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. . Frank . . The . . Gerald . . John ; W :, He i ST. HH LOUIS tJall Walsh, manager of the Warner Bros, praiiie district that comprises the Kansas City. Des Moines. Omaha and St. Louis territories, will be honored with a special . . . drive January 11-17. Walsh will be celebrating his 27th year with the Warner Bros, organization during the period which will be called the District Manager Hall Walsh drive. His many exhibitor friends can say Hall Walsh it "with dates" Herman Ferguson of Maiden, Mo., has recovered from .';erious injuries sustained in an automobile accident several weeks ago to the point where it was possible to move him in an ambulance from the Campbell clinic in Memphis, Tenn., to Maiden. It will still be Fome weeks before his recovery is complete. Frank Plumlee of the Edwards & Plumlee circuit, Farmington, attended the funeral of his grandmother, who died at her home in Kansas at the age of 99 years . . Services for . Charles F. Kalbfell, brother of Arthur Kalbfell, owner of the Pauline Theatre, were conducted in the Immanuel Evangelical & Reformed church, Ferguson, Mo., Monday (15). Interment was in Memorial cemetery. In addition to his brother he is survived by his wife Evalyn and daughter Anita. Exhibitors here this week included Keith Coleman, Mount Carmel; Ed Clark. Metropolis; Bernie Palmer, Columbia Amusement Co. Paducah; Pete Medley, Sikeston; Bill Waring jr., Cobden; Bernard Temborius, Breese; Bob Ellery, manager. Gem City Drivein, Quincy; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Paul, Carlinville; A. B. Jefferis, Piedmont; Harry Miller; Harry Blount, Potosi, and Ralph Adams, Fox Midwest circuit, Kansas City. Harry Haas, Paramount manager, departs December 18 for Los Angeles to spend the Christmas holidays with his relatives in that CHAIRS REBUILT IN YOUR THEATRE By Experts in Their Field Write for Quotations Chicago Used Chair Mart 829 So. State St. Chicago 5 EVERYTHING FOR THE THEATRE St. Louis Theatre Supply Company Arch Hosior 3310 Olive SIrool, Si. Louis 3. Mo. Telephone JEfferson 7974 PROGRAMS Coveriiij ONE or TWO WEEKS! ONE DAY SERVICE — On Request THEATRICAL ADVERTISING CO. J"" "I? *VE. DETROIT, 1. MICH. V/RITt FOR SAMPLES! WO. 1.2158 area, Mrs. Haas left here on December 10. Harry plans to be back on the job January 2 ... A number of local exchanges have made arrangements for the customary Christmas parties between now and Christmas day. The present day parties are family affairs. The old-fashioned openhouse arrangements passed out because of abuse by the guests. John Allen of Dallas, Tex., southwest district manager for MGM, was in. C. D. Hill, manager, Columbia, and F. J. Lee, manager. United Artists, were in the territory . . . Charley Mound. Valley Park, Mo., has made a nice recovery following a recent operation at DePaul hospital and is scheduled to return home . . . State Senator Edward V. Long of Clarkville, who heads the company that operates the Trojan Theatre, Troy, in the interests of party harmony withdrew from the race for president pro tem of the 1953 Missouri senate. Andrew D. Cella, 79, vice-president of the Southern Real Estate & Financial Co., holding firm for the American, Orpheum and Shubert theatres and other real estate, died at St. Mary's hospital where he underwent a stomach operation last month . and Wesley Bloomer of the Bloomer Amusement Co., Belleville, are vacationing in Florida as their brother Tom Bloomer holds the fort. Senn Lawler Is Named By Kansas City Ass'n KANSAS CITY—New officers for the Motion Picture Ass'n of Greater Kansas City were elected Friday (12) at the Muehlebach hotel by the board of directors. Plans and ideas for next year's activities were discussed. Elected were Senn Lawler, Fox Midwest, president; Jim Lewis, RKO, and Stanley Durwood, Durwood Theatres, vice-presidents; William Gaddoni, MGM, secretary, and Ed Hartman, Motion Picture Booking Agency, treasurer. Attending the meeting were E. C. Rhoden, president of Fox Midwest; Finton H. Jones, theatre insurance man; C. A. Schultz, Consolidated Agencies; George Baker, George Baker Enterprises; Joe Neger, 20th-Fox manager; Howard Burkhardt, managing director of the Midland Theatre; Woody Sherrill, MGM salesman; Robert Withers, RepubUc manager; Arthur Cole, industry representative, and the new officers. Patients' minds are kept alert through the teaching of useful arts in rehabilitation plan at WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. I Season's Greetings CLASA-MOHME. Inc. J. W. Bauer, District Mgr. Distributors of Mexican Films 1219 So. Wabash Ave. Phone W Abash 2-6186 CHICAGO 5, ILLINOIS I | | | CHICAGO Critannlca Films gave Wilmette firemen anfl assist on the St. Augustine church blaze, n Fire broke out as Pi-oducer Bob Longini was« filming an educational sequence near thel| church . . . Scenes are now being filmed iT here by Johnny Auer for his Republic production about Chicago, "The City Neverl Sleeps." Fully 75 per cent of the film is J being made here. The entire story of "Theil City Never Sleeps" takes place at night. . . The Oriental has booked "Hans Christian,) Andersen," starring Danny Kaye, for a Peb-j ruary 12 premiere . Jack Kirsch, president! of Allied Theatres of Illinois, has announcedl the 1952 annual yule party for trade and! press to be held in the Allied room on Film-.f row Wednesday 124 1, starting at 12:30 p. m.i . . . Walter Gould, executive vice-presidenti of International United Productions, new! film distributing company, was a visitor onl Filmrow . B&K Chicago Theattel will be transformed into a winter wonder-l land, starting December 26, when an ice showj starring June Arnold takes over on the stage for two weeks. The World Playhouse will have the American premiere of the Swedish film, "One Sum-i mer of Happiness." Times Film Corp. ImH portation, on Christmas day. Chuck Teiti will handle the film booking in this territor; for Teitel Films . . . Chicago exchange em-( ployes union was to stage its annual Christ-^ mas party at the White Manor club Decern-! The Rialto Theatre, Chicago'^ ber 20 . . . Loop, has discontinued stage shows unti Christmas day. They are now playing a tw bill, "Street Corner" and "A Modern Mar-^ riage." Anthony Leiber, 77, retired theatreman hero of the Iroquois Theatre fire, is di . . . J. R. Grainger, Republic executive vice' president and general sales manager, his wife who were here for Chicago film conferences left for the west coast . . . Jol Davidson, theatre attorney, has retired froi the Thomas McConnell law office. He han^ died several antitrust theatre suits here . . Curly Clyde, well-known concession magnati from Pueblo, Colo., was in town. Members of Variety Club and womeni auxiliary are sending many gifts, toys an( candy to the kiddies at La Rabida Jact son Park sanitai-ium . . . Harry Hessell retired vice-president of Argus Theatri Ticket Co.. died . Fenistein, sale manager of Schutter Candy Co. who handlei' theatre concessions for many years, has re^ tired after 20 years and will make his homi 0yT- (.[(m»f?' LwrsW * Ma gicrall e tomes" n| and ad saileil 1 and ;. M. B. I in Miami . Hatoff, president o the Scrap Corp. of America, and Jacl Kirsch, president of Allied of Illinois, havi been elected directors of the Peoples Niitiona 3 Jl i-p bank of Chicago . . . Dick Condon and Leoi St: Brandt, RKO publicity and exploitatlol I,,, heads, still are in town making plans fo world premiere of "Peter Pan," which bows lijBn.| pi at B&K State-Lake February 5. M '^u CANDY - POPCORN - SEASONING For THEATRES and DRIVE-INS —Send for Price List— Freight Prepaid on $75.00 or More KAYLINE CANDY CO. 1220 S. Michigan Chicago 5, Ml. onar [Ijiiora liiilieGayo p wti alon bment a iesTim fiPersor |l?m'GHU Irmoenierf |fa. gotbai ':• ita he 1 10 make tin Theain 1 peaniil 1 J'te.^utiy 1,1 fcllarliii-Da pel appeal i and ttiei m \'k Ik pic Bill Mrs. W. « tatrei iKliarse I'M relorr. loxville mi Co, 1 ^ '.' «al ifee I E(|3i i«'s air coi le.Ms isocia amen it Mr,; TjZ BOXOFFICE December 20, 195

lO [Malco and Instates ;ttp i...- betas; ;t; Filmte; I BIRMINGHAM ly. Chiitili ! in tliis s- 50 escliac;- ti aniiual C:. mor club I>; totie, Gii age stoiti jwplayiisi:: "A Moder:. i totreK lire fire, - lie execttiv' ,ei WWaicagolt coast , . .liasretW: t office. H! J tie suits te a town. In Memphis Confabs MEMFMIIS Two events here this week drew many Iheutre owners and manaKers from the trade territory. Thursday (15i, Trlslatcs Thelatre Owners held an all-day school (or exhibitors and manaKers at Hotel Gayaso, und Wednesday. Malco held Its annual year-end pneetlng for all or It-s managers In this terrl- |tory. Instructions on how to run a theatre. In- Ing concessions, equipment, theatre maniment ond advertising featured the school ch started at 9:30 a. m. and continued day. M. B. Smith. J. D. Braunagel. Her- Levy and Leon Roundtree .served a.s itructors. All Malco managers from the entire chain ttended the school sessions T\iesday and then eld their own managers meeting the next *y at the Gayaso. Malco managers brought lelr wives along w'ith them and there was entertainment as well as planned or them by local company officials. Pokes Time Off From Army For Personal Appearance — Jim Fiiusher. Hollywood ictor who entered the service a year and a lalf ago. got back into the theatrical world jrlefly when he obtained leave from Camp Rucker to make a personal appearance at 'he Ritz Theatre. Dothan. during the ninth tnnual peanut festival there. The picture as "Gene Autry and the Mounties," in which brasher played. it the Martin-Davis circuit. It was booked by Rufus Davis Prasher appeared in the Saturday climax larade and then signed autographs at the .heatre. The audience was large and reports ire that the picture made money. He is a rlend of Mrs. W. G. Brackin. owner-manager )t three theatres in Ozark, Ala. He expects lis discharge from the army in April and ^111 then return to Hollywood. Esl^noxville Firm Named o Handle Air Coolers 'ilicliicl :noxville Technical society, has been identiled with construction and engineering sales Ctivity in this area since the war. Bradley (eliit- KNOXVILLE. TENN. — The Mechanical pment Co. here has been named manu- .urer's representative for eastern Teneasee by the U.S. Air Conditioning Corp. lechanical Equipment, which will handle sAIRco's air conditioning, heating and ven- Uating line, was formed recently by Joe T. (alley in association with Walter Bradley. Bailey, a member of the ASME and the le for 30 years co-owner and manager of Nelson Iron Works here. Covel Clutts Is Named DARDANELLE, ARK. — Koval Clutts has een named manager of the Joy Theatre ere. He replaces Donald Parker, who manged the house for the past 20 months. Clutts ad been assistant manager of the Ritz in tussellville and has also served as relief elmsman of the Joy and other Malco thea- :es. Charles Spillers was named to replace ilutts. A. B. Padgett and Crew Take Over At Helm of Atlanta Variety Club If M flffj .\. B. Padgett, new chief barker of Tent 21. poses with HLi crew. S«at«d, left to right: O. C. Lanun. Padgett, and Marc Berre. Standing: R. J. Bamen. John W. Harrell, R. B. Wilbv, Emorv .Austin and Leonard .\llrn. ATLANTA—More than 200 attended the Variety Club installation dinner and dance in the clubrooms recently. It was the largest crowd ever to attend a Tent 25 in.stallatlon. John H. Fulton, retiring chief barker, gave the welcoming speech. The ringmaster. Emory M. Austin, then took over: the Sonny Thorpe orchestra played "The Star Spangled Banner," after which Maj. Joseph Kirkman of the Salvation Army gave the invocation. A. B. Padgett was installed as chief barker. Austin then introduced the beautiful and athletic Joan McKellen. who appears with Esther Williams in MGM's "Million Dollar Mermaid." Austin then cited Heston and George Vance of the Atlanta Businessmen's club for their fine cooperation with the Variety Club's charitable work. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sharpless of the cerebral palsy school also came in for their share of praise. Mills B. Lane, president of Citizens and Southern National bank, and wife were next introduced. Austin said Lane was responsible for the founding of the Rehabilitation Center several years ago when he offered to loan the Variety Club $25,000 to help start the palsy school. Austin said every cent had been paid back. Mrs. Lane is chairman of the board of trustees of the school. In response, Mrs. Lane related the palsy school had 19 staff members and that 60 children now are being treated there. She said Dr. Samuel Wasick of University of Pittsburgh wsis being brought here to study the needs, and means and ways, for helping the handicapped children. Sponsorship of the Variety Club made the palsy project possible, she said. Major Kinkman told of coming to Atlanta in 1943, and of not knowing what sort of reception he would get, or what the town was like. Kirkman is head of Variety': playground center for boys on Bankhead highway. He prai.sed Variety members for their wonderful cooperation in helping the needy yw The out^oinK chief barker .>nd wifr pose with the new chief and wife. At left are Mr. and Mrs. .X. B. Padgett, new chief, and Mr. and Mrs. John Fulton, the retiring chief. children and adults in the city. Chief Barker Fulton reported that on Jan. 1. 1951. when he took over, the Variety Club had 390 members and now the enrollment was 445. an increase of 55 members. He recalled Tent 21 was organized in 1939 with U members and since then had spent about S900.000 on charitable work. Fulton related how he and Fred "Rebel" Coleman obtained the support of the president of Atlanta new.'^papers in the Old Newsboys day drive for the palsy school. Austin explained the club could not decide on what kind of gift to give Fulton, saying: "He did not need anything to eat. look at him; he didn't need anything to wear, he dressed too elegantly: therefore, since his wife had to put up with him more than anyone else, the gift would be for her." Two large gift wrapped tioxes were brought in and presented to Mrs. Fulton. Her face wore a surprised expression, and John Fulton beamed. Then she was asked to open them (Continued on next page) OXOFFICE :: December 20, 1952 SE 67