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i^;ri^;.i;.:;^•-:iA•^^;iv?s= ..>-;-' -. --; - '" --':•'• v., ^i- •«:j-.v; ;•„:••-=- MAGAZINES MGM's "Plymouth Adventure" gets topi billing—a full page and five pictures— in "McCall's Goes to the Movies." Also recommended, via the regular monthly movie guide, are "The Lusty Men," "The Four-i, Poster" and Martin and Lewis' "Thd Stooge." "Hans Christian Andersen" adds to its| media laurels via American magazine which hails it as one of the best in its DeJ cember number. Others recommended in-l elude "Stars and Stripes Forever," "Mil-j lion Dollar Mermaid." "Road to Bali" an*' "Against All Flags." m^ Mi lit m m PARAMOUNT PICTURE'S COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA A HAL WALLIS PRODUCTION ATTENTION EXHIBITORS! For beautiful, eyecatching One-Sheets spotlighting the Parents' Magazine Award-Winning Picture-"COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA" - and designed to promote peak patronage at you7- theatre, write today to Phil Willcox Director of Motion Picture Relations Parents' Magazine 52 Vanderbilt Ave. New York 17 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and Ala Ladd have taken top honors in Moder Screen's Tenth Annual Popularity Awardsl Ladd received the all-time ten-year popui larity champion award on the basis of consistent high rating in the vote of magazine's readers for over a rlecade. Parents' Magazine reports increasing hibitor requests for the magazine's specii one-sheets, which it offers free of its Meda Award films. "The Prisoner of Zenda" ii| the publication's Family Movie-of-the Month for November; "Stars and Stripe Forever" gets the Family Movie nod foil December, and "Androcles and the Lion" im sporting the current Medal of Special Meritf February issue of Parents' has a featur front-of-the-book article on Ricardo Mon talban, called "This I Have hearned as Son and a Father." Paramount Producer Hal Wallis has beei| honored with a Special Merit Award Med for his "Come Back, Little Sheba.'* Re view is in January issue. Seventeen's picture of the month for cember is "Hans Christian Andersen.) Other films reviewed include "Limelight,^ "The Snows of Kilimanjaro," "The Pr moter" and "The Magic Box." The mag zine's interview feature is with Aldo Ray called "Kid, Youre Terrific!" has been awarded PARENTS' MAGAZINE'S SPECIAL MEDAL OF MERIT PARENTS' MAGAZINE 52 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York 17 Chicago • Atlanta • Boston • Los Angeles • San Francisco I i The big circulation national weeklietl including Life, Look, Collier's. Time an' Newsweek and the Sunda\ supplements, getting the play in RKOs national cai paign for "Blacki)eard, the Pirate." Added coverage is being provided vi grammar and high school students—th .Scholastic magazines group and Boys' Lifl being among these. The schedule began the first week in N( vondier and runs on a staggered schedul to the first of the year. Campaign include full pages in color and half and two-thir pages in black and white and color. Chif Sunday sup|ilcnieiit being used is America WeeUy. 22 PROMOTION SECTIO-

NATIONAL PRE-SELLING GUIDE A report on n«w films for which nofionol preiBllinj \ft I "y» '«»^ ^"""^ i^fci M^kkkiiv^i >i\/ll^b compoigns have been developed. Listed with eoch picturt '"^' ''^''"^ l'K(;i.\L: "A Day Willi ihr KHI." iworcplrr in Irrhnirolor, rr- Ira-trd late last wawm anil -ilill liiuikinK 'or 1'>.'>2S3. I'KfiMoTiON Tips: Sames of Louis DeHochrmonl. Hradrr's Digest, huie good marquee value. Available for me is a rommendatory teller jrorn J. Edgar Hooter, till chief. Speiittl VixlA) lobhy display from \alional Screen has been used ellectivtiy in numerous instances. Contact nearb\ FHI offices, use mailings to police departmenli. I'I'A CARTOONS: Twelve in Technicolor. hVatiiring the Gerald McBoing lining sequel, "Gerald's .Sympliony," "Madrlinr," lia«ed on liemelman'ii cliiMrrn's book classic, and six \lr. Mucoo. Pkomotion Tips: McBoing floing .Academy Auard will aid in newspaper and theatre advertising lor the sequel, tvhich is getting good national publicity breaks nou-. There is a new comic book and a hard cover book for local merchant tie-ins: check United Productions 11/ Ameirca. 670 Filth Ave., Meic York City, for book publi.thers ii'id lie-in information. Simon and Schuster. Slew York City, are iniblishers of "Madeline" : their field staff is extensive and has uorked closely with theatres in lie-in campaigns, and will also work with book stores, newsstands, ('heck publisher for name nl nearest representative to aid tie-ins. 1 HKEE STOOGES COMEDIES: Eight two-reelers. ALLSTAR COMEDIES: Six iwo-reelers, with favorites Andy Clyde. Wally Vernon and Eddie Quillan among others. \M.V1AL C.WALCADE: New series of eight one-reelers. «ith narration liy radio-TV comedy star Morey Amsterdam. WORLD OF SPORTS: Twe!v.- one-reelers, narration l>y Bill Stern. CANDID. MICROSCOPE: Standby, in fifth year. Six onereolers. starring Allen FunI, Series has gnnd niarquee value. SCREFJV SNAPSHOTS: Now in its ,32nd year as the oldest series of shorts going, has 12 one-reeiers headed by "Hollywood Fun Festival," with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Promotion Tips: Use newspaper ad tine and lobby and front with the Martin-Lewis names, which will dratc. One-sheet, ad mat, 40x60 and stills available National Screen on this one. ASSORTED AND COMEDY FAVORITES: Twelve two-reelers, reprints, featuring Hugh Herbert. \ era Vague, Busier Keaton. I*on Errol. Tom Kennedy, L'na .Merkel and Billy Gilbert. COLOR F.WORITES: Fifteen one-reel Technicolor cartoons, reprints, iii'luding the old hit, "The Fox and the Crow." THRILI^ OF MUSIC: Eight reprints, featuring popular bandsmen Jerry Viald. Ray McKinley and Ray Anthony. TOPN'OTCH SERIES: Eight one-reelers on various topics. SERIAI.."s: "Son of Geronimo" now being booked: "The Secret Code" stars Paul Kelly in a rerelease: "Planet Men" is science-fiction in tradition of "Superman": "Captain Video" presents same science-fiction slant. iviih TV and radio tie-ins available locally; "Tlie Great .Vdventures of Captain Kidd" is a swashbuckler now in production. TECHNICOLOR (:\RT(M).NS: .Si,|rrn, ineluding prize »innin( Tom nd Jerry. • Tie-in Tim: Licensed Tom and Jerry produris via MCM C.aitix.' \ovellies division, do Max Weinhf 1 ' t New York City. Now licensing i tribution. Tom and Jerry records a ,,...,,,., ,„. for theatre giveaway and prizes, merchant lie-ins. Alto piriure, pair.' and story books, soft goods items like scarves and sockt. (iOI.D MEDAL CARTOONS: Six rrprinl., in Technicolor. Fir/I'ATRICK TRAVEL TALKS: Fjght. in Terhnicolor. Promotion Tips: These are oldest and best known of travel short Fitzpatrick name has some value. Use the accessories. NEWS OF THE D.\Y: One hundred, four isnuea, twice weekly, an ueinK .hot, not yet titled. Oirrl brinrh managers. PARAMOUNT MUSICAL PARADE FEATURETTES: In color, six iwo-reelen.. Com pany reports increasing success with these subjects, especially in drive-ins. GRANTI \ND RIfE SPORTI IGHTS; Twelve one-reelers. bUrk and white. Promotion Tips: As the best-known of the sportsreels. these hai< some marquee values with the Grantland Rice name. Tie-ins al\' possible local newspapers which carry the daily Rice column. POPEYE CARTOONS: Eight, in color. Continuation of the popular character. Promotion Tips: Tie in to newspaper carrying the daily and Sundae strip, for newspaper promotion stories in return for lobby or fron credits. POPEYE CHAMPIONS: Four, in color. Reissues of the best of the past ones. C.-\.SPER C.\RTOONS: .Six, in color. This character. comp.iraii\>-l\ n