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NATIONAL PRE-SELLING GUIDE ttule which should be sold hard on that angle and on the timeliness oj the topic. On each oj these, as uith others of this kind in the fmst, exhibitors will find that advertising them pays off. RKOPATHE TWO-REEL SPECIALS: Tliirleeii highly exploitable. subjects, most of them Promotion Tips: Two currently in release are "I Am a Paratrooper" and "Professor, FBI," which are timely and can he sold on the topical appeal as well as the subject matter. Past or present paratroopers ran get good local newspaper publicity, if tied in to the opening with some hoopla: local FBI offices will cooperate for newspaper, radio and TV publicity. LEON EKROL COMEDY RERELEASES: Six in all. two-reelers. The Errnl name still has comedy value for programming. I:I)(;AR Kennedy RERELEASES: six in all. two-reelers. Same selling appeal here as with the Leon Errol subjects. GIL LAMB COMEDIES: Four, all new, with stills and accessories now available because of Lamb's growing popularity. NEWLYWEDS COMEDIES: Two, both new, with stills and accessories now available. MU.SICAL RERELE-\SES: With top names: Phil Harris and Jack Carson in "Harris in the Spring" and Louis Prima and Lucille Ball in '"Swing It." Name values can be used as selling material for these. BLACK AND WHITE SPECIALS: The two annual, very popular sports subjects: "Football Highlights" and "Basketball Highlights." Promotion Tips: The sports pages will make note of your playdate if you contact them, giva them some idea of what is contained in this season's coverage of the ttvo sports. WALT DISNEY-MICKEY MOUSE 25TH ANNIVERSARY: "Super"- special, 45-minute compilation of the best of Mickey Mouse. Promotion and Programming Tips: As a feature, the show is especially strong for kiddy matinees, .is a second or supplementary feature, it should draw added patronage and dispense with need for other shorts on the progrtm, except newsreels. The name draw is, of course, tops: stress the anniversary theme in ads and accessories, which will be available via National Screen in quantity and variety. WALT DISNEY TECHNICOLOR rcelrrs in Technicolor, with Donald, CARTOONS: Series of 18 single- Mickey. Goofy, Pluto et al. TiiviN Tips: The Disney short ad line tvill pull. Licensed character merchandise offers tie-ins with local merchants via co-op ads, continuing displays, giveaivays of comic and coloring books, novelties. Also excellent for theatre sale of products which ivill not tax theatre s physical limitations. Contact: Disney character merchandising division, 1270 Sixth .Ave., New York City. SPtjRTSCOPES: One-reel black and white, 13 in series covering variety of sports subjects and personalities. SCREENLINERS: One-reel black and white variety subjects; swiftmoving coverage of interesting people and things. Excellent one just released is "Johnny Gets His Route," story of a newsboy, which will get sympathetic coverage from local newspapers, as well as newsboy contests. REPUBLIC THIS WORLD OF OURS: .Series of 18 travel shorts minijli's each. Trucolor, Promotion Tips: Tie-in with TWA can aid local exploitation; the air line has special disjilay material on the countries covered and will use in windows if contacted. Hill also provide mailing lists. nine SERIALS: Now in general release: "Dick Tracy vs. Phantom Empire"; for rilitase in January: "Robin Hood of Darkest Africa." I'iKJMOTlON Tips: Cood accessories available on both: circus herald, mat form, direct from Republic; silk, colored vcdance available National Flag, 43 2\st St.. New York City.; posters and one and three-sheets, from National Screen. 20th Century-Fox lECHNICOLOR ART FILMS: .Series of seven, each depicting the masterworks of the w

' NATIONAL PRE-SELLING GUIDE WARNER BROS IWti Kill. llt.llMi III (Hi >I'K(.I\I.>: Liglil. imluilinii a number oi lii);lily iv\|>lollul>lr xuhjcils. All iir« tlii» >r«r. I'ltoMiiTioN Tips: " 'Thar She Hli>ii\" alreuily hat hail national miigazine hrtaks in Life. Time ami Aiitow, experts at least hall-niliizen others bejare end ol the )ear. Hreaks ran he put together for gouil lobby and front display Uherh U arner home i>//i ol romir /• Contact: h.duard Seltzer, tamer Bros. Stw' for list of lirensees, products, and slorts in local ulualiont handling the merchandise. MTAI'HONK NOV Kl.TIES: .Se»en. blaik and •.bile. m