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I I Alfred Starr talks

I I Alfred Starr talks tomorrow's ticket sales • . . President cf Theatre Owners of Ameriea tcUs uhiit's in the stars . . . Mr. Starr, one of ihe cniintry's outstanding exhibitors, says: "When we speak of building good will, we are thinking largely in terms of tomorrow — of developing patrons for the eontinning and future growth of our industry. At tlie same time, we are giving attention to our patronage of toda>'. What better way is there to achieve this dual requirement than through the cultivation of young patrons? Not only do they represent a major part of our present audience; they are our future audience as well. "Inasmuch as the industry cannot accomplish this alone, it has been very gratifying to me that such excellent assistance has been given us by the screen magazines." When it comes to screen magazines, Modern Screen is far and away the leader. It has led all others on America's newsstands e\er since rj47. Not only that, but it's bought and read b> \our best movie customers. Better than 9 out of 10 Modern Screen readers are under 35; 84% arc under 30 . . . and sour best audience tor today and tomorrow is the young audience. The >oung women who read Modern Screen, co\er to cover and month after month, are 22 years old on the average, have family incomes fil5f above the national figure . . . and there arc 3,000,000 cf them. E.xhibitors anil advertisers alike recognize the tremendous potential this audience has for them. One more proof of this recognitio)! is the fact that Modern Screen winds up 1952 with more advertising linage and revenue than in 1951! modern screen America'^ Great Screen Magazine DELL PUBLISHINa CO . (NC .1 FIFTH AVENUE. NEW YORK 16. N. Y.

L Kansas Dkckmiikk 20. |«)S2 The Motion Picture Merchandiiing Guide '':ii SECTION This is our sfcoiui annual short subjects section. We are underslandably proud of it. The first time is important, but the second is more so. It means that the section has been accepted as a valuable service by distributors and exhibitors alike. Indeed, we have been told so by both. They expressed appreciation ail during the past year for our listing and classifying of the product and noting it promotional possibilities. Therefore, we are doing exactly the same in this issue for the 1952-53 short subjects availabilities. As we stated last year: "Theatremen know their patronage, a knowledge which with simple good taste and common sense in progranuning constitute the other necessary factors to making boxoffice use of these indispensable and amazingly inexpensive ingredients to the theatre program." That still goes. So does the fact that if you will read and study this short subjects section, and clip the Pre-Selling Guide as a handy reference, you can i)rofit thereby. con tents FEATURES: I he Wuy.s tu Lxploit a Short Are Many 4 What Mickey Mou.«- Han Meant to Me: Wall Disney 10 Carey \\ ilxm \\ riles Alioul .NostradaiMU.s 14 SHORT SUBJECTS PRODUCT: Allir.l Artist-- 19 (loiuuiliia 18 Melro-tioldw yn-Mayer 14 Paramount 12 HKO Ka.lio Pictures 8 Hepublic Pictures 19 20lh Century-Fox 21 L nited Artists 21 I niversal-lnternational 20 Warner Bros 16 THE SHORTS EXECUTIVES SPEAK: Maurice Crad. Columbia 18 Sidney Kramer. RKO 8 \^ alter I-antz. I -1 producer 10 Norman Morav. Warners 16 Oscar Morgan, Paramount 12 Irving Sochin, Iniversal 20 DEPARTMENTS: Magazines 22 Tie-In Contests 12 NATIONAL PRE-SELLING GUIDE: A service section listing new films for which pre-selling campaigns have been developed, with tips to exhibitors on how to tie in at the local level 2,S The PROMOTION Section of BOXOFFICE is included in the third issue of eoch month. Editorial or general correspondence should be oddressed to Associated Publications, 9 Rockefeller Ploza. New York 20. N. Y. Eastern Representative John G Tinsley; Central Representotive: Ewing Hutchison and E. E Yeck. 35 East Wacker Drive, Chicago 1. Ill Hollywood Representative; Ivan Spear. 6404 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 28, Calil : Western Representative: Bob Weitstein. 672 South Lafayette Park Place, Los Angeles 5, Calif. Manager of Sales and Service; Herbert Roush, 825 Van Brunt Blvd . City 24. Mo NATHAN COHEN LOU H. GERARD fxecutive Editor Cditot JOHN G. TINSLEY Adrertiiing Manager