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Sousa, Clifton Webb Are

Sousa, Clifton Webb Are Honored At Elaborate Lambs Club Party BROADWAY Tames E. Perkins, managing director of allJ Paramount offices in Great Britain and] northern Ireland, arrived on the Queen Mary { December 13 for a three-week visit to confer' . . . with home office executives. Rita Hayworth 1 was also aboard H. B. Allinsmith. formerly managing director of Westrex Corp., subsidiary. Western Electric Co., Ltd., wh has been in charge of the company's activi-.< ties in Great Britain and Ireland for the(| past three years, is back in the U.S. . . . W11-. liam F. Rodgers, MGM vice-president, le for a Florida vacation December 14 . Albert Lewin, MGM producer who will makeil "Saadia," planed to London to complete cast-f ing before heading for French Morocco, when the picture will be filmed. Seen at the Lambs' club party, left to right: AI Lichtman, Clifton Webb, Ralph Bellamy and Robert Weitman. NEW YORK—More than 100 men prominent In the entertainment world, business and the armed forces gathered at the Lambs' club Sunday (14) to honor John Philip Sousa, one of the founders of the organization, with Clifton Webb as guest of honor. Webb portrays Sousa in the 20th Century-Fox picture, "Stars and Stripes Forever." A plaque dedicated to the famous band leader was unveiled in the club library. One of Sousa's batons was given to Webb All-Sousa Band Program Set for Roxy Opening NEW YORK—The U.S. Marine band will present an all-John Philip Sousa concert Monday (22) on the stage of the Roxy Theatre in ceremonies attending the reopening of the theatre.. Its entrance will be telecast nationally by the American Broadcasting Co. The feature picture will be "Stars and Stripes Forever," 20th-Fox. Work was scheduled to be completed at the weekend on enlargement of the Roxy stage to accommodate an ice show. About 5,000 feet of neon tubing in four colors was being installed under the ice surface, besides 3,000 feet of ultra-violet tubing to provide special effects. National Theatres, which now controls the also was improving the marquee. The neon tubing will cost about $38 000 and all lighting innovations about $45,000. The first "Ice-Colorama" show has been titled "Crystal Circus." and a citation was awarded to 20th-Fox by the U.S. marine corps, represented by Brig. Gen. V. J. McCaul, director of public information. Others present included Winthrop Rockefeller, District Attorney Frank Hogan, Commissioner Walter Shirley. Fire Commissioner Jacob Grumet, Vinton Freedley, Conrad Nagel, Rube Goldberg, Bobby Clarke, Ralph Bellamy, Jack Pearl and William Gaxton, shepherd of the Lambs. SYRACUSE f^elebrities invaded Syracuse last week causing quite a ripple of excitement for news people and TV and radio critics. Thursday, Manager Sam Oilman staged a cocktail party on the mezzanine floor of Loew's State close by the goldfish fountain, refurbished with beach sand, where pretty Julie Dorsey, daughter of the bandleader Jimmy, displayed some eye-filling bathing suits she wears in the film, "Million Dollar Mermaid." Then, with Harry Unterfort and his Hollywood U-I promoter doing the honors for the "John Brown's Body" staff and Tyrone Power, there was a Friday preview of Power's film, "T!ie Mississippi Gambler," at the Strand before a luncheon at the Hotel Syracuse. Power answered questions about Raymond Massey, Miss Judith Anderson and himself. It was Power's first look at the film and he in turn invited criticism. Jean Renoir, director of "The GoldenJ Coach," Anna Magnani's first English-speak-i ing picture, made in Rome in Technicolor,! flew in from Paris via Pan American Airwaysfl and left for Hollywood December 17 to negotiate an American release. He spoke Decemh 15 at the Cinema 16 showing at Central! Needle Trades auditorium . . . Kay Walsll,« British actress who made "Young Bess" forjj MGM in Hollywood, planed back to London December 13 . . . Jose Ferrer, flew in fron Europe December 15 for a short stay in Ne York before going to Hollywood to attes the Academy award pre-release opening his "Moulin Rouge" in Los Angeles December 23. John Huston, director of the pictured and Colette Marchand, Parisian ballet starJ who makes her screen debut opposite Ferrer^ planed in from Europe December 1 and also attend the Hollywood showing. Richard Condon, RKO director of advertis-j ing, publicity and exploitation, returned De-| cember 17 from Washington, where he dis-|, cussed plans for the opening of "Never Wave at a WAC" with army officials . . . David Golding, director of advertising and publicit; for Samuel Goldwyn, got back from Florida where he set the opening of "Hans Christian Andersen" for Christmas day in Mia Beach and left for Hollywood for meetir with Goldwyn on the west coast opening atj the Beverly Theatre December 26. WANTED: Manager and buyer, also need a projectionist. New Drive-in to open soon. Good salary and bonus. Write regarding salary and experience. Held confidential. Sunshine Construction Co. *i*mumum Key West, Florida All 8 Majors Will Close For Long Xmas Weekend NEW YORK— All eight major companies, MGM, Columbia. Paramount, RKO. 20th-Fox, U-I. UA and Warner Bros., will be closed for a long Christmas holiday weekend, starting Wednesday evening, December 24, until Monday, December 29. RKO Theatres and Theatre Owners of Ajnerica also will be closed for the long holiday weekend and several other companies and organizations are expected to follow suit. To date, only MGM and 20th-Fox have .scheduled closing for the long New Year's wiekend, starting December 31 and continuing to January 4. BOXOFFICE

' i . . Moe . . Oscar . . Ike . . MGM . . Mike •Mtt; tuber "Ike h ~ z-^ IE*-:-... inTect. Bericani-;, SI-' back tote I er, (let i : lortstayi: food to v. Angeles to )r o! ttie p. m ball!! 3 oppite Ff fflberlait; ectorolate on, retuniio B, wliere h- lof'NevK" ! Color!* liii'tii'"'-'! Free Show for Tent 13 In H.S.Jacobs' Wynne PHILADELPHIA—Not thai anyone seriously doubted It, but ii local motion picture theatre owner has demonstrated that show people have hearts as bin as circus tenUs. Harry S. Jacobs, who operates the Wynne Theatre, has offered the use of the theatre for his favorite charity, the heart fund of Variety Tent 13. with no strlnKs attached. The 1.600-seal house will be thrown open to the public Monday night i22t with Jacobs Offering a sneak preview of a top Hollywood film and several local variety acts on his small stage. No admLssion will be charged. A Jug will be placed In the lobby and patrons may contribute as much or as little as they wLsh. Jacobs, a former automobile man who entered show business last August when he bought the Wynne, has authorized Manager David Rubin to go all-out In publicizing the I'vent to insure a capacity turnout for the charity. Regular patrons of his theatre will be reminded via tape recording of the date, and numerous radio and television personalities in the city have promi.sed to plug the event. The theatre doesn't plan to alter its schedule of two shows a night. Jacobs will not deduct expenie. or rental money for the evening. Jacobs, who joined Variety Club when he took over the Wynne, is noted locally for his philanthropic work. He has been active lately In promoting the club's camp for handicapped children. Two Pa. Distributors Named CHICAGO—Irwin S. Joseph, president of Essanjay Films, Inc., here, has appointed two new zone managers. Jack H. Harris of Jack H. Harris Productions, Philadelphia, was named zone manager in that area and Lewis Hanna of Hamia Theatre Service, Pittsburgh, was named Pittsburgh zone manager. Harris and Hanna will handle "Because of Eve" exclusively in those territories. Cowan has been with Phil Cowan to Davis Associates NEW YORK—Phil Cowan has been named director of advertising, publicity and exploitation for Arthur Davis Associates, distributors of foreign pictures. Eagle Lion Films. United Artists and Kenyon & Eckhardt. The company lineup includes: Rosselini's "The Seven Capital Sins," Vittorio De Sica's "Hello. Elephant" and "Behavior of the Sexes": "Voice of Silence." "The Minute Df Truth." "Beauty and the Devil" and "Father's Dilemma." PLAY SAFE... NEXT TIME USE ^r. ^ndQn r lU) t. WtilSN