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. . Filmrow . . Jim . .

. . Filmrow . . Jim . . Robert il :,' i DENVER pox Intcrmountain Theatre changes, as announced by Frank H. Ricketson jr., president, included the moving of Ralph Roe from city manager at Alliance. Neb., to Nampa, Ida., where he takes over from Ed Doty, who has been looking after the situation along with his duties in Caldwell. Lloyd Gladsen was moved from Walsenburg, Colo., to Alliance, and Wilford Williams jr. was shifted from Cheyenne to Walsenburg to manage the Fox. Williams recently became a father for the third time, a baby son named Dennis Edward. The grandfather is Wilford Williams city manager at Kemmerer. sr., Because of his diligence, coupled with a keen ncse, Max Soverign. projectionist, is credited with saving the Fox Theatre in Alliance. Neb., from destruction by fire. While closing the theatre one night, Soverign smelled smoke in the balcony. Suspecting a smoldering cigaret in one of the seats, he began a search of every seat. Ralph Roe, manager, arrived and joined the search. Finally it was found the smoke was coming from an exhaust opening. The fire was quickly extinguished, and Roe immediately ordered a wire screen placed over the opening. Carl Benefleld and A. L. Shields are building a 600-seat theatre in Clayton, N. M., to be called the Bronco and opened about February 1, with the booking and buying being handled by Ed Green of Texas Service. June Farmer, secretary at Manley, went to her home in Amarillo, Tex., to spend the holidays . . . J. R. Grainger. Republic vice-president in charge of sales, conferred with Manager Gene Gerbase and called on circuit officials . . . E. E. Jameson sr., Kansas City owner of the Denver Shipping & Inspection Bureau, conferred with Lynn Petz, manager. PLAY SAFE... NEXT TIME USE M32T S. WABASH AVE, CHIGAQO 630 NINTH AVENUE. NEW VORK SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY LaroHt coveraoe in U.S. No "Net" listings. Highest reputation for l jiolMim r^^J^t-Coti -Pipe If >Be)idelvo 'd Conii Angeles lOSHGEI i "Bana -, !li( only attiaiiavf tio-tteai .etedfora e'^Conofv-O i»«t equip IMMm toil fi'j-Jk Iron ^01 Stflre-P IfR!, Ponfoge lUMr (ColJ »*^, Uptown, mtin Mn li ! (Itiili, V» Wi HwAn It i'Mes ISffi Frnid FFIUKCI i'opese iiftai ifii |«ir :!«0i 5)oiilli iWiil, :f'l;j: of the new equipment, with members of thi 'lllCf press and trade as invited guests. The screet projects a larger picture and, it is claimed :, l:rl| . . imparts more realistic color, a sharper in^^SijM. and greater eye comfort for the spectators n~'*; Ad '"Mh ; HERE'S YOUR CHANCE lo gel in the • Sure to Play As a screen game, HOLLYWOOD takes top honors. As a box-office attraction, it is without equoL It has .been a favorite with theatre goers for f^ovie Stars- over 15 years. Write todqy for complete details. Be sure to give seating or ear capacity. HOLLYWOOD AMUSIMINT CO* tSI South Waboth Av«nu« Chicago S, llllnoK '01 fi BOXOFFICE : : December 20, 196| ^ Jjff,.,

I lax «1. Cil. t« inn to link; pealiii % V eihibiiB WbitlDI % il ami up. nttliij :«e»liji» itr6Mt( M hoists iionfcc ; L, NetBi taappi and Itei. tillbebesi.v tas teto Ki sum - tiscoonti { Battle Film Rates 150, High Denver Score DENVKH Tlic ChrLstnuis shoppInK took Its toll lit the boxofflcf, with the re.sul' mast first run business was off. "Biittle Zone" and "No Holds Barred," showInK at the Alnddln, Tabor and Webber, produced 150 per cent. (Average li 100) Aladdin, Tabor, Webber—BoMU Zona (AA); No Holds Borrod AA) 150 Brooitvkov The Priioncr o* Zondo (MGM), 3rd wk. 90 Dcnhom - Oulpost in Moloyo (UA) 80 Denver, Esguiro Bloodhoundt of Broodwoy (20Th- Fox). Thit Above All .^Olh Fox), rciituo 100 O'P^wufD- Everything I Have Ift Youra iMGM); Sky Full o» Moon iMGM) 115 Paramount — Cotlletown IWB), MIracIo on 34th S»r«*t ?Olh Foxl, remuc 120 Vogue— Pope Le Moko (5R) 80 World— Rcndoivous With Tomorrow (SR) 75 'Devil' Continues Los Angeles Leader LOS ANGELES—The pre-Chrlstmas slump was In full swing along the first run rialto, with "Bwana Devil." the three-dimension entry, the only attraction managing to garner better than average takes, Iti its third stanza of a two-theatre day-date booking, "Devil" accounted for a comfortable 150 per cent. Beverly Canon—O. Honry'i Full Houio (20th-Fox), 13th wk 70 Chinese, Los Angeles, Loyola, Fox Wilshirc Brooking the Sound Barrier (UA), My Pol Gut (20tti-Fox) 110 Downtown, Hollywood Poromounts— Bwono Devil (Oboler), advanced prices, 3rd wk 1 50 Fine Arts—The Promoter (U-l), 6th wk 90 Four Star, Worners Downtown, Warners Hollywood—The Iron Mistress (WB), 3rd wk 75 Egyptian, State—Plymouth Adventure (MGM), 3rd wk 75 Hillstreet, Pontages—Eight Iron Men (Col); The Pothtlnder (Col) 100 Orphoum, Uptown, Hawaii—Thunderbirds (Rep); Toughest Man in Arizona (Rep) 110 United Artists, Vogue—Outpost In Moloyo (UA); The Hooxters (MGM), 2nd wk 70 Smoke '.> ^.' jet \«x ! This sy.'r tall tie fc eatKsiiWliau, \fet"' SberdE' jia. tlaB jbe , Ohoto's '^ Tours' Tallies 130 Per Cent In San Francisco Opening SAN FRANCISCO—"Everything I Have Is Yours" opened at the Loew's Warfield Theare with a pleasant 130 per cent. Second best rating, 110, was "The Steel Trap" at the Pox. Fox—The steel Trap (20th-Fox); Secret People (LP) . ,110 Golden Gate— Cairo Rood (Realart); Beware, My Lovely (RKO) 90 Loew's Warfield— Everything I Hove Is Yours (MGM) 1 30 Orpheum—Canyon Passage (Realart); Frontier Gol (Reolort), reissues 50 Poromount—The Hour of 13 (MGM); Ride the Mon Down (Rep) 1 00 St. Froncis—The Iron Mistress (WB), 2nd wk 100 United Artists—Limelight (UA), 4th wk 80 LAKoxie liiitlieR(K« t of jet at» *« ^'; nil ''^''. nth- , aiiitBti^ ,lor,asl»^ t ipaS tie 'f !or 'Plymouth Adventure' Paces Seattle With 160 SEATTLE—Only bright spots in a dull meek were "Plymouth Adventure" and 'Apache War Smoke" at the Liberty with 160 jer cent, and the second week of "Because Ifou're Mine" and "The Hour of 13" at the fUusic Hall with 125. plue Mouse—Woterfront Women Belli Dance Hall Girls iBell) 100 Coliseum— Bottle Zone iAA) The Rose Bowl Story (AA) . 100 ifth Avenue— Night Without Sleep 20th-Fox). . 75 .iberty—Plymouth Adventure (MGM); Apache Wor FOR FAST THEATRE SALES Write or Phone Irv Bowron, Solcs Mgr. SCHWARY REALTY CO. Phone: LI 65S5 10700 N. E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon