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' Universal Chiefs Lay Plans for Charles J. Feldman Drive iitedAit.r intolkt ian Bejimoniisi but tot: l'nlversal-Interiiatiiin;il prodiirtlnn, salrs and priimntiiin rxrrutlvfs wlio participatrd in a wcrk-lonK serlrs of inri.t plannitiK iMinfrrences at Ihc studio In I'niversal City lake time out to posr for tinphotographer. The result, left to rJKht. front row: A. \V. Terry, head of Kmplre-l'nlversal of Canada; Harry I'ellernian. siiles head of the sperial fllm.s division. New York; Mannie M. (lottlieb, ChiraKo district manaecr; David .\. LIpton. vice-president in charge of adver- UsInK and publlelt.v; Charles J. Feldman, general sales manager; Alfred E. Daff. executive vice-president; William (ioetz. in charge of production: President Milton R. Rackmil; N. J. Blumberg. Iioard chairman; Edward Muhl. vice-president and general manager: David Levy, .New Vork dlttrl