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i SCALES We hare just

i SCALES We hare just been able to produce e >etter scale and reduce the price, loo. Now It's where It shuuld be and if a scale like th\s jl $89.95 will not m&ke money, then you don't waat scales. Look .'It this deal on 1 or 100 scales. Prices Reduced! Cut To Only $8995 Down Poymenf $14.95 Balance only J PER MONTH Or if you prefer to send cash with your order, you may deduct 5 per cent or $4.50 from the list price, making the 45 Scale crated CASH PRICE ONLY '85 weighs 100 lbs. All prices f.o.b. Soperton and we will ship to you either express or freight On s;iles In Ueorgiu and South Carolina. It h ru'cessary to ;idd Sales Tax lo scale prices Get in touch with us for a Scole Deal SPARKS SPECIALTY COMPANY PHONE 33 SOPERTON, GEORGIA ma f^'f**^f »i.^«>ter '"" - Colonial Films Moves To New Atlanta Office ATLANTA—Colonial Films has moved to new and larger quarters at 71 Walton St. N.W. here. The company was first organized in 1947 under the ownership of Taylor E. Hoynes. Hoynes has been in the nontheatrical film business for the last 13 years and his past experience includes several years as vicepresident of Stevens Pictures and division manager of the Distributor's Group. The company now specializes in industrial training films, film-strip production and covers eight states as sales representative in the television field. The company now is making plans to handle the physical distribution of television films. The officers of this organization are general sales manager, O. D. Kai'ter; head of film strip production, Ray V. Neal, and John W. Barry, in charge of television sales. Remodeling at Lyric Theatre HARRISON, ARK.—The Lyric Theatre here is being remodeled. An elaborate lounge and restrooms are being installed on the second floor, and a new jade green glass front trimmed with plated aluminum, and four glass doors are part of the project. The Lyric is one of the Commonwealth theatres. Sell Lyric Theatre Building FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—The Alsobrock family has sold the Lyric Theatre building, a Wall Street landmark, to the Fort Lauderdale Wall Street Corp. at a reported price of $51,500. - I TiiH IN OH .Cf eUSAM! Sells Ice Cream Sandwiches or Bars-on-Sticks in Amazingly Increased Volume — you Gross up to 5< Each .' Even imall neighborhood houses average 300 lolet per weekl It's easy becoute: • NO EXTRA HELP NEEDED-no odded packoging costs — onyone can load. • BUIIT IN COIN CHANGER eliminotes chongo-moking, booifi io(ei 25%. • FITS ALMOST ANYWHERE - floor ipoco only 77Va" k 36 '/, "-lighted for operotion in dofk oreos. Diitribuled In the Soulheail by: WIL-KINThealreSupply,lnc. no Wollon SI., N. W., Allonio, Go. 329 South Church St., Chorlotla, N. C. AYLAS COlJilAC VENDOR • AUTOMATIC -NO LEVERS - eosy for children to operate. • AMPLE CAPACITY-98 items in vending, too in storage. • TEMPERATURE CONTROL keeps ice cream just right for eoting. • DEPENDABLE E REFRIGERATION UNIT slides out for easy servicing, • BEAUTIFUL, RUGGED CONSTRUCTION — guoronteed for a full yeor. ATLAS TOOL & MFG. CO. 5147 Natural Bridge Blvd. • St. Louis IS, Mo. New Variely Officers Take Over in Atlanta (Continued from preceding page) up. One by one, each piece was careftill unwrapped, and there amid the ohs! and ahs was a glittering silver service set with ; handsome, large tray. After the presentation, ringmaster Austl gave the highlights of the chief barkers c the past. The first chief barker was Williar K. Jenkins, followed by Harry Ballance i 1942-43, Jack Dumestri in 1944-45, the lat Paul Wilson in 1945, Charles Durmeyer i 1947, E. E. Whitaker in 1948, Fred Colema in 1949, Guy Brown in 1950 and then bac to Fulton in 1951-52. A. B. Padgett is th chief barker for 1953-54. Marc J. Wolf, Variety International chie barker, installed the new officers and gav the oath to five new members. Wolf praise the work the club has been doing for th palsy school. The new officers are Chief Barker Pad gett; Harold T. Spears, first assistant; Leor ard Allen, second assistant; Willis J. Davi property master; Marc Berre, doughguy, an these directors—Emory M. Austin, R. 1 Wilby, R. J. Barnes, T. H. Eubanks, O. ( Lam and John W. Harrell. 500 See Lees Telecast I ATLANTA—Some 500 persons attended tl" James Lee & Sons carpet company cor vention at the Paramount Theatre here t see the convention happenings in New Yoi via the big-screen television. This was tl: first closed circuit TV line program to I projected on a theatre screen here. Invitt guests helped swell the crowd, which ii eluded sales personnel and company rej resentatives. Open Scenic Outdoorer LITTLE ROCK—The Scenic Drive-I located at 3400 Conway Pike, was opene' December 5 by Raymond Fischer and Re Cochran, operators of the Juroy Theatre ; North Little Rock, and the Main Theat here. Cochran said. "This is the only airi in the United States with balconies," e.xplaii ing that thousands of tons of earth we: scooped out of a hillside to provide tl! "balconies." Black Gold Theatres Incorporate CUT OFF, LA.—Black Gold Tlieatre.s. In. has been granted dissolution of its chart, of incorporation, the office of the secretary state at Baton Rouge announced. Theatre Operator Is Murdered HELENA, ARK.—Bishop B. Mellwood, 0] erator of a theatre here, was shot to dea in front of a Helena cafe. i f 'ii f e TRI-STATE THEATRE SUPPLY CO 320 S. 2nd St. Memphis, Tennessee PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. .A!;»r BOXOFFICE December 20, 18 'I'll,,

\fi THE SPUr-APERTURE TEST —THE MOST CRITICAL COMPARISON TEST OF PROJECTOR PERFORMANCE. Here you see the reproduction of o split aperture test between CENTURY projectors and ordinary projectors. The CENTURY half of the screen proves CENTURY'S superiority— it's olive and it sparkles. The other half of the screen (on ordinory projector) is dull and uninteresting. Make this test in your own theatre and be convinced—change to CENTURY projectors for bigger box office returns. CENTURY projectors were the choice for Cinerama, the new spectacular "3 dimensional" motion pictures. You have much to gain by using CENTURY Projection and Sound. See your CENTURY dealer for a demonstration. %edii^ CENTURY PROJECTOR CORPORATION, new york. n y. SOLD BY HORNSTEIN, 712 N. E. First Are. Miami 36, Florida INCORPORATED ALON BOYD THEATRE EQUIPMENT CO p. 0. Box 362 Shreveport, Louisiana CAPITAL CITY SUPPLY CO. 161 Walton Street, N. W. Atlanta, Georgia STANDARD THEATRE SUPPLY CO. 215 E. Washington St. Greensboro, North Carolina 219 South Church St. Charlotte, North Carolina QUEEN FEATURE SERVICE, INC. 1912'j Morns A»e. Birmingham 3, Alobama TRI-STATE THEATRE SUPPLY 318 South Second St. Memphis 3, Tennessee BOXOFTICE :: December 20. 1952 69