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AGAIN IN '53 K RKO BRINi RKO's BLENDED line-up! Top-quality musicals, comedies, dramas, sport subjects and "Specials" to give the proper blend for any feature program. RKO-PATHE s "OPERATION A-BOMB" l\IXW ri-kiiik w -w COLOR rSATURETTE The most astounding explosion since man began, shot-on-the-spot in thrilling Eastman Color. So overwhelming, you see it, but your eyes can't believe it! RKO-PATHE "SPECIALS" The living drama of today, brought to the screen in newsand-story form v/ith full eye-witness emotional impact. RKO-PATHES FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS Climax plays and thrills of 1952's ace teams in their most exciting contests. RKO-PATHE s SPORTSCOPES and SCREENLINERS Top figures in action in all fields of sport; and headline names from the wide world of entertainment. RKO S GIL LAMB and NEWLYWED series Two terrific 2-reel series that lead the field for non-stop laughter. iX- RKOS RE-RELEASES The pick of the best for entertainment, including: LEON ERROL and EDGAR KENNEDY comedies, and the PHIL HARRIS-JACK CARSON and LOUIS PRIMA and LUCILLE BALL musicals. • • • FOR SHORT PRODUCT THAT MAKES ^OL

lU THE 'FEATURE-VALUr SHORT PRODUCT! WALT DISNEY SINGLE-REEL CARTOONS Color by TECHNICOLOR "Name" attractions that can't be matched at any price ... backed by year-in-year-out publicity, merchandising and promotions throughout the world . . with those stars loved by young and old — MICKEY MOUSE, DONALD DUCK, GOOFY, PLUTO, CHIP n' DALE and many others. ^^^'«(' WALT DISNEY'S TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURES Prints by TECHNICOLOR The "Academy-Award Series". . . and the most sensationally successful in history. .. backed by tons of spontaneous publicity and acclaim! Booked by the nation's finest theatres! Current: "OLYMPIC ELK'* • "WATER BIRDS" Coming soon: "BEAR COUNTRY" ./ '^1\ ^4^^ O WAtrOISNET PRODUCTIONS .ti. «*{» W. . . CONTACT YOUR RKO EXCHANGE!