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• 'Andersen and

• 'Andersen and 'Mermaid' Hold Up Big As Other Bway Films Feel Slump NEW YORK—Two Tech«icolor musicals, ••Hans Christian Andersen" and "Million Dollar Mermaid," both holdovers, continued to do smash business while three new color films, "Stop, You're Killing Me," "Hangman's Knot" and "The Raiders," had just average opening weeks during the pre-Christmas slump when, except for weekends, patrons are more intent on Christmas shopping than filmgoing. ••Andersen," which is in its third week at both the Criterion on Broadway and the Paris on the east side, was very little below the first and second weeks while •Million Dollar Mermaid," coupled with the Radio City Music Hall's annual '•Nativity" stage pageant, was above the strong opening week. "Forbidden Games," highly-praised French film, gave the Little Carnegie Theatre its best gross since '•Ra.sho-Mon," which opened the new theatre during last Christmas week. The other pictures which held up well were all art house films. "The Pi-omoter," in its seventh big week at the Fine Arts, "Limelight," in its seventh week at the Trans- Lux 60th Street, and '•Under the Red Sea," in its fourth week at the Beekman. •'The White Line" did so well at the Cinema Verdi that it also opened a run at the Baronet Theatre December 11. Only three new films, •'Pony Soldier," ••Torpedo Alley" and another Italian film, ••Two Cents Worth of Hope," opened during the week but at least eight new pictures will open in the few days before Christmas. (Average Is 100) Astor— Limelight (UA), 8th wk., continuous 1]0 Boronet—The White Line (Lux) U Beekmon—Under the Red Sea (RKO), 4th wk... 110 Broadway This Is Cineroma (Cinerama), llthwk. reserved seats . ] ^f Capitol—Because of You (U-l), 2nd wk 9^ •. • Cinema Verdi—The White Line (Lux), 2nd wk 110 . Criterion Hans Christion Andersen (RKO), 3rd '^'^ y,k Fine Arts—The Promoter (U-l), 7th wk \v'^° 55th Street Life Begins Tomorrow (M-K), 4th Globe—konsos City Coiifidentioi (UA), 3rd wk 110 Guild Leonordo da Vinci (Picture), 4th wK 05 Little Carnegie Forbidden Games (Times) 140 Loew's State Hangman's Knot (Col) HO Mayfoir-The Thief of Venice (20th-Fox), 3rd wk. 95 Normandie To Have and Hove Not (WB), revival 95 Poloce The Raiders (U-l), plus vaudeville .... 1 05 Paramount Stop, You're Killing Me (WB), plus stage show ]l^ Pans Hans Christian Andersen (RKO), 3rd wk...t50 Radio City Music Holl Million Dollor Mermaid (MGM), plus Christmas stage show, 2nd wk...l45 Rivoli The Snows of Kilimanjaro (20th-Fox), 13th wk 100 Roxy—Closed until December 22 Sutton—The Four Poster (Col), 9th wk 100 Trons-Lux 52nd Street — O. Henry's Full House... (20th-Fox), 9th wk 100 Trons-Lux 60th Street Limelight (UA), 8th wk...llO Victoria Breaking the Sound Barrier (UA), 6th y„k 1 05 World—Streets of Sorrow (Union), 4th wk 90 Winter's Worst Storm Slaps At Grosses in Buiialo BUFFALO—The worst storm of the winter hit Buffalo over the weekend and anyone who was at home stayed there. The Para- mount did fair with "Cattle Town" and the century got a little business with "Tarzan's Savage Fury." The Lafayette was off with "Horizons West." Buffalo—The Prisoner of Zenda (MGM), 4 days, ^^ Center— Battle 'Zone' (AA),' 5 'days, 2nd wk 75 Cinema—The Quiet Man (ReP). 2"^ wk 80 Century—Torian's Savoge Fury (RKO) »= Lafayett

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