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SAN ANTONIO /^.ipt. M. T. "Lone Wolf" Gonzaullas of the Texas Rangers and now a technical adviser on outdoor historical westerns, was in town to herald the premiere of "The Lawless Breed" which opened at the Majestic December 11. The veteran Texas peace officer now is retired after many years of service along the Rio Grande between Eagle Pass and El Paso. He also was in charge of Rangers in northern Texas for a number of years. The story is authentic in every respect and is woven around the trials and tribulations of the famous John Wesley Hardin, who was a widely known Texas character of yesteryear. "Bwana Devil," the three-dimension film, is scheduled for a special engagement at the Texas starting Christmas day at increased admission prices. Arch Oboler, producer and director of "Bwana Devil." and M. L. Gunzberg head of Natural Vision Corp., were in town a week in advance of the openmg. They appeared on radio and television stations The press also gave them timely interviews in the interest of the picture. Majestic bookings: "Million Dollar Mermaid" opens December 25, and "Staxs and Stripes Forever" opens January 1 ... The Lew Brays are expecting their second bundle of joy to arrive at their Harlingen home some time during the holidays. Exhibitors here to book Mexican pictures included Huam Parks, owner of the El Capital! Teatro. Lubbock; Gustavo Lavenant, Haydee, Dilley; Jose Lopez, Lopez Hall, Charlotte; Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Franks, who reside in Lubbock and operate the Alto Theatre at Wilson; Miguel Galvan, Teatro Pena, A Good Rule to Follow SCREEN ^aufe^ Merchant-Trailers For extra income ... for sure-fire merchant-exhibitor satisfaction, tie-in with Cauger today. Cauger's 22 years of experience can help you NOW. Distributing More than 80 Manufacturer-Dealer Programs . FORD . CHEVROLET • PONTIAC • SPEED QUEEN • WESTINGHOUSE • SCHULZE and BURCH CRACKERS New Braunfels, and Francisco Trevino, Ideal Pearsall ... J. Truex, Azteca skipper, spent' the weekend on a business trip through the Lower Rio Grande valley. Julian Bowes, U-I field man, Dallas, wasjl here handling exploitation for the premierel of U-I's "Lawless Breed" at the Majestic. Cantinilas Stages Show for Variety (Continued from preceding page) tres, chief barker; Bruce Layer, KPRC. first assistant chief barker; Mack Howard, Ruby Howard, Inc., second assistant chief barker; Ray Hay, Metropolitan, doughguy; E. J. Miller, operators union, property master, anc L. C. Kirby, Bluebonnet Film Transfer, inter national canvasman. In addition to these | other crew members are Paul M. Boesch, Gul: A.C.; Francis R. Deering; Frank Wilke, Boulevard Theatre; C. R. Coneway. Humble Oil & Refinery Co.; Al R. Lever, Interstate Theatres; John Paul Goodwin; Pat Flaherty; A Mortensen, Southwestern Theatre Equipment and Fred Nahas. Convention delegates an Mack Howard and Fred Nahas, with alternates Bruce Layer and Ray Hay. Installation dinner for the new officers crew will be held in the Pioneer room at B: WiUiams restaurant Saturday, January 10 John Rowley, second assistant Internationa chief barker, will be speaker and wives will b. invited to attend the affair. The lent will stage its most celebrated socia evening of the year next week with the annua dinner dance at the Shamrock room of th Shamrock hotel on Saturday l27). This is ten 34's "evening out" and is always well-attendei by local and visiting barkers. Bobby Tinterow Shamrock orchestra, will furnish the musi and entertainment. Variety's traditionsj Christmas gift will be given to each woma:^ present. All Grosses at Dallas Sink Under Average DALLAS—All grosses were under averagi as Christmas activities gained momentum. Majestic—The Lowless Breed (U-1) ', Palace— Hurricane Smith (Para) 'I Melba—The Turning Point (Para) ^|l Tower— Fearless Fagan (MGM) • ORANGE CRUSH • SINCLAIR . CROSLEY . INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Fill those Empty Spaces with Profit-Earning ads JUST . . . YOU CAN RELY ON itidh PiciyiiE service ci 125 HYDE ST. SAN FRANCI CO (2). CALIF Gerald l. Kprski.. .. Presiden PHONE or WRITE FOR SALE ATTRACTIVE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 425 speokcrs. Steel tower with oportment^ Onl> one in tost growing town between Dallas onll Fort Worth. $85,000. Terms, $35,000 down. "JOE" JOSEPH 340S Milton Dallas, Ttxoi Phones LO-S707 or LA-9437 BOXOFFICE December 20, 19i

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