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NATIONAL PRE-SELLING GUIDE ROAD TO BALI Paramount Rel. Date Jan., '53 Adams, and is supplemented by window cards for icensed bakers of Circulation Company office. .issociation at your state capitol. ihc bread. .MED.\NA WATCH: Bob Hope endorsement, with generous-size picture TiE-iN Tips: This is long-standing tieup on which ads and display credits, of inexpensive watch line, full page Life ad. material can be sniped with theatre and playdate credits. For aid, information, contact C. B. McDaniel, National Bakers Service, 100 TiE-lN" Tips: Product at jewelers and jewelry departments nationally. If est Monroe St.. Chicago. III. NOTE: Even ij too late for your Life ad reproduced for store displays. Contact jewelers for ads possibilities playdate. make the contact with local licensed baker, anyhow, for and giveaivays of watches icherever theatre comes up with another picture using another star later on. good promotion. OUTPOST IN MALAYA UA Rel. Date Dec, 52 STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER 20th Fox Rel. Date Jan., '53 LOOK MAGAZINE: 8x10 still, good for blowup as 40x60 lobby or front display, based on magazine's coverage of Malayan civil warfare. From MUSIC PROMOTIONS: Exhibitors should make special note that there is a wealth of music material and tie-ins of every kind with which to National Screen. work on this picture, that the porducer is placing special emphasis on NATURAL RUBBER BUREAU: Represents rubber growers of Malaya, the band music angle because the film is story of march king John »i!l cooperate by sending booklets and display material for dissemination Phillip Sousa. Other tie-ins. such as various Sousa societies, are the in schools, organizations. natural supplements to the music ties. For all material, information, contact music department, 20th Century-Fox, 444 West 56th St., New- TiE-i.N Tips: Material obtainable by writing Natural Rubber Bureau. York City. The complete list: 1631 K St., N.ll ., Washington, D. C. LOCAL TIEUP STILLS: Shoes, dresses, Claudette Colbert; menswear, RECORD ALBUMS AND THEATRE, MERCHANT TIE-INS: Anthony Steel; hairdo, hosiery, sweaters, Maria Baillie. Stills at NSS. MGM SOUNDTRACK ALBUM: Taken directly from the soundtrack, with every number included. Material available to exhibitors includes SI'ORY IN PICTURES: Mat form, art only, four stills. Good as Sunday feature, with caption by the newspaper. From National Screen. backed dummy album covers. window streamers, publicity folders, hangers, local dealer ad mats, easel- PLYMOUTH ADVENTURE MGM TiE-iN Tips: Promotion of the album supported trade ads, publicity Rel. Date Dec, '52 to magazines, newspapers, radio and Tl : special Scotch tape stickers lor MGM salesmen: special dealer display racks for MGM soundtrack LADIES' ANGORA HATS: Modeled by Dawn Addams and sold nationally through department and specialty stores. nationally: full-page ads in consumer song publications: albums albums only; albums and single records to a list of disk jockeys for playing the music in lobbies. In addition to windows, get dealers TiE-iN Tips: Ad mats to retailers, hang tags on all four different to use the ad mats. Work also with local MGM distributors. styles of hats. For special help or information on stores and store tie-ups, contact Hess and Turner. 55 II". 39//i St., New York City. MGM SOUNDTRACK ALBUM EXHIBITOR-DEALER CASH PRIZE CONTEST: Offering $350 in cash prizes, split equally between exhibitors and dealers who collaborate on the best window display of the LADIES' BAGS AND BELTS: On the Plymouth-Puritan theme, distributed nationally via 3,000 of the finer stores. album. See Tie-In Contests for details. TiE-iN Tips: .4d mats and glossy prints to retailers. For additional OTHER -ALBUMS: Seven in all, include: four from Decca, two in all information or aid, contact manufacturer. Roger Van S, 11 H- . 32nd speeds by the Decca Band and the American Legion Band of Hollywood, St., New York City. Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians, and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Two from RCA Victor, Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra, QUALITY BAKERS OF A.MERICA: Using Dawn Addams in largesize newspaper ads, end labels on bread loaves. and the Cities Service Band of .America conducted by Paul Lavalle. One from Columbia, the Edwin Franko Goldman Band. Tie-in Tips: Bakers will continue to show same good cooperation SINGLE RECORDINGS: Minimum of ten new ones, countless older ones, on theatre and playdate credits in ads, displays. For name of baker all labels, all artists. your territory, contact QBA, 120 IF. iZnd St., New York City. SHEET MUSIC: With movie covers, complete credits, on the title song ILLU.STRATED STUDY GUIDE: Prepared by Audio-Visual Guide, for only. Also folio collected Sousa marches. Use in schools, 10 cents per copy small lots. 5 cents in large lots. Tie-in Tips: Covers in full cover are display assets for theatre, music LOCAL TIE-UP STILLS: Supermarket photo set. Dawn Addams shopping; milk, perfumes, Rolliflex camera. Dawn Addams; jewelry, scarves, dealers. For prices, information, contact Theodore Presser Co., Bryn Mawr, Pa. millinery. Gene Tierney; total of 23 different local merchant tie-in stills, available National Screen. U.S. MARINE CORPS: Has officially endorsed film, will work with theatres in promoting film via newspapers, schools and radio stations PER-MA BOOKS: Pocket-size ediiiun of bestseller novel of same name. locally. Also co-sponsoring with Fox a national contest for high school No special edition. Tie-ups must be made on basis of exhibitors supplying stills, accessories for displays in stores. and college bands (see Tie-in Contests). TEASER AMERICAN LEGION: Has also endorsed the film, and will work with TRAILERS: Three, in Technicolor, selling action and cast. theatres via local posts. Order from .MG.M exchange. Tie-in Tips: Most American Legion posts have their own bands, SPECIAL ACCES.SORiES: Plymouth -Puritan cutout hats for children, and are in touch with leading community rnusicians. They will mat form; full-size co-op newspaper mat for merchant tie-ins; newspaper or ihiowaway jigsaw puzzle cutout; blotter mat; bookmark mat; jurnish bands to hypo openings, for front-of-theatre music on opening nights, and street parades in advance of playdate. If possible, three color in mats; order from National Screen. Billowy ship's sail; screen the film for Legion officials and local Marine Corps headquarters. ushers' badges; printed valance; triple valance; auto bumper strips; set of six lobby door panels; order from National Screen. TR.WEL .\(iENCIES: Definite tie-ins for window SOUSA BAND FRATERNAL SOCIETY: National organization has displays via U.S. endorsed film. Lines and British Overseas Airways, both of whom have sent special material to travel firms, former using stills contrasting the .Mayflower TiE-lN Tips: Society has chapters in all key cities, hundreds of and the new .S.S. Uniled .States, and the latter using stills of its oversmaller ones. Members are influential musicians in local communities, will help arrange concerts in front of theatres on opening night, -las flight called the "Plymouth." street parades. For aid, additional information on chapter addres.ies RIDE THE MAN DOWN and whom to contact locally, check If m. C. Gens, 70 East 96 St.. Republic Current Release New York City. li\.M.\\l BOOKS: I'iKkcl ^izcil .•diliun of llie Saturday Evening Post .STATE MUSIC EDUCATORS ASSOCIATIONS: In cv,ry stale, have story is backed by u point-of-sale poslcr, field men in all situations who endorsed film, will work on local level to encourage school band p:irticipation blanket the munlrv and have had large ixperience in working with in the band contest, get classroom bulletins out supporting play- llicatreB, dales. TiE-IN 'Ill's; For any promotion with liantani, contact nearest Curtis Tie-in Tips: For aid. information, contact Stale Music Education 2b PROMOTION SECTION. •

«leli»,; 1 n& 'fe, aitivl i'll'Sl,!!!,! ffiS: n sow liloisiitltkl li Ms, 'speilictm tt jtcfc, Hi; t/imij 1 set Wci ilors. CISH PK .sltlon registered t»y more than 50 |)er.%ons who crowded Into their meeting room In the Hickory township fire hall Intent on blocking the measure. Members of the board ruefully admitted later the action was unconditional and they indicated no new attempt would be made to revive it at this time. They added that they knew of no substitute mea.sure which would be offered in place of the Ill-fated amusement tax. and said, "We'll Just have to get along on what we have." Opposition to the proposed amusement tax was lead by Chris Lampros. owner of the Hickory Drive-In; lATSE Local 101. and owners of two golf courses and a recreation enterprise. They u.sed newspapers, contacted patrons and appeared In strength at the meeting of the township supervisors. They reiterated the biggest objection to the tax was Its di.scriminatory nature. More than a score of property owners told the board members that they did not want an amusement tax. Questioning the needs for funds, the property owners told them they would rather see a per capita tax levied against all residents rather than imposition of the burden on the enterprises alone. Following the scrapping of the proposed tax, the businessmen published an open letter in newspapers to thank residents of the township for the wonderful support during the controvery and to congratulate the township supervisors for not adopting the proposed local amusement tax. Brownsille, Pa., Rescin(ds 10 Per Cent Ticket Tax BROWNSVILLE, PA. — Council members rescinded this city's amusement tax last week after theatre owners threatened to close their houses in February. Appearing before the Brownsville council were owners, projectionists and other business representatives. Officials of the Fayette Amusement Co., operator of the Brownsville theatres, said the theatre would have to be clo.sed and employes laid off unless they were relieved of the 10 per cent amusement levy. They had staged an active campaign all year to have the tax removed. About two months ago Brownsville entered a suit to collect amu.sement taxes from the Fayette Amu.sement Co's Plaza, estimating that from April to the end of September the theatre owed the political subdivision $2,912.11. The exhibitors said that the two other local theatres had been closed for a number of months, mostly as a result of the local 10 per cent amusement tax and the federal tax of 20 per cent. Tax Removal Plea Is Made By Washington Showmen WASHINGTON, PA.—More than a week ago city council readjusted its 1953 budget ordinance and cut anticipated revenue from the city's 10 per cent amusement tax in half. from 130000 to I15XXI0„ ThU wan not factory to William Ba«le. owner of the Baale Theatre here, and he returned to ciijr father* with an urxent plea for relief. With reprewntatlven of Warner-i" SUte and WaAhln«- U)n Theatre^ and the Halllday BowUxiu Center. Ba.^le pleaded that the amuM-mrnt lax. which ha.^ been In effect here for the paat five years, be rciclndcd for at least next year. He .said that theatrci had to have complete relief from the tax In order to remain In baslness. "We have our back.i to the wail and need complete relief from the Lax at next year. If our bu.slnes.s plcts up. and we anticipate this theatre slump will end M)on. well be glad to pay the tax again. But aa long ai Ls as bad as It Is. we have to have more help from you. " Ba-sle told Washington councllmcn. A spokesman for projectlonlsti said that union members realized the slump in the motion picture busln&v; and had not requested any pay increase for the last four years from management. Washington council Is reconsidering the matter at budget sessions. MEADVILLE. PA— Amu.sement admission taxes are In the MeadvlUe city budget for $26,000 next year, the same amount which was figured to be collected in 1952. City council's ordinance which renews the amusement tax for another year, will be presented on third and final reading December 30. according to G. Stanley Maxwell, city clerk. TORONTO. OHIO—The two theatres In thu Jefferson county city of 7.500 closed for good this week. Manos Enterprises directors said that a city admission tax has made both theatres unprofitable. BUTLER. PA—The township of Penn. Butler county, has enacted a 5 per cent admi.ssion tax. effective on January 1. The levy is not all-inclusive, according to W. J. Mowry, president of the board of supervisors of Penn township. UNIONTOWN. PA.—The city of Unlontown is renewing its amusement tax for the coming year. Adoption of the budget is scheduled for December 29. The amusement tax brought in $43,865.61 In 1951 and dropped to $37^7637 this year, ending December 1. MONONGAHELA. PA—City council will drop its 4 per cent amusement tax and Increase Its per capita tax from $3 to $4 per year. The real estate tax of 14 mills will not change. NEW CASTLE. PA. — The toftTishlp of Union board of supervisors is enacting a 10 per cent amusement tax. estimating that it wUl yield $5,000 to 1953. School dLstrict of Union township for the fiscal year ending June 30 collected $6,602.91 in amusement taxes. McKEESPORT. PA.—City councU is renewing its amusement tax for 1953. Final passage of the new budget is scheduled for Decemljer 31. ^^^^,,cm\oxomcz December 20, 1952 N 43