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. . David . . Matt . . Charles ITTSBURGH XT L. "Doc" Wadkins, Manos circuit booker, retires as president of the Latrobe Chamber of Commerce at the end of the year. He has been associated with the Manos for 16 years . Kimelman, Paramount manager, attended a company meeting in Philadelphia last week . . . Bob Folliard, RKO executive, conferred with Manager David C. Silverman . Ray, Paramount shipper, reported back on the job this week after an absence of several weeks during which he convalesced from an operation. Fred Fisher, Bellefonte manager for the Midstate circuit, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, presented free shows for kids at the State (13) and the Plaza (20) Mrs. Robert Caskey, wife of the Paramount salesman, suffered a heart attack early this week . . . Warner circuit house managers held their holiday party Tuesday (16) in the Warner clubrooms . Baron was here exploiting Columbia's "Invasion, U.S.A.," . . Around 1,600 admissions . . Merle Arnold has reopened . . . Sid ... Ed Kelley, 701 Brownsville Rd., veteran of the industry who has been in poor health and confined to his home for a number of years, would like to hear from oldtime friends . . . James Retter, Warner salesman, was hospitalized here for several weeks for a checkup and treatment . were registered at the J. P. Harris here the evening (11) of the Met's closed circuit telecast of "Carmen." Opinions were divided on the electronic performance, but there was a general agreement that it was a start, an opening of a new field in entertainment . the Circle Theatre at Bobtown Zins, Columbia exploiteer from Washington, D. C, was a visitor this week. with several screenings for armed force units, civilian defense officials. Red Cross, etc. Onesheets will be posted on 350 army recruiting boards and 200,000 tabloids will be distributed in behalf of first run openings in 35 theatres here, with "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder," starting January 11 . . . Jack EUstrom has resigned as a salesman with Columbia here and is joining the booking organization at WB . . . Columbia employes held their (Christmas party the evening of December 15 at BUI Green's night club . . . The Roosevelt Theatre at Republic has cut admis.sion prices. The Pittsburg^h Ladycops choral group of 50 sang ChrLstmas carols on stage at the Warner Theatre (17) prior to the premiere •iv;(«ii%!^-"'^^: SAM FINEBERG | TOM McCLEARY | JIM ALEXANDER | 84 Van Broom Street | PITTSBURGH 19, PA. I Phone Express 1-0777 I ^>^ovin Art BtHtr Than E»tr • Hoy*! Your EquipnuntTJ . . . of "April in Paris," feature of the annual Press Old Newsboys show for the fund campaign for Children's hospital . . . Francis J. Guehl and Peter Quiter are co-chairmen for the kiddy Christmas party at the Variety Club (21) ... Fred Serrao, manager of the Circle at New Kensington, and Santa Claus were pictured on page one of the Daily Dispatch (12), prior to the Jaycee Christmas party for needy children at the theatre B. F. Moore, Warner circuit's main line district manager, and family were vacationing in Florida. . . . E. A circuit booker recently purchased a television set and after a week or so of viewing he told us: "I should have had a TV receiver long ago, for now I see what's going on, what's right and wrong in my opinion regarding scheduling and booking. Giving attention to TV programming should Kenneth Rennekampt, assist me in film booking president WKRZ, is of Oil City radio applying for UHF television station channel 64 . . . Closed throughout the summer months, the West at West Aliquippa was renovated for reopening Christmas day, according to Abe Rothenstein, proprietor. . The Majestic at Butler closed temporarily two weeks ago . . Dipson's at Bradford and the Park at Meadville recently featured the WWVA Jamboree on stage . . . Amusement tax collected at New Castle to December 1 amounted to $30,942.31. Of this sum $26,788.54 was realized from the sale of tickets of admission to theatres, and $2,586.22 was paid as city tax for football and other sports . . . If the borough of Blawnox knocks off its 10 per cent amusement tax, the Maryland Theatre there may be reopened by Harry Rachiele ... A. P. Way, DuBois exhibitor who is entering his 57th year in show business as a theatre owner and manager, is expected to visit Filmrow within the next few days and shortly thereafter he will depart for his winter headquarters at St. Petersburg, Fla. Bill Shirley, 83, was here exploiting "Outpost in Malaya." Veteran of the old vaudeville days, he was secretary to the late and beloved Harry Davis, pioneer in moving pictures here, more than a half century ago. The MGM exchange has been repainted, the lighting system improved and new carpets have been laid in the offices of John J. Maloney, district manager, and Ralph Pielow, branch manager . . . David Kimelman, Paramount manager, recently introduced Dick Morgan, Allied's new secretary here, to local exchange managers and bookers . . . Ted Gorris, manager of the Star at Glassport, an astronomy student, departs after the first of the year for Los Angeles where he has enrolled at UCLA . . . Pioneer exhibitor Ben Burke is very ill, blind and in need of assistance. If any oldtimer can give a little help at this season, it will be appreciated. Contact Bob Kllngensmith, BOXOFFICE representative . . . Danny McKenna vacationed last week from duties at the Warner circuit publicity department office . . c;hristmas . day marks the first aniversary of the foreign film policy at the Squirrel Hill Theatre. Cake and coffee will be served in the lobby. The "Blackbeard the Pirate" TreEisure hunt winner, Mrs. Margaret V. Ricei Avalon, received a week-long holiday for two in Hollywood . . . Harriette Rubenstein, secretary to MGM's assistant manager. Max Shabason, goes off the payroll December 24 and on January 4 she will be the bride of Jerome The M. A. Libenson of Wilkes-Barre . . . Silvers and daughter Barbara are vacationing at Miami Beach . . . Jack Ralph jr. of Irwin has succeeded George Eby as Harris Amusement company controller. Eby is opening his own tax consultant office in the Oliver building . . . "Because of Eve" was given its initial Pennsylvania showing here at the Art Cinema. Hygiene commentator Alexander Leeds is appearing in person with this picture which is exhibited for women only at 2, 4:30 and 7 p. m., and for men only at 11:30 a. m. and 9:30 p. m. "Because of Eve" is distributed from the Hanna headquarters here. Penn and Victor Leases Sold to Pittsburgh Firm NEW CASTLE, PA.—The leases of the Penn and Victor theatres here were transferred December 10 by the Mirisch Bros, of lid I g if SiK,! Mitli [»I(J Jliclii fflnTneati W, E, J. rffledtoml [TjiaiKr. teiliiectois operal Milwaukee to Norbert Stern and associates iRKO;, of Pittsburgh, operators of Assoeiated Drive- :^ii, In Theatres. Ernest and George Stern of the Prepe outdoor circuit stated that Louis Lutz hasbeen retained as manager of the local theatres. The Penn will be newly seated and other improvements will be made in a modernization sephSu program. The newly organized P. D. Moore Theatre Service here has been named film buyer and booker for the Penn and Victor theatres. m oflicf Lutz states that refurnishing of the two theatres, iiitlor0! from marquees to stage walls, are a fork brani part of the plans, with air conditioning ofi ^lll(}.i the Penn to follow before summer. The Vic-i 'Mkc. L7 L Beri tor was air conditioned two years ago. lU sswlyb addition to the outdoor circuit of theatreSi^bliyiiiK Associated operates one other indoor house,! ! ioiie off the Grant, at Millvale Leases Theatre at Mather MATHER, PA.—Carl Chieves has leasecl the Family Theatre here. The former proprie-t tor was Camillo Cionni, manager of the Blue Moon Drive-In at Wellsburg. Complete Sound and Projection Service ATLAS THEATRE SUPPLY Gordon Gibson, Mgr. 402 Miltenbcrgtr St., GRant 1-4281, Pittsburgh, Pa. MOTIOGRAPH — MIRROPHONIC mt for Pi Mil the Si aiClu ^ top.}: if Ket =». htair, *', clut, •til 011(1 Wy, i^TVSi ««r.t JlonnCLfM^ PROJECTOR CARBON COMPANY 319 First Ave. Tarentum, Pa. Telephone: Tarentum 2341 PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. |i«fit December 20, 196

irideoij,. ^ i Harts A: Sj is »;*: ;e in the i. e" was fe herejt ator iieu, witlttiisjia ooiilyaUii lyatllJi Eve" is K. lattersliert Leases iFinn ; lews !'. lere were s Mirischte n and asau issojiatedte orft Stent!: Louis lull il tlie local a lewlf sestei naiie in I ), Moore Ei lined film 1: ,d Victor It! (Of the tit:: taje rannier, !o wjl', I' '^ years «r iciiit of til*' New York branch manager by General Sales Itfanager B. G. Kranze. The branch managership had been vacant. Sugar joined United Artists early last year. He has been in the Industry since 1935 when he entered the Rehtrindwta itMathe f Elect Dewey Michaels Tent 7 Chief Barker BUFFALO—Dowcy Michaels, Kciicral miuiagcr of Michaels Tlieatrcs, opank Carroll, MGM head booker; Leo Greenfield, I'niversal manafrer: Georife H. Schenrk. Tristate .Automatir Candy Corp. manager: attorney Jack former partowner of the Colonial; Joe Saperstein. Fabian buyer and booker: Dave Marks, president of Fort Orange Radio Distributint; fo. Schenrk remains as secretary of Variety Tent 9 for 1953 and the others are members of the new crew. lOXOFnCE December 20, 1952 49