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'- Everyhodv love United Artists is proud to present a series of 4 half-hour featurettes dramatizing the stories of 4 of America's bravest heroes— Congressional Winners all.. ^ Play Them For INTEREST! Millions and millions of readers know all about ^ fA 2.kI h. .Jose|)li C llotliiguez r. S.Army Medal of 1 lonor OiXTV VAHOs TO CO. From atop ihc liill. nwr Munyc-ri. KoiTJi. the rripiiiy ludilrnly (.prnnj up a willifririK barragr. Thr snjuml wai cauKhi: R^i m-iiian Iwgai. /pioinK for ihc kill. Liculrnoni RodtJgUM lll.rn I'fc. ttitli ..111, M-vrri t(i..r>llut M-tvkr) broke li.ow and ila^'hrd up ibr firc-4Wr|il ulujie. lliciMiu^ (-rrnailr*. Dinrcgonliii(f thr rirrcijiitFiitralrdon hirn, 111- wi|>c

k HERO! Ot 4 Great American Adventures! -* EDALOF HONOR' Play Them For PROFIT! ^ -- HERFS YOUR SUREFIRI SUES PROMOTION CAMPAIGN! Ticket-sening tie-ups have been established with such service organizations as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Parent and Teacher groups, D.A.R. and other women's organizations, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. RODRIGUEZ featuring lARRY CRAINI Produced by W. R. Frank and Wm. Dean Directed by Reginald Borg • A W. R. Frank Production BOXOFF/CE says: "Because of the unusual manner in which they are to be distributed and merchandised, the series merits exhibition attention. They are made with the blessing and cooperation of the U. S. Army and in each booking, whether they be shown singly or in pairs, they are to be screened under the auspices of and with ticket sales by the American Legion and/or kindred groups. By following the pre-arranged tie-up formula, showmen undoubtedly can play them profitably."