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. . Proceeds . . Janice . . The ^AN FRANCISCO /^erald C. Hardy of Fresno, president, reports Hardy's Theatres has reassumed the management of the Pulton Theatre in Fresno. He said the Pulton Theatre Co., which took over the liouse in May with an option to purchase, has decided not to exercise the option. The theatre was closed early in December and will remain closed, according to Hardy, until further notice. The city of Colusa still owns the Gem Theatre building there, although it was advertised for sale. No offers had been submitted when the time came for opening bids. The city purchased the building with the idea of making it over into a city hall. The city council decided that the time when funds would be available for remodeling was too far in the future and it would be wise to sell the building and start over at some later date on a new city hall. Fred Sears, Columbia director, was in town preparing to shoot a film with a San Francisco Chinatown background, but, according to reports, his investigation brought only confusion and his staff returned to Hollywood where the scenes will be shot on a sound stage . . . George O'Brien, former Hollywood star, was in town. He plans a movie comeback ... A local news columnist reported Albert Warner of WB as stating "There's nothing wrong with the movie business that can't be cured by merely eliminating one quarter of the theatres. Too many of them for the amount of business, that's all." San Jose youngsters were admitted to a THEATRE FOR SALE In Colifornio, will be available February ^, 1953. Good lease. Receipts exceptional. Books open. Other interests. $35,000 down to experienced exhibitor only. Stote experience. Boxoffice, 4947. Get them out of their HEYWOOD- i- matinee at the Studio Theatre on donation of one or more used toys for the annual Toys for Joy campaign. Prizes ranging from a tour of Moffett Field to a six-month free pass to the Studio were awarded children bringing the most toys in the best condition. John Brunette is manager. A giant balloon parade was held in San Rafael as a Christmas present to the kids of Marin county from the business, professional and industrial people of San Rafael. All boys and girls participating in the parade were guests of Blumenfeld Theatres for a party at the Rafael. The party was handled by Al Goodwin, Marin county manager for Blumenfeld . of a one-night Ocean Drive-In showing went to the Crescent City Moose lodge. Harry Graywood of the Walter G. Preddey Co. returned to work following a bout with the flu . . . Joe Rucker, NBC-TV cameraman, was on the Row accepting congratulations for his spectacular shots of the ship sinking in the bay . . . Harold Atkinson, who had been in the shop at NTS the last ten years, died December 9. . . . Herman Wobber, 20th-Fox, celebrated 20 years with the organization at a gettogether Arthur Barnett Friday (12) . . . of the Rex Theatre, Oakland, was on the Row Paramoimt held its Christmas party . . . for employes and friends December Warner Bros, will hold its annual 12 . . . Christmas party December 24 . . . Norman Moray, Warner short subject sales manager, was in from New York for a few days en route to Los Angeles The Sebastiani Theatre at Sonoma has been taken over by Bruce Prater . . . Leslie Fazeka^, Lyric, San Jose, and C. J. Remington, Fair Oak, F^ir Oak, were seen on the Row. The Point Theatre at Hunters Point, a Westland theatre, will be closed for an indefinite period . Welch is the new easy chairs at horn BY GIVING EM MORE RELAXING COMFORT IN YOUR THEATRE! • Tailor-made, rocking chair comfort to \/ suit the individual's exact wishes! \ 'A luxurious theatre chair that can be tilted to any pitch desired. • HEYWOOD-WAKEFIELD AIR-FLO CHAIRS command— and merit— a premium price in your choicest locations. V B. F. SHEARER COMPANY lOS ANOIIIS: IIM S»lk «i»tM loekiilii lui • PORTIANO: 1141 a ar Uttiiiii >l«ilii ISO SAN FRANCISCO: 14] (fl«tii (iti lit Ulltertill I till • SiATUI: >]ll Sicinl Mi ill.tll 1241 switchboard girl at Republic . . . J. ] Grainger, vice-president and general sali manager for Republic, and Francis A. Bat< man, western division manager, visiting M San Jose's Burban local exchange . . . Theatre reopening December 10 with a ga) affair and with Burt Kennerson, formi manager, returning to his old post. Tne Bui bank closed in July. Along the Row last week were John Tei rill of Orange Cove Theatre, Orosi, and Wl lard Wagner, Antioch . Ocean Drive-ll at Crescent City is closed . . . Edgar I Weiss is now operating the Vista Theatij at Rio Vista, a former Sunnymount hous . . . Charles Pincus, city manager in Stock! ton for Blumenfeld, has replaced Joe Huf. who is temporarily retiring . . . The Roxj in Oakland is scheduled to reopen short! | with "Limelight" . . . Tony Lopez of thi E. I. Rubin Co. returned from a vacation. The Telenews Theatre held a very sue cessful screening of the TV Carmen trans mission from New York Met. The theatre wa sold out at $6 scale, all seats reserved. Al though some critics criticized the picture the theatre management stated that th difficulties were in the transmission or at th Met originating point. The Telenews wi install a third-dimensional system this montl Hugh Bruen of Whittier Buys Industrial Tract WHITTIER, CALIF.—A 38-acre industri? tract near this community has been purchase by Hugh W. Bruen, president of the Brue Theatre Co., and engineering and architec tural work has been launched to develop portion of the property as a 950-car drive-ii The ozoner is being designed by architec J. Arthur Drielsma. Bruen also operates thi Roxy, Whittier and Wardman theatres henl Start on Awards Setup HOLLYWOOD—Machinery is being set i motion by the Academy of Motion Pictup Arts and Sciences in anticipation of its up coming annual awards presentation event, t be held there next March. Billy Wilder, producer-director-WTiter, has been appoints chairman for the honorary foreign languag' film award committee, membership of whic: includes Anne Baxter, W. M. Bishop, Addiso Durland, William Feeder, William Gordoi, Steve Goodman, Ely Levy, Luigi Lurasch Walter Reisch, Carl Schaefer, Geoffrey Shur; lock. King Vidor and Robert Vogel. Diamond Film Planned HOLLYWOOD—"The King of Diamonds, to be filmed in Technicolor on location at th Kimberly diamond mines in South Africa, ha been scheduled for 1953 production by th Dudley Pictures Corp, It is being scriptei and w'ill be produced by Carl Dudley. Visit Son in Alaska WAITSBLTRG, WASH.—The local theati. clo.sed for a month Wednesday (171 when th i owners, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Peacock left fo Anchorage, Alaska, to visit their son. Adventure Novel to Screen James Ramsey Ullman's adventure novel •River of the Sun," will be scripted by Mlchae Blankfort, for Columbia. i Ilk t BOXOFFICE :: December 20, 195.

e^' is to? ^' ol Motioi) i icipation ol :: J Wilis Xii THE SPLIT-APERTURE TEST —THE MOST CRtTICAL COMPARISON TEST OF PROJECTOR PERFORMANCE. Here you see the reproduction of a split aperture test between CENTURY projectors and ordinary projectors. If The CENTURY half of the screen proves CENTURY'S superiority—it's alive and it sparkles. The other half of the screen (an ordinary projector) is dull and uninteresting. Make this test in your own theatre and be convinced—change to CENTURY projectors for bigger box office returns. CENTURY projectors were the choice for Cinerama, the new spectacular "3 dimensional" motion pictures. You have much to goin by using CENTURY Projection and Sound. See your CENTURY dealer for a demonstration. %en^ CENTURY PROJECTOR CORPORATION, new york, n y. SOLD BY GIRARD THEATRE SUPPLY CO. 320 West Wasliington St., Phoenix, Arizona PEMBREX THEATRE SUPPLY CORP. 1969 South Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 7, Colitornio WALTER G. PREDDEY CO. 187 Golden Gate A«e. San Francisco 2, Californio INTERSTATE THEATRE EQUIPMENT CO. 1923 N. W. Kcorney Portland, Oregon OXOFFICE December 20, 1952 55