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. . H. . . Howard . . . . Don j I A N S A S r* W. Aaron, 20th-Fox western division sales manager, New York, led a meeting here 0f company officials with Fox Midwest heads. Other 20th-Fox officials were Gordon Halloran, St. Louis manager: M. A. Levj-, division manager, Minneapolis, and Buck Stoner, assistant division sales manager . . . The RKO staff will hold a luncheon at the Muehlebach hotel on Wednesday (24) . . . Jim Lewis, RKO manager, was in Manhattan, Kas., for a meeting with Midcen- Eddie Aaron tral officers. . . . Carlie Brawner, WB switchboard operator, has taken a leave for several months, during which she will go to Florida. Edith Broderick has replaced her The Filmrow Women's Bowling league will not meet again Filmrow visitors included until January 2 . . . W. F. Sonneman, Springdale, Ark.; J. Fay Cook, Missouri Theatre, Marysville, Mo.; Nick Kotsis, Holden, Mo.; R. C. Davison, Binney, Pattensburg, Mo.; Fred Eber- Satisfaction — Always MISSOURI THEATRE SUPPLY COMPANY L. I. EIMBRIEL, Manager Phone BAIIimore 3070 ZZ 115 W. 18lh Kansas City 8. Mo. nPCHT MPT[Dy STAGE EQUIPMENT COMPANY .oirmr 511U rviKYTMINC FOR THE STAGE • *UD!TORIUM LO BOX OFFICE 1124 Grind Ave. Kan>» City S. SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Largest coverage in U.S. No "Net" listings. Highest reoutation for know-how and fair dealing. 30 years experience including exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists! 3305 Caruth, Dallas, Texas Telephones: EM 0238 • EM 7489 CONFTOENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE INVITED ^H^T/oM SiAoie* Smct /S99 STEBBINS THEATRE Equipment Ct •noil Wv...Jaii. Si. KANSAS CITY 6, MOr '^ r FOR SALE: POPCORN MACHINE Excellent condition, about I year oW. Last Manley Aristocrat mode of all metal construction. All aoar driven, no cobles, outomatic pumps. Also 2 100 pounds of Purdue's best popcorn. For real borgoin coll Finloy 3830, Ray Steinkomp 3 Wilton Blvd., Konsos City, Kansos CITY wein, Weston, Weston, Mo.; Shirley W. Booth, Booth, Rich Hill, Mo., and Fred Wilcox, Cozy, Lockwood, Mo. Ben Marcus, Columbia manager, was in Des Moines for two days. Marcus was presented a set of diamond-studded cuff links by the managers, salesmen and officer managers of the Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City and Minneapolis branches at a recent meeting in Chicago. The gift was gi^'en in honor of his 25 years with the company . . . Republic and Commonwealth Theatre.? held their annual joint Christmas party Friday (19) at the office. . . The . Rose Marks, secretary at Poppers Supply, was off for a few days vacation Men's Bowling league will not meet until January 7 H. Levine has purchased the Admiral Theatre here from Mrs. Mildred Blackmore . . . Columbia held its Christmas Durwood Theatres party Friday (19 1 . . . has an office party scheduled for Wednesday (24). Tom Baldwin, Columbia manager, was in Wichita . . . Wallace Heim. UA publicist from Chicago, was in town working on thi'ee forthcoming releases . . . The B. J. Kranze, UA general sales manager, sales drive opened Saturday (20) . . . Bernie Evens, MGM exploiteer, was in Springfield and Wichita . Jean Gatton is the new booking clerk ^t MGM. . . . Mr. and Mrs. George Wadllng:ton and son, West Theatre, Parsons, Kas., were in town Other visitors seen along the Row included R. L. Adkins, Arcadia, Kas.; George and J. Leo Hayob, Mary Lou, Marshall, Mo., and M. S. Heath, Liberty, Mo.; Woodrow Rife, Knobnoster. Mo.; and F. A. Tucker, Bevier, Mo. . . . Shreve Theatre Supply sold projection and sound equipment and a screen to D. A. Kisor, Mount Rose, Mo., for his new theatre at Shell City, Mo., which is expected to open soon. Missouri Theatre Supply sold complete RCA drive-in equipment to Ernie Block for his proposed 300-car ozoner at Sabetha, Kas. Grading is to begin immediately. The same company sold complete RCA sound equipment and Brenkert projectors to Ray Robinson and Lee Sproule, owners of the Rex Theatre, Newton, Kas. The booth equipment is to be installed very soon. L. J. Kimbriel's company sold Rube Finkelstein, for his Kansas Drivein, new 110 hi-intensity lamps and rectifiers to be installed some time prior to the spring reopening; while 600 new Hcywood- Wakefield chairs were sold to Harold Gibbons for hi.s Victory Theatre, Wichita. Harold Wirthwein, AA district manager, Hollywood, was in town for consultation with members of the local office. Ray Copeland, AA manager, spent two days in Manhattan, Ka.s., on business . . . Hank Doering, Garnett, Kas., and C. E. "Doc" Cook, Maryville, Mo., were in town . Straum, Hollywood Servemaster salesman, returned from a trip in the surrounding territory. The four Fox Midwest first run houses here are offering patrons a different sneak preview each night, featuring 20th-Fox product due for release next year. Beginning December 18 and running through the 24th, the new Idea Is referred to as a pre-Christmas special, in a week set aside to honor Leon Robertson, Fox Midwest city manager. Earl Jameson sr. was in Denver conferring with Lynn Fetz, Denver Shipping & Inspection Bureau manager . Davis, RCA district manager, was a recent Denver visitor . . . Phil Williams, formerly connected! with the March of Time, stopped here whik en route from Texas to New York. Loop Theatres Enjoy Brisk Patronage CHICAGO—The Chicago Theatre had a week with "The Thief" and a stage good first show headed by Basil Rathbone, Robert Alda Polly Bergen. The Oriental had a bright week with "Breaking the Sound Barrier," as did the United Artists with a twin bill, "Flat Top' and "Torpedo Alley." (Average Is 100) Ctiicago The Thief (UA), Esquire The Hour of 13 plus stage stiow (MGM) IIC IK Grand The Steel Trop (20th-Fox); The Lady Soys No (UA), 2nd wk IOC Onentol Breaking the Sound Borrier (UA) 1 Of Poloce Plymouth Adventure (MGM), 2nd wk. ...IOC Stote-Loke The Snows of Kilimanjaro {20tti-Fox), 6th wk Roosevelt — Lure of the Wilderness (20ti-i-Fox); 9; Toughest Man in Arizona (Rep), 2nd wk 10: Surf O. Henry's Full House (20th-Fox), 6tti wk..lO: United Artists Flat Top (AA); Torpedo Alley (AA) IC! Playhouse (Teitel), World wk The Strange Ones 4th IK Woods Pony Soldier (20th-Fox), 2nd wk 10 Ziegfeld Mudlark (Lopert) 10 "Flat Top' Grosses 135 In. Paramount Opening KANSAS CITY—Grosses among the firsi run situations here continued a downwarc trend. Top newcomer of the week was "Flai Top," which recorded 135 per cent at the Paramount. "Eight Iron Men" hit 125 at the Missouri, and "The Promoter" rated 175 ir a third holdover week at the Vogue. j 1 Kimo Never Take No for an Answer (Souvaine). . 9C; Midlond The Thief (UA); The Hour of 13 (MGM) Missouri Eight Iron Men (Col); Ladies of the 9;' Chorus (Col), reissue 121 Paramount Flaf Top (AA) 13;! Tower, Uptown, Fairway and Granada Woy of a Gaucho (20th-Fox); (at the Tower and Gra- , nado only). Night Without Sleep (20th-Fox).. 8(! Vogue The Promoter (U-l), 3rd wk 17.'| 'Zenda' Paces Inidianapolis ] Grosses With 160 Per Cent INDIANAPOLIS—"The Pi'isoner of Zenda' bowed in at the Loew's Theatre with a heftj ] 160 per cent to be the top grosser of tht: week. Circle — Because of You (U-l); Scotland Yard Inspector (LP) 10: Indiana — The Lusty Men (RKO); Mr. Walkie Talkie (LP) 7( Keith's The Iron Mistress (WB), 2nd wk 8(; Loew's The Prisoner of Zenda (MGM); Holidoy for Sinners (MGM) 16(1 Lyric Horizons West (U-l); Tromba, the Tiger Man (LP) 7:1 Committee Chairmen Of Illinois Tent Named CHICAGO—At the first meeting of the nev' 1953 crew of the Variety Club of Illinois 8' its Congress hotel headquarters. Chief Barke John J. Jones named the following commit tee chairmen for 1953: House, Nat Nathanson; heart, Edwin Sil verman; entertainment, Nate Piatt; pub licity, Irving Mack; banquet. Jack Kirsch ticket sales. Jack and Manuel Smerling membership, Joe Beren.son; law, Aaron Stein golf, Elmer Balaban; special activities, Arthu Schoenstadt and James Donahue, h') BOXOFFICE : : December 20, 1965

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