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Exploitation Material

Exploitation Material -Is Plentiful In RKO Radio's 81 Short Subjects I 'Alaskan Eskimo' First in New Disney Series; 'Operation A-Bomb' a Spectacle in Color IIKO Radio's 1952-53 program of shorts continues to reflect the company's efforts t(i provide the exhibitor not only with a liiieuj) of product tliat is aimed at all classes of patrons, but also one that gives him I)leiily of leeway exploitation-wise. Thirty-five two-reelers, 44 one-reelers and two in Technicolor specials make up the program. Extra added releases will be the new Walt Disney series with color by Technicolor. Places and People, the first of which, "The Alaskan Eskimo," will shortly go into release, and "Operation A-Bomb," first motion picture in color of an A-bomb explosion made available to to be released on January 16. the general public, In the two-reel category are 13 RKO- Pathe specials; six Leon Errol comedy rereleases; six Eldgar Kennedy comedy rereleases; four comedies starring Gil Lamb; two comedies featuring the Newlyweds; two musical rereleases and two black-and-white specials. One-reelers to be delivered during the 1952-53 season by the company comprise If! Walt Disney Technicolor cartoons; 13 KKO-Pathe Screenliners and 13 RKO- Pathe S])ortscopes. An extra special "Special" down for May 15 release is "Mickey Mouse's Birthdav Party," running approximately 45 minutes and released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney's little star. FiKO-Pathe's two-reel specials usually contain exploitable features, with the new season's releases no exceptions. Topical as to subject matter, they have proved a boxoffice adjunct when some effort is exerted by the exhibitor. The company is continuing to rerelease the Leon Errol and Edgar Kennedy comedies because of their name value draw. These are complemented by two other series gaining in popularity—Gil Lamb and the Newlyweds. Walt Disney's True Life Adventures "Water Birds," currently in release, and the forthcoming "Bear Country"—are the two Technical specials. The musical rereleases consist of Phil Harris and Jack Carson in "Harris in the Spring, and Louis Prima and " Lucille Ball in "Swing It. " The two black-and-white specials are "Football Highlights" and "Basketball Highlights." In the one-reel field, Walt Disney's Technicolor cartoons again assume i)rime importance on the release schedule, with Mickey Mouse and Pluto, Donald Duck and His Nephews, Goofy and Chip'n-dale set to Six Leon Errol two-reel comedies will be rereleased during the coming season, a scene from one of which is shown here. Gil Lamb who has established himself as two-re comedy favorite will appear in four subjects. continue strictly for laughs. Screenliners. too, are back, covering wide variety of subjects including "Johnm Gets His Route," which because of tb| newsboy subject matter can get newspape cooperation in the form of publicity ani newsboy contests. 'Lili' Among Star Selecfions American magazines Januar\ movies-o the-month feature product from most iiitt majors. Selected are MGM's "Lili" wil Leslie Caron; Fox's "My Cousin Rachel' Warner's "April in Paris," with Doris Da and Ray Bolger; RKO's "Never Wave a WAC," with Rosalind Russell; Jami Michener's "Return to Paradise" with Gai Cooper; U-Fs "Meet Me at the Fair," wil Dan Dailey. and Columbia's "Last of tl Comanches.'" Newspaper Aid for Short RKO's Screenliner short, "Johnny Ge His Route," is getting local exploitatio assistance from newsjiapers on the basis its subject matter, the route newsboy. 11 subject was screened this month for tl American Newspaper Publishers" Ass'n ar the newspapers leading trade journal. Ed tor and Publisher. It was also screened f< tiie postmaster general and his staff. t.. ,.l V This Has Been a Year of Solid Productivity in the Short Subjects Departments by SIDNEY KRAMER Short Subjects Sales Mgr., RKO In spilif of riiounliny co.sls, the producers of short .subji-rls havi- (lispjaycd an unu-ual tl-^rvr of \ilalily. and iiiKenuily in the year sinre llie last short subject issue of Phomotion. a j;i-niTous increase in the use of color prevails, new sul)jccl nialler bus hi'en tackled, and new ideas have been piven a chance. 'I'lii- result lias been the delivery of a uundier of extravalue short vubjccls. havini; in them l)oX(]ffici> potentialities worthy of uiany features. In our own company. Wall Dinney has fidlowcd up liis earlier True Life Adventure pictures with outstanding shows in "Olympic Elk" and the beautiful "Water Birds." The next subject, "Bear Country." will l)e released soon. .Apart from winning awards of all kinds, ilii'ir pidilic acceptance the world over is highly gratifying. As a result, exhibitors everywhere are using them more and more as the second feature in double feature situalicuis. as well as a strong added attraction to the feature in jsingle feature houses. The exhibitor has found, too. that thorough adverti-ing and exploitation of these pictures promotes audience goodwill and increases Sidney Kromer bis boxoffiir take, simultaneously. Disney has set about creating a new series into wliich be will pour the same artistry. Ibis series, known as People and Places, will bring to motion picture screens cnlerlainmi-iil comparable to the True l.ifcs. I have seen a rough cut of the first, "The Alaskan Eskimo." It is my firm belief that the new series and the first subject will score an entertainment bulls-eye, everywhere. KKO-Pathe. loo. has delivereil an unusual and highly absorbing short in "Operation A-liornb." photographed in new ICaslman ccdor. This is the first motion jiicture in color of the .\-bonib explosion pertiiilted for general exhibition. For the first time motion picture audiences will be able 111 see what an A-bomb explosion is really like. They will see it and won't believe it! Exhibilors easily can make this picture pay off handsomely for themselves. The staple merohandise this short subject field is b ler than ever. Our own oi reelers. sport pictures and Iv reel comedies reflect inlerc ing subjects and outstandi names. There are shoi available for everv conco able type of |)rogram. Aiuliences liki' shorts. w» shorts, anil miss them wh they are not on the progra Kxbibitors who deprive tin patrons of this product, lo audience goodwill and hi only themselves. F.xhibitc who miss the opportunities advertise and exploit shot are ignoring the opporlunitil for extrapidfil dollars. ' NE JI.G M.( PROMOTION SECTIONj

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