhom The Blozing Forest (Para) 75 jnver. Esquire- Flot Top (AA), Feudin' Fools (AA) 125 pheum—Assignment—Pofis (Col); Target Hong Kong (Col) 75 ramount— It Grows on Trees (U-l) 100 oke Kozloff Is Elected as Vegas Chief Barker LAS VEGAS. NEV.—Jake Kozloff was ital: . ected chief barker of the Las Vegas Variety ,t, at the annual election at the Last Fronaea X hotel. Kozloff assumes office January succeeding the retiring Chief Barker Benny eclii Offstein. who becomes International canvasan. :or tUl! in Others elected are Ernie Cragin, first assismt ,eU chief barker; Robert Cannon, second Arch Loveland. doughguy; Eddie Bistant »x, property master and Eugene Murphy. )ugh guy. Herb McDonald was elected chairan of the club's heart fund with Norman eller, Ernie Cragin and Charles King on le panel. The officials will be installed at a gala iduction dinner to be held at a Las Vegas ;rip hotel next month. Jobbers Strike Savoy Twice SAN DIEGO, CALIF.—Tlie Savoy Tlieatre Two ire seems to be a favorite with robbers. ghts in a row. a robber visited the house, .e first time, Frank H. Wagner lost $161 to thief while relieving the cashier. The folwing night a gunman attempted to holdup ishier Pauline Gonzales, but fled when ailed. .ATING a bow L") the recently propa-tcd |)Uin of the Screen Directors Guild to un annual .scholnr.shlp. which will be awarded each year to an "A" student from one of the Los Angeles high .schools who plans to enter the University of California at Las Angeles and major there in the cinema arts. As disclosed by David Butler, chairman of the SDG's educational and benevolent foundation, a committee will select the winner annually on the basis of high grades In general atid special aptitude for matters cinematic In particular. The Judging committee will comprise Butler; Ralph Freud, William Ackerman and Marty Rosen of UCLA, and Mark Robson, film megaphonist and UCLA graduate. Here is a step, however small, in the right direction toward improving the badly battered over-all public relations of Hollywood. SomrthinK of a new liiKh in inconsideration of tradrpress reporters' time and functions was attained by Tect Carle, Paramount's praiser-in-chief, when he invited them to trek to the Marathon street film foundry to view, and presumably to comment upon, several trailers that were to be used on television of all things—to exploit "The Koad to Bali " What's more, the momentous screening was staged on the Friday before Christmas, the first preview-free 'ii hours the hungry press had encountered in many days—thus affording time to do a bit of Christmas .shopping, providing aforementioned members of the h. p. had the wherewithal to engage in such activity. From the same Teet Carle, information that "Cecil B. DeMille . notified of another in his record ifor Hollywood) list of honors. He was given the title of 'Darshaka Brahma,' which in Sanskrit means 'father of cinematic arts,' by the Cine Fans Ass'n of South India." It's going to be tough for the boys to learn to say, "Yes, Darshaka Brahma," instead of the time-honored, "Yes. C. B." If lol the poor Holl,\-wood film appraisers start wearing feathers— in their hair, that is there's reason enough. Recent preview memos listed, within a few days of one another, .Allied Artists' "Hiawatha," Jack Broder's "The Battles of Chief Pontiac" and Columbia's "Last of the Comanches." Ugh: "HORSE-FACED LOVER GAINING POPULARITY. LEE MARVIN SAYS" —George Lait Columbia Headline. Especially among horses. A recent printed report had it that Columbia had turned thumbs down on the scheduling of ".Ml the King's >Ipn." a 19-49 .\cademy award winner, as part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' current slate of screenings of pictures which captured Oscars during that year. .\n .Academy request for a print of the Broderick Crawford starrer assertedly was denied by the company, where a spokesman wai quoted a)i addlnr that it i% a "normal Ktudio prui llir" not to mukr ( iilumbia plrturrs avallablr to 'anybody nutoidr of ron- ' vrntlonal thratriral datr