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I • ^mmmmmmmimss^sm Theatre Construction, Openings, Sales and Leases CONSTRUCTION: Atlanta, Go.— L. E. Britton of Tampa is constructing the 600-cor 40th Street Drive-ln and his twin 500-cor Bntton Drtve-In here. Belvidere, III.— Howard Lindroth, Cyril Lindroth of Rockford and Lorry Fleming of Chicago are building c drive-in southeast of town on the Soger rood. Bellevil!e, III.—The Bloomer Amusement Co. plans to build a second dnve-in here, starting next spring. It will care for 800 cars and seat 600 wolk-in patrons. Cope Girardeou, Mo.—Mrs. M. E, Lessem has sold a I9-Qcre tract of land on Highway 61 as the site for a new 750-ccr drive-in, to open next spring. DaytoH/ Wash.—Construction is under way on a 250-car drive-in a mile west of here. Lowell Spiess, monoger of the Liberty Theatre, made the announcement. Devils Lake, N. D.— Leveling of c site for o drive-in east of town on Highway 2 has been started. Jacksonville, Fla.—The Negro-patronage Moncrief Drive-ln opening has been set for March 1 . . . National Theatre Enterprises is constructing the 350- cor Montcliff Drive-ln for Negroes, to open in March. Kamish, Ida.—Mr. and Mrs, Miner Bethman are plonning a 200-car drive-in about a half mile from here on the road to Cottonwood. Lower Copilono, North Vancouver—A 600-seat theatre will be built by Fletcher Enterprises, a firm headed by Reeve Howord Fletcher of East Vancouver. It will be called the Capilano and completed in 1953. '..Ajmm^ms^^m^mm Little Chute, Wis.—A new drive-in is being planned for this community. Mason City, Iowa—Central States Theatre Corp. has purchased ten acres about a mile south of town on Highway 65 for construction of a 660-car drive-in. Navasota, Tex.— L. 300-car drive-in west way 90. Oak Ridge, Tenn.- o new drive-in here. O. Wolloce plans to build a of the city limits on High- -Ed Burchfield is constructing Orangeburg, S. C.—The Sky-Liner Drive-ln here is expected to open by Christmas. Piedmont, Mo.—Groding has started on the Pine Hill Drive-ln near here for A. B. "Jeff" Jefferis and wife, scheduled to open in the spring. Rochelle, III.—William "Lindy" Kassul of the Hub Amusement Co. will build a drive-in here early next year. Selmer Tenn.—The Selmer Amusement Co., Inc., plans to build a 460-car drive-in on Highway 142, near Highway 45 intersection. A spring opening is planned, Woodburn, Ore.—The Westenshow Theatre Co. is building a 500-car drive-in north of town on Highway 99E. OPENINGS: Aiken, N. C.— H. P. Wiley has opened the Park Dnve-in here. Jacksonville, Fla.—The To Igor Co. of this place plans to open a new 400-car drive-in in Tallahassee M-G-M TRADE SHOW- DEC. 29th wROGUE'S MARCHrr ALBANY ATLANTA lOSTON BUFFALO CHARLOTTE CHICAGO CINCINNATI CLEVELAND DALLAS DENVER OES MOINES DETROIT INDIANAPOIIS JACKSONVILLE KANSAS CITV LOS ANGELES MEMPHIS MILWAUKEE MINNEAPOLIS NEW HAVEN NEW ORLEANS NEWrORK OKLAHOMA CITV OMAHA PHILADELPHIA PITTSBURGH PORTLAND ST. LOUIS SALT LAKE CITV SAN FRANCISCO SEATTLE WASHINGTON 20th-Fox Screen Room 1052 Broadway 20th-Fox Screen Room 197 Walton St., N. W. M-G-M Screen Room 46 Church Street 20th-Fox Screen Room 290 Franklin Street 20th- Fox Screen Room 308 S. Church Street Warner Screen Room 1307 S. Wabash Ave. RKO Palace BIdg., Sc. Rm. 16 East Sixth Street 20th- Fox Screen Room 2219 Payne Ave. 20th-Fox Screen Room 1803 Wood Street Paramount Screen Room 2100 Stout Street 20th-Fox Screen Room 1300 High Street Max Blumenthal's Sc. Rm. 2311 Cass Avenue 2Dth-Fox Screen Room 236 No. Illinois St. Florida State Screen Room 128 East Forsyth Street 20th-Fox Screen Room 1720 Wyandotte St. United Artists' Scr. Room 1851 S. Westmoreland 20th-Fox Screen Room 151 Vance Avenue Warner Screen Room 212 W. Wisconsin Ave. 20th- Fox Screen Room 1015 Currie Avenue 20th- Fox Screen Room 40 Whiting Street 20th-Fox Screen Room 200 S. Liberty St. M-G-M Screen Room 630 Ninth Avenue 20th-Fox Screen Room 10 North Lee Street 20th-Fox Screen Room 1502 Davenport St. M-G-M Screen Room 1233 Summer Street M-G-M Screen Room 1623 Blvd. of Allies B. F. Shearer Screen Rm. 1947 N. W. Kearney St. S'Renco Art Theatre 3143 Olive Street 20th-Fox Screen Room 216 E. First St., So. 20th- Fox Screen Room 245 Hyde Street Jewel Box Preview Thea. 2318 Second Ave. RKO Screen Room 932 New Jersey Ave. ,N.W. 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 12/29 2 P.M. 2 P.M. 2 P.M. 2 P.M. 1:30 P.M. 1:30 P.M. 8 P.M. 1 P.M. 2:30 P.M. 2 P.M. 1 P.M. 1:30 P.M. 1 P.M. 2 P.M. 1:30 P.M. 2 P.M. 12 Noon 1:30 P.M. 8 P.M. 2 P.M. 1:30 P.M. 2:30 P.M. 1 P.M. 1 P.M. 2 P.M. 2 P.M. 2 P.M. 1 P.M. 1 P.M. 1:30 P.M. 1 P.M. 2 P.M. M-GM presents ••ROGUE'S MARCH'' starring Peter Lawford • Richard G reene • Janice Leo Rule G. Carroll . John Abbott . Directed by Allan Davis . Written and Produ. ced by Leon Gordon soon. It will be called the Perry Outdoor Drive-ln. Odessa, Tex.—The twin-screen Cactus Drive-ln reopened after o $ 1 00,000 expansion program. It is located on east Highway 80. Scotlandville, La.—The Elm Drive-ln Theatre, Inc., plans to open a new drive-in soon for Negroes. It IS located on Elm Grove Garden road. Winthrop, lowo—The Winthrop Theatre opened here recently under management of Robert Gray of Des Moines. SALES AND LEASES: Abilene, Tex.—The Palace Theatre here hos been leosed by Albert L. Smith and wtll be opened as a Negro-patronage house. Augusta, Wis.—The Augusta Theatre has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Schiefelbein of this city to D, W. Hulbert of Augusta and Mrs. Mae Hulbert of Eau Claire. Farina, III.— Harold Schoer has purchased the 300-seat Lyric Theatre from Morvin Preston Bank. Schaer sold the Warner Theatre to Ruble Johnson and Shelby Vaughn. Gainesville, Fla.— K. T. Barfield has sold his interest in the drive-in here to his partners, Tom Danile and Howard McKinney. Glendora, Calif.—The Glendoro Theatre and building has been purchased from Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Dover by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pokorny. Leavenworth, Kas.—Robert Buis hos token over the Iris Theatre lease from W. H. Kilgore. Ledgerwood, N. D.—The Avon Theatre here has been purchased by S. J. Backer from J. A. Hawkins. Louisville, Ky.—The Scoop Theatre building has been sold to the Brown Hotel Co. for about $175,000. Macon. Go.—The 41 Dnve-ln has been purchased by the Georgia Theatres Co. Marianna, Fla.— E. D. Martin purchased the ir»- terest of his partner, R. A. Davis, in the Ritz orKj Gem theatres, Mattoon, III.—The Mattoon Theotre Co., controlled by the Prisma Amusement Co. of Springfield, 111., recently purchased the Skyway Drive-In from the Outdoor Amusement Co. Milford, Ind.—The Mark Theatre has been purchased by Kenneth and Ins Baldwin from Dallos Ritter. Newell, Iowa—The Newell Theatre here has been sold to O. H. Stoeber of Fenton by Don T. McCreo. Normandy, Mo.—The Normandy Theatre building has been purchased by St. Louis businessmen to be converted into a supermarket. Panoma City, Fla.—The Martin Theatres circuit has taken over the Isle of View Drive-ln from Mr. Mulchings. Pensacola, Flo.—T. A. MocDougold has leased the Belmont ond plans to open it in January. Pascagoula, Miss.—William B. Butterfield has purchosed the Lake Drive-ln here. Philodelphio, Po.—The Towne Theatre at 4149-63 Germantown Ave., has been purchased by Victoria Harrison from Bella Green, administrotrix of the estate of Benjamin Green. Ringsted, Iowa— Leslie Lorson has taken over the Ringsted Theatre from Don Caswell. Woterbury, Conn.—The Woterbury Strand Theatre has been sold by the Poli New Englond Theotres, Inc., to a New York firm. Watson, Ark.—The Roxy Theatre has been purchased by T. A. Hodges of McGehee from Russell Morgan. Winnemucco, Calif.—The Horvey Bros, firm hos taken a ten-year lease on the Sage Theatre and plans to remodel the building. N' A WINNER!! 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SHEARER COMPANY MmtOflal HALLMARK BLDG., WILMINGTON, OHIO livmy HIllJ • CHICASO . CLIVILAND . TOUONrO MtXICO CUT < AUCKLAND . STDNIT • SINCAFOII HONGKONG • CALCUTTA • KAHACHI . CAKO • ATHINS HOMI . PAtIS • LONDON . AMSTIUDAM • STOCKHOLi '

' fully Now '. readers velopments, ' . . See «*n5f CHESTER FRIEDMAN EDITOR HUGH E. FRAZE Asiocialo Editor OKOffl^^ SECTION PRACTICAL IDEAS FOR SELLING SEATS BY PRACTICAL SHOWMEN n W&m; .J Presinii 1 WIKH »tre tomi, « f tjuie ^tuj-f te tcir I f » ' , BOXOFFICK wtrt t : r Co. ot ir- Skynji >< , tteler- Jmn fw ^ re here te '- ( Dm T. »i. Ttetret,. Wiinesimr • I TliMlra :- HI- know how thrilled our readers must be when thry are notified they have been named on the Honor Koll. We have just received a bcautiengraved Ballyhoo Showmanship Citation from the Famous Players Canadian rircuit. Complete with gold seal, the award is siirned by J. J. FitzRibbons, president; Morris Stein, general manager, and Dan Krendel. Ontario district manager. The ('it;ition reads, "for outstanding accomplishment.s in the field of exploitation, publicity and public relations." Thanks . . . for our treasured possession. •( } We frequently receive letters from Joruort. telling us that because of a ulteifiea Mieol' '' •'j Ut. late switch in booking, it was tough -•^to put on a campaign for a certain hoied by atotenK ti Slrm! 'Tf' je l« ttr t the realm of imajrination to visualize a combination of these scientific de- in complement to each other, as an exclusive theatre pres- eyBre. Ir^ I SogtTtK- j S DIE' for I n — Chester Friedman Live Mitzi Gaynor Model in Stops Syracuse Sidewalk Traffic A window ballyhoo with a live model proved to be a traffic stopper on busy Salina street, from scene stills Syracuse, N. Y.. for "Bloodhounds of Broadway" at the Paramount Theatre there. to winners. The tieup wa-s arranged by George Snyder, manager of the Paramount, with an appliance store. The model was dressed in strapless black bathing suit and top hat. a la Mitzi Gaynor who appears in the picture. An usher kept changing signs which alternately sold the picture and merchandise on display which the model pointed to. She held up stills and posters, with the ever-present audience crowding up to see the film highlights depicted in the illustrations. A sign constantly on display wa.s lettered. "See Dolls Like Me at the Paramount in 'Bloodhounds.' etc." The Greyhound bus terminal tied in with posters reading: "Broadway is only a fewhours from Syracuse . 'Bloundhounds.' script plugged the Paramount etc." The title was a natural for window displays in music shops and pet stores. Snyder persuaded Bob O'Donnell, disk Syracuse Past-Standard. Jockey for station WSYR, to run a contest which gave the pciture free publicity for several days prior to opening. O'Donnell played various arrangements of the tune. "I Wish I Knew" as recorded by several leading orchestras. The radio audience was asked to identify the bands and guest tickets were given to winners. Syracuse football The tune was plugged by Frank Hennessey picture and theatre. Station WHEN-TV invited etc." Window playdates. — 287 — picture. With the advent of Cinerama, third-dimension pictures and largescreen television, it is not beyond entation. What happens then to exploitation, when the manager may have to sell his program on real fast notice and news events, probably, before they occur? I I i » I i ) Jack Ward, manager of the Seneca Theatre, Niagara Falls, Ont., was quoted by the local paper during the Famous Players Canadian meeting of managers a few weeks ago. It seems as if conventions mean a lot of extra work for Ward, whereupon he threatened to ride the falls in a barrel if any more meetings take place in his home town. .Anxious to get in on any publicity that might be forthcoming as a result of Ward's assertion, the Pepsi Cola company shipped him a steel barrel painted in red. white and blue, with the firm's trademark plainly lettered thereon. A few more days and Christmas will be upon us. Once again we extend to all our friends in the field our warm, sincere wishes for a happy and joyous holiday season. BOXOFFICE Showmandiser Dec. 20, 1952 home viewers to identify members of the cast and awarded theatre tickets Additional exploitation included the posting of banners on news trucks and 24-sheets at key locations about town. To promote "Pony Soldier" at the Paramount. Snyder duplicated hLs television contest tieup with WHEN-TV and followed through his regular publicity facets with a few extra tieups. The public library displayed counter cards and posters tying in frontier stories. Famous Artists, .sponsoring the personal appearance of TjTone Power in "John Brown's Body," mailed 3.000 F>ostal cards to residents of SjTacuse announcing Power's personal appearance and his starring role in "Pony Soldier." A post Eagle Scouts from the city and nearby communities were invited to attend the opening, with a nice story breaking on this in the The Herald-Journal and the foreign language papers were also cooperative with news stories and art breaks. When the theatre played "Bonzo Goes to College." downtown merchants cooperated with Snyder by displaying large banners and posters with copy. "Beat Cornell." This obvious attempt to rally local support for the team was followed through with merchandise displays and signs reading: "After the game attend the Paramount and .