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j Exploitation Values

j Exploitation Values Pack Warner List; 2-Reel Adventure Films National Magazine Breaks to 'Thar She Blows'; Schedule Lists 86 Subjects Exploitation values are packed iiilu the subject matter of practically ever) short subject on Warner Bros." 1952-53 chart, which consists of 86 separate shorts in eight classifications. Leading the list in qualit) and in publicitv possibilities is " "Thar She Blows, an account of a five-month South Pole whaling expedition, with 12 "killer"' ships and a "factory" ship, which has already received good national breaks in magazines like Life, Time and Argosy, with at least half a dozen others coming up. These breaks can be collected and mounted as an effective lobby or front display, and the quotes can be used for marquee selling as well. Along with " 'Thar She Blows" are seven other two-reel specials in Technicolor. "Killers of the Swamp" is another thriller, featuring famed hunter Ross Allen: "L nder the Little Big Top" features youngsters from 6 to 16, all sons and daughters of famous circus performers; "Tahiti Passage" has romance, action, beautiful girls and color, and "Cruise of the Zaca" stars Errol Flynn for name value and is an account of some of Flynn's adventures aboard his yacht. Press material is available on all of these specials, and s])erial material on some. Local exchanges will have the full availabilities. Good promotion possibilities are always inherent in sports shorts, and the current Lead Off Ross Allen, featured in the Technicolor tworeeler, "Killers of the Swamp," holds aloft a cub swamp lion whose parents were shot in an organized hunt. crop has some outstanding releases, all in Technicolor. Among them are "L nfaniiliar Sports."' which was filmed all over the world to get together the favorite sports of numerous nations and sects. "Sporting Courage" is one which can be handled for extra returns; it features 11 World War II amputees, who were ski stars before the war and are still stars with just one leg. Sports editors and human interest newspaper uTiters should go for this, especially if the 90% of Patrons Want a Newsreel^ a Survey Indicates by NORMAN H. MORAY Warner Bros. Shorts Subjects Gerterol Sales Manager rill- slidil r.Lil]JL-ct 1!, liACK and in spades. .Sniarl cxhibiliir^ arc afjain properly balancinf; their sliows. Tbey realize ihat a continuiiiis (lift of nolliing but roast beef (featuns I is not pood. It is the triTniiiinps Isborts) that makes I 111- |)i-rfcit ini-al (show). Today finds a pood short snbiict in t'rcat demand. Sin^li* bill accounts are again buil(lin); fine, well-chosen ac- I onipanying shorts so that the cusloiner comes ont saying, "Cri; thai was a swell show." Kven the ilcjuble fi-alure );entb'nicn arc lixtkin^ for an added attraction in the way ot a (calnre-namc short. A Hooil short many times will save a "nervous A" and a "weak H" double bill. .Several re

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