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. . MGM . . Ken . i: Seasons Greetings g — i ll^ KAY FILM EXCHANGES ^ATLANTA Sf9 MEMPHIs| ^CHARLOTTE g felQMB' NEW ORLEANSi^ ABC THEATRICAL ENTERPRISES ATLANTA JACKSONVILLE Phone ALPine 7887 Phone 5-9227 P. 0. Box 1345 P.O. Box 88 BUYING BOOKING AGENTS K. J. (Hap) Bornes C. B. (Cliff) Wilson Two Million Feef in Stock Karl (Bud) Chalman R. A. (Rex) Norris SPEAKER CABLE Without Priority 2 Conductor No. 17 AWG Solid Copper Flat Porollel Construction Rodent Resistant Non-water Absorbent Jacket for Direct Earth Buriol O.D. .35x. 20-inch. Pockoged 2,500 tt. on Returnable Reels or 500 ft. Coils. Price FOB Houston, Texos'. On 500 ft. Coils J60.00 per M ft. 2500 ft. Reels $40.60 per M ft. Reel Deposits $5.00 each. Shipping Wt. Net 50 lbs. per M ft. SOUTHWESTERN THEATRE EQUIPMENT CO. 1622 Austin St., Houston, Texas, Phone CA-9906 DISTRIBUTORS FOR ELECTRIC WIRE AND CABLE CO. OF HOUSTON, TEXAS For over 20 years SERVICE and COURTESY OUR WATCH WORD PROJECTORS STRONG *"' AND SOUND LAMPS CONCESSION EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES STANDARD THEATRE SUPPLY CO. 215 E. Washinjton St., 219 So. Church St. GREENSBORO, N. C. CHARLOTTE, N. C. •CENTURY JACK POT QUIZ NITE This is the only proven successful boxofficc stimulont in the Atlonto territory over the past four ycors. It Is logol, ond definitely not o lottery. Write us for names of exhibitors that you know who arc successfully using our plan. Equolly good in convontionol ond drive-in theatres. Patronage Builders, Inc. p. 0. BOX 1442 223 So. Liberty St. Atlanto New Orlcons, La. a-ASSIFEED ADS—EASY TO USE JACKSONVILLE paul Harg^tt, Columbia manager, has been out several days with a severe cold . . Visitors to Columbia were H. A. Dale, Lake, Lake Butler; Maurice Hensler, Auburn, Auburndale; E. C. Kaniaris, Beach Drive-In, St. Augustine; Chester D. Mikesell, booker for the Sixth naval district, Charleston, S. C, and K. Porter, Temple, Perry, Fla. . . . Ernest Pelegrin, office manager, entertained the office force and their families at an oyster roast December 13. Roy Morgan, Warner head shipper, has been promoted to the booking department. Ernest McCulley has been promoted to head shipper . staffers had a dinner dance at Kimbers inn December 20. The Christmas exchange of gifts will be December 24 around the Christmas tree in the office . . . Joan McKellan, MGM actress, who was in Jacksonville for a personal appearance, visited the office. Marshall Sling, Universal office manager, returned from a week's vacation spent at his home in Georgia Laird is taking a two-week . vacation beginning December Buford Styles, manager, has been 22 . . . out of the office because of a cold . . . Mike Kline, home office auditor, spent almost a week on Dick Beck's annual fishing expedition near Kissimmee. Arv Rothchild recently returned from a booking trip to Atlanta. Rothchild announced that there will be no admission charge at three Negro theatres, the Strand, Roosevelt and Pix, on December 24 . . Byron . Adams of United Artists, Atlanta, visited Exhibitors Service with District Manager George Pabst. Charles King returned to the office this week following his recent illness. The Plnecrest Drive-In, Duval county's newest, held its grand opening December 11. Large newspaper advertisements and radio commercials preceded the opening. Many of the contractors and supply firms ran congratulatory ads. The opening features were "The Big Sky" and "Gypsy Wildcat." Four hundred orchids, 400 cigars and 200 Bar-B-Q hot dogs were given patrons free in addition to souvenirs for the kiddies. Owners of the new drive-in, which has a 360-car capacity, are Capt. Hans G. Vige and L. L. Broward. Mrs. Gwendolyn Allen is manager. The Pinecrest policy will be double feature programs of recent releases with programs changed three times each week. Open Renovated Gordon Theatre MERIDIAN, MISS.—The newly renovated Gordon Theatre, formerly the Stardust, has been reopened, according to operator Gordon Moody, former manager of the Meridian Drive-In. A fresh paint job and a new marquee were among the improvements. Complete Concession Equipment and Supplies THE QUEEN FEATURE SERVICE, INC. 1912Mi Morris Ave. Phone 3-8665 BIRMINGHAM 3, ALABAMA s Arkansas ITO to Meet May 5 in Little Rock LITTLE ROCK—The Independent Theatri I Owners of Arkansas will hold its 1953 conven-'] tion at the Marion hotel here May 5, 6. Offi-j cers and the board of directors will hold f ...^'u.. w - — - - , 1 2 cents per word How Christmas Seals help save lives Successful methods of treatment make it more important than ever to find the 150,000 "unknown" cases of tuberculosis—and to find them early. Mass X-ray campaigns to findTB in time are part of the work your Christmas Seal dollars help support. Remember, no one can be "cured" until treated . . . and no one can be treated imtil the disease is discovered. Send in your contribution today. Buy Christmas Seals Because of the imporlance of this nZ-NY/^CCI^C mcssaBe. space D^^AwrrlV-L contributed by BOXOFFICE :: December 20, US

i I Bruce . . Leland . Nell from . . . K. Kentucky 'i'SllJ!,;,;. :tors wu ^ r i>! the eg^ tee t« lis i emce * tot 11 m I Allnlo ' Sharpening in Film Taste Noted by Rural Exhibitor from Canodion Edtfion WINNIPEG— So far 1952 .shows u coiLslderubli' incrensc in patronage and rt-cpipts over 1951. William Zaparanulk, Independent clr- ;uU owner, repo.ted on a trip here recently. "I am very well satisfied with the .state of iNlslne.s.s In all my town.s. one major factor being the mild winter we had In January and February, with all road.s free during the entire sea.son, in to other winters in my area during which .six-foot drlfU' h'ock tU road.s for .six or eight weeks and patronage 1.S nonexistent." An exhibitor of eight years, Zaparanluk manages his circuit from Prince Albert.,. with houses in Meadow Lake (Midway), Domreny, Duck Liike and in the Prince Albert National park (Park). Besides these four SSmm situations, he also operates a 16mm drcuit In six .small towns around Prince Albert. With the exception of the Park, which is a resort town house, all the circuit houses are in rural agricultural districts. "Much to the surprise of many to whom I mentioned this, the taste for film among my farmer patrons has of late been sharpened and matured for better and meatier programs. Small action westerns are taboo, and former favorites such as Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and the lesser ilk are strictly poLson in my houses. My public, if it wants to see a western, insists on Technicolor, story values and a good dramatic plot: and action, though necessary, is of secondary importance. "Hollywood producers should realize that there is nobody left to fool; that in order to take money they must produce good pictures. and by good I don't refer to that definition dreamed up or nightmared up by the publicity department." A. L. King Uses Clown Bally WAYNESBORO. MISS.—A little greasepaint, some powder and a part-time employe made an excellent clown ballyhoo for "The Greatest Show on Earth" at the Royal Theatre here. Manager Albert L. King also used a sound car and put out plenty of pai>er for the four-day engagement. Theatre Ruined by Fire FORDYCE. ARK.—The Dalla.s Theatre, the jDallas lonly house in town, was recently destroyed in a fire. Paul Marks, manager, said the one- .story building was a total loss. There was ino immediate estimate as to the building's Iworth. The Dallas was owned by K. Lee jWilliams. MEMPHIS T. Illti bouBht the Park, Plu/ji and Coiy J Uirntres. BentonvlUe, Ark , John Lowrey, well-known exhibitor HItl will book and buy here . Murphy. Mklesman for Monarch Tlieatrc Supply Co., nufrcred a broken toe when he dropped a 2x4 on hLi foot . Mrs. OrrLs Colllav Piu-agould. Ark . who with her hasband operates the Capitol and Majestic theutre.s there, wait In the MethodLsl hospital here recovering after an operation . Mitchell. Monarch office manager, was called to Hou.ston to the bedside of his father who was serlou.ily ill. The 20th-Fox Family club held Its annual Chrlstma.s party CH'cembfr 19 at Hotel Claridge. Additional drive-ins closed for the sea.son included: B. D Brlghfs Hl-Y. Henderson, Ky.: Sunset, Calvert City, Ky : 79 Drive-In. Hughes, Ark.; Fray.ser, Fray.ser; Starllte, Gassvllle. Ark.: Sunset, Martin; Raco, Covington; Winona, Winona, Ml.vs.; Autovue, Maiden, Mo.; Skylark, Newport, Ark ; Skyway, Princeton, Ky.; Broadview, Morganfleld, Ky.; Mena, Mena, Ark.; Alrvue, West Helena, Ark.; Skylark, Clartsdale, Miss.; Audubon, Henderson, Ky.; Starvue, Stuttgart. Ark.; 78. Tupelo, Miss., and the 70 Drive-In, Hot Springs. . W. F. Ruffin jr., Ruffin Amu.sements Co., Covington; I. W. Bowden, Sundown, Paris, and Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Flexer, Ml-De-Ga, and Lake Drive-In, Waverly, were among west Tennessee exhibitors seen on Filmrow . . Fire damaged the Bradford lArk.) Theatre .. Brown, owner, closed the Caddo Theatre, Forester, Ark., and for a good reason. The town of Forester—which is made up mostly of workers and officials for a big lumber concern—is moving to another location to follow the lumber concern. Brown had no announcement as to whether his theatre will move along with the town. C. W. Tipton, owner, closed the Tiptoi-. Theatre, Caraway, Ark., which is one of hi.s seasonal operations . . . Ben Hill, exploitation man for Universal, was in town working on "Mississippi Gambler," which is holding part of its river-town premiere in Memphis. The pictures will also have St. Louis and New Orleans premieres. It opens at Malco Theatre here January 14 . . . Universal here will begin its part of the Charles J. Feldman sil- HANDY ver annivrr>ary drlvr i>ccrnibrr 28 It »tll continue throiitth May 2 yrUUntkH '.t nalca manager Drivr-lna which have tone Into weekend oprrntlonji In the Memphis territory Include the Lakevlrw. Hardin. Ky . Lake. Benton. Ky . Poinsett. Marked Tree Ark ; 46, Boonevllle, Mliu. . and 41. Okolona. MUa. K. King, owner, has decided to operate his Dixie ozoner. Searcy. Ark . on weekends only Instead of cloning for the seuoo as prcvlou.%ly announced. R. J. Osborne, CreMrent. Belzoni: Paul Meyers, Center and Strand. Lexington, Blm; Walter Lee. Rice at Des Arc and New and Gem at Heber Springs; Mose.s Sliman. Lux. Luxora; William Ellas. Murr. Osceola; Orris Massey and Roi)ert Stegall. Stone. Mountain View; J D. Shepherd. Rex at DeVaUi Bluff and Palestine at Palestine; J. K. Jamejwjn. Joy, Bald Knob; Glen Brown, Ritz at Reyno and Gem at Success, and Mrs. Eunice Mitchell. Gem. Dumas. 1,109 TB suftereri hav« b««n h«al«d—r««tor*d f9 useful llvct thrau9h tkillful core at WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. MONARCH Theatre Supply, Inc Ntil Blount *S2 So. Second Si. Marophts. Tana. iinb*'# lOS Jeoli )iO0 SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Largtst covtraje in U.S. No '"Net" iist-l tngs. Higllest reputation for jinow-howl and fair dealing. 30 years experience in-f eluding exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists! 3305 Caruth, Dallas. Texas Telephones: EM 0238 • EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE INVITED lOXOFFICE December 20, 1952