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Trend to Color Marks

Trend to Color Marks Paramount's Shorts Product Schedule 40 of 64 Subjects Are Tinted- Anniversary for Newsreel The trend to more color has found expression in Paramount's shorts lineup for 1952-53. Of the 64. subjects on the chart, 40 will he in Technicolor. The list includes subjects in ten classifications, all one-reelers except for the Musical Parade Featurettes (two-reelers in Technicolor! which have been meeting with marked success, especially in drive-ins. Of the exploitable subjects, Grantland Rice will be back with 12 more Sportlights. These have been steadily popular for many years, and the Rice name on the marquee has drawing power. Also on the tie-in credit side are the Popeye cartoons, which include eight newones and four Champion reissues for a total of 12. These can be tied to newspapers which run the daily and Sunday comic strip. This involves merely screen or lobby credits in return for newspaper ])ublicity or promotion ads. Or the available one-sheet can be sniped with a credit line, such as "Read 'Popeye' every day and Sundays in the News." Newspapers will usually huv this kind of promotion. The Casper cartoons, also in Technicolor, are still coming strong, and the licensing Newsreels Are Very By OSCAR A. MORGAN Director of Short Subjects Sales, Paramount Pictures Twenty-five years ago, "Tlic Eyes and Ears of the World" flashed across theatre screens not only in this conntry but all around the world. It entered npon a quarter of a century of recording history on motion picture film. For its achievement Paramount is very proud. A short while ago, another medium of vision came into hef;in television; and suddenly some exhibitors got very panicky — predicting that now, indi-ed, newsreels were ohsolele. A few exhihilors eliminated newsreels, claiming thai televisiim destroyed their value. .Subsequently this inylh exploilcd and for nood reason: Television is not equipped to give the public a(i'eplalile news. (lood reportion is sacrificed for frantic speed, which means news unidited, in its rawest form. They do not have the "knowbow" wliich adds up, in the cu-r of newsreels, to years of experience and a sense of 25- Left to right, at the recent 2Sth-year celebration of Paramount News: short subjects sales manager Oscar A. Morgan; Alfred W. Schivalberg, president. Paramount Film Distributing Corp.: Ted O'Shea, vice-president. Paramount Film Distributing Corp.: A. J. Richard, editor of Paramount News. operations built around this and other Famous Studios characters is continuing. One is a comic book which theatres can use as giveaways or prizes for children. There will be six Casper's in all. Other listed product includes: six Noveltoons, color; four Herman and Katnip cartoons. Technicolor; six Pacemakers and six Toppers. The newsreel has special significance for Paramount and its customers this year, for its editor, A. J. Richard, is celebrating 25 years with the reel, which itself was fully launched in 1927. Much Alive/ Says Oscar Morgan r Oscar Morgan what the public wants. Television news is telecast on "off" times— when a smaller viewing audience is available. Frankly, in my humble opinion, it will be a long, long lime before television news can compete with theatrical newsreels. It's part of my business to look at television news programs, and I wonder hnu many exhihilors lake the Irouble lo find out the facts fill themselves, anil make an honesi ('(unparison. To the exhibitors' credit, it can be said that they do not now considir television news as a major competitor, but receiilly newsreel distribution has mi-l with another problem .^ome exhibitors are eliminating newsreels to cut expenses. The American public likes newsreels. It expects to see them on every program and, I believe, feel cheated if news is omitted from a program. Newsreels are a part of the picture-goers' "way of life." Therefore. exhibitors who eliminate newsreels are certainly adding to the "lost audience" we hear so much about. The American public is the best-educated and best-informed in the world. Newsreels, with superior reporting, have contributed materially to this condition. On this, our 2.'ith anniversary, proof of this statemeni is documented in the many letters i>f congratulalion which have come lo us from our country's lop executives, including President Truman and members of his

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