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^^. . . / urge employers

^^. . . / urge employers to install the Payroll Savings Plan... 99 M. B. F0L80M Treasurer, Eastman Kodak Company "Continued sating iviU play an important part in protecting us against a renewal of inflation. The person tvho saves contributes to the nation^s stability and to his Jamily^s security. He can now also obtain a higher return on his investment than he could in the past, because of the improvements in Defense Bonds noiv offered by the V. S. Treasury. I urge employers to install the Payroll Savings Plan wherever practicable, and employees to take advantage of such plan. By investing regularly in improved Defense Bonds, Americans serve their nation''s interests as well as their own." If your company does not have the Payroll Savings Plan- Please tear out this page and send it to the "Big Boss." Urge that he read, carefully, Mr. Folsom's superb summary of the Payroll Savings Plan and its benefits for employers, employees and our country. The following figures should he ])articularly interesting to anyone not familiar with the wide adoption and the steady growth of the Payroll Savings Plan • 4S,000 companies offer their employees the Payroll Savings Plan. • since January 1, 1951, enrollment in The Plan has increased from 5,000,000 to 7,500,000. • in some companies, more tlian 90% of the employees are systematic bond buyers — in literally thousands of other companies, employee participation runs 60%, 70%, 80%. • payroll savers are putting aside $150,000,000 per month in U.S. Defense Bonds. • the cash value of Series E Bonds held by individuals on December 31, 1951, amounted to S34.8 billion- $4.8 billion more than the cash value of Series E Bonds outstanding in August, 1945. Phone, wire or write to Savings Bond Division, U.S. Treasury Department, Washington Building. ^ ashington, D.C. Your State Director will show you how easy it is to install and maintain the Payroll Savings Plan. If you have a Payroll Savings Plan, your State Director will show you how to build employee participation through a person-toperson canvass that puts an Application Blank in the hands of every employee. That's oil you have to do— your employees will do the rest. The v. S. Government does not pay jor this advertising. The Treasury Department thanhs, jor their patriotic donation, the Advertising Council and BOXOFFICE '^:,;- BOXOFFICE December 20, 195.

. national I I nell. ! Griffith. I I DALLAS VARIETY ARRANGING GALA ZUKOR CELEBRATION Ml More Than 1.000 Expected To Attend Dinner to Be Held Jan. 28 DALLAS^ Directors of Texu-s Variety Club and representatives of Texas COMPO have enthusiastically approved plans to honor Adolph Zukor in a golden Jubilee celebration lor his outstanding contributions to the motion picture industry these past 50 years. The Texas Variety tent and Texas COMPO scheduled the local celebration for January 28 In the Baker hotel here. A glitternig array of 150 personalities will be seated on the dais and more than 1.000 exhibitors from the southwest are expected to come to Dallas for the celebration, in addition to all the prominent industrialists of the south, southwest and midwest. Mexico's Cantinflas Gives Houston Tent 34 Benefit MANY GOVERNORS ON LIST Also among the list of dignitaries invited «.(ipei ,wllik»« «re governors Allan Shivers. Texas; Roy J. Turner, Oklahoma: Robert Kennon, Louisiana: Francis Cherry, Arkansas: Frank Clement, Tennes.see: Hugh White, Mississippi: Howard Pyle. Arizona: Edward J. Mechem, New Mexico: Dan Thornton, Colorado: Edward F. Arn. Kansas; Phil M. Donnelly, Missouri, and Robert Cro.sby of Nebraska. Paul Short and John Rowley were appointed temporary co-chairmen, but it is expected that R. J. O'Donnell, Variety Interchairman of the Zukor Golden Jubik lee celebration, will appoint a general chairman at the next board of directors and general meeting of the Texas tent. "We are going to make this the most elaborate affair that we have ever undertaken to honor a great man." said Rowley, second International chief barker, at the meeting, which was attended by Chief Barker C. A. Dolsen, Al Reynolds, Phil Isley, Meyer Rachofsky, Charles E. Darden, Kendall Way, Harold Schwarz. Joe Caffo, W. L. Marshall. Clyde W. Rembert, Walter Penn and Jack Bryant. KNTHUSIASTIC APPROVAL GIVEN Enthusiastic and unanimous approval was given by the Texas COMPO executive board 'consisting of Karl Hoblitzelle. R. J. O'Don- Col. H. A. Cole. Edward H. Rowley. H. J. Claude C. Ezell. Phil Isley. Julius Gordon. Henry Reeve, Paul Short and Kyle ! Rorex. Arrangements are being completed to televise the banquet in addition to bringing it to the vast radio audiences via network hookups. Newsreel coverage will be extensive. John Rowley is arranging a meeting with the chief barkers from Houston. Oklahoma City and Memphis as well as film leaders from Kansas City. Denver and New Orleans who will work together to bring leaders to Dallas for this momentous event. Under O'Donnell's leadership Variety International will honor Adolph Zukor at the International Variety convention in Mexico City April 18-23. HOUSTON—Houston Variety Tent 34. in behalf of its pet charity, the Variety Boys club, staged one of its biggest and most unusual-productions here Wednesday (17i with the first United States appearance of Mexican film star Mario Moreno, who uses the stage name of Cantinflas. The Mexican star, that nation's number one film attraction, had his entire all-Mexican .show at the Sam Houston Coliseum here. The troupe included some 35 persons, singers, dancers and bull fighters. He also brought along three Mexican fighting bulls with which the comedian staged a comic, bloodless fight. This was one of the greatest shows ever staged in this city and the Mexican star donated the entire show and all proceeds to the Variety Boys club. Meantime, while the big benefit show was going on. the Boys club, with its membership of 1.600 youths, was proudly taking credit (or winning its first football "Bowl" game by defeating Boys Town of Nebraska 28 to in the annual national Milk bowl in Rosenberg. Tex., before a crowd of more than 6.000 persons. The "Bowl" game had all the splendor and gaiety of a real contest and the captains of both teams crowned Holl>-wood starlet GIgl Perreau as queen of the national bowl in a colorful halftime ceremony. The bands from St. Thomas high school. Wharton Junior college and the drill squads of Klrwln and Wharton, along with a peewee drill unit, named the Duquettes, added spice to the contest. After crowning Miss Perreau. team captains George Deplease of Boys Town and Pete Miller of Boys club shyly placed a kiss on her cheeks. L. D. Irwin, president of the Rosenberg Lions club, gave the starlet a white The abovp photographs show rantiflas. Mrxiran film comrdian: the Bots club football tram, which drfeatrd Boys Town of Nebraska 2K to 0. and briow. new < hief Barker Mitchell M. I.ewLs. western-style leather Jacket with a Lions emblem on it. So dominant were the midgets from Houston that they only had to punt once during the game. Terry Dyal, probably the fastest boy on the field, was the player who carried the club to its win. On the business side of Tent 34 acUvlttes one of the largest membership turnouts on record met to elect new officers and crew. Selected were Mitchell M. Lewis. Lewis Thea- I Continued on Next Page BOXOFFICE December 20. 1952 sw 75