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A New Nostradamus Series

A New Nostradamus Series Tops MGM Lineup for the Year Pete Smith Roster Gets Numerous Promotions On The National Level The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer short subjects program for 1952-53 will inrludp a number of subjects geared to unusual exploitation possibilities. As in past years, many Pete Smith subjects will be launched with national promotion campaigns taking advantage of the exploitation possibilities of their subject matter. In current release is Smith's "Pedestrian Safety," which was produced with the cooperation of the traffic division of the Los Angeles police department. This subject, stressing the dangers of careless pedestrian habits, has won the acclaim of police departments and traffic safety groups across the country, and such groups are actively participating in the current promotion. The Los Angeles police department recently awarded Smith a citation for producing this picture. Some Pete Smith Humor Also in current release is Pete Smith's "Keep It Clean. " a humorous short depicting the importance of sanitation in public eating places. Smith ])roduced this subject at the re(|uest of many health departments and health officers. Dr. George Lhl of the Los Angeles department served as technical advisor on "Keep It Clean," which was based on an original suggestion by director of health education Milton E. Kossack of ihe Louisiana state health department. Health departments, health officers and .santitation grou|)s throughout the countrv are cooperating in the promotion of "Keep It Clean.' which was launched with a series of regional ])revi( \vs in key cities. I pcoming on the Pete Smith schedule are other titles with exploitation features. They include "Aquatic Kids," which will lie l;imi(lied with a dual-city premiere in These three smiling gentlemen on the MGM lot represent 75 ycors of cumulative service in Leo's shorts production Left to right, Pete Smith; Fred Quimby, head of the short subjects department and producer of MGM Cartoons; ond James Filipotrick, producer of Travel Talks. Each has 25 years of service with the compony. 14 Wilson Did Not Invent' Nostradamus; the Fellow Is Real by CAREY WILSON It's bail riiiiiitili that fur tli' past ten years Ive been accused of translating and interprelinj; the prophecies of Nostradamus, the 16th-centur\' Swami. to suit my own purposes—or rather the purposes of the little -MGM one-reel lealurelles about Nostradamus, the man who dared to put into writing his predictions of the future. Yes, such accusati(m is bad enough but recently I was accused of infenling Nostradamus! / ilidn't! Neither did the Russians. To all such traducers I suggest a Wsit to the New York public library or the famed Huntington library in southern California. Each, to my knowledge, possess at least Orlando and Winter Haven, Fla.. this spring; "The Mosconi Story," a biographical motion picture on pocket billiard champion Willie Mosconi for which a tieup has been made with the Brunswick-Balke- CoUender Co. for national promotion; and "Good Buy Now," which is being produced at the request of the Treasury Department as part of its bond savings program. Jacob Mogelever, chief of the promotion section of the savings bond division of the Treasury Department, acted as technical advisor on the film. Elaborate promotion plans include the participation of Treasury Department officers, banks and siinilar groups throughout the country. Potentials in Tom and Jerry In the cartoon field, MGM's Tom and produced by Fred Quimby, Jerry (cartoons, will continue to serve as a springboard for the increasing licensing activities of MGM's cartoon novelties division. This department licenses manufacturers to produce a wide variety of products utilizing the names and likenesses of Tom and Jerry and other MGM cartoon characters. (AirrenlL being manufactured under such licensing agreements are a large variety of items including toys, gaines, children's clothing, hooks, records, etc. Many of these items are being used as prizes for Saturday morning cartoon shows for children. This year, for the first time in ciglil years. MGM has scheduled a new series of Nostradamus shorts to be produced by Carey Wilson. First of these will be "Nostradamus Says So," scheduled for December release. Current interest in the Nostradamus prophecies — many of which foresaw some ol llie great events of our day provide this series with an excellent exploilalion peg tthieli will be utilized lo launch one copy of a 17th century printing of all the 1.000 quaint and curious verses which Nostradamus employed to make official record of his predictions. But authenticity doesn't make a movie enjoyable or exciting. It merely adds a secondary interest. I think you'll find "Nostradamus Says So" more exciting than any previous JNostradamus short. It contains fewer prophecies about things that have by now already happened. It contains many more prophecies than ever before of things yet to come. And. if I may somewhat vainly say so, it contains a brief reference to a iouple (if the prophet's predictions previously made from I he screen and which at that lime hadn't happened but which since then haie. It talks about the atom bomb. It tells you what Nostradamus foresaw in the atom bomb as a weapon and in some other uses of the atomic fission principle: it talks about the world today, politically and militarily: it tells you what Nostradamus wrote down, in 1555, about many things of today which it is hard to believe could have been merely guessed. While '"Nostradamus Says .So" partakes of the same general screen-pattern of past suggestions, it is perhaps a little different and, I hope, better in its exposition. I'd be most happy to hear your comments and criticisms. ! also should be interested in knowing whether it is desirable to show more of his personal life, private and prophetic—or shall I concentrate on the things about which he prophesied? this series. The Nostradamus series was announced with an unusual letter purporting to have been written by the French seer himself, worded in the quatrain style developed by Nostradamus to note his prophecies. Still Time for Contest There is still time to get entries into the American Weekly Showmanshi]) Award, consisting of six cash prizes totaling SLOOO, which will be awarded by the Sunday supplement to exhibitors who perform the best job of retail cooperative tie-in advertising in connection with the showing of "The Snows of Kilimanjaro." Top winner get .S5(X); SlOO apiece goes to the next five places. Prizes will be determined on the basis of originality and execution with all theatres judged equally. Winners will be announced shortly after closing date. January 1. Metro's 52-53 Lineup Includes 46 Pictures MCi.M will release K) shorts during the 10.52-5.') season. They include: 10 Technicolor cartoons, featuring the Tom and Jerry Academy Award winners; six Gold Medal reprint cartoons in Techtiicolor; ten Pi'te Smith .Specialties, eight Filzpatrick Traveltalks, in Technicoloi, and four Carey W ilson-produced Nostradamus Prophecies. There will also be two two-reel specials and the regular 104 issues of News of the Day. PROMOTION SECTION I

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