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EASTERN OKLAHOMA By ART LaMAN TULSA—For no apparent reason, vandals went all-out a few nights ago apparently in an attempt to wreck the marquee of the Cove Theatre. They backed a car under the theatre front, and by standing on the car top reached the lettered section of the marquee sign, where background glass, neon tubing and letters on di.splay were destroyed. Manager R. V. McGinnis estimated that replacement of broken tubing and glass would cost $500 or more. « • « There is one very happy high school beauty in Tulsa; Charlotte Markham, 17-year-old senior at the Will Rogers high school. Miss Markham has been named one of the six most beautiful Indian girls in the U.S.A. She represents the Cherokee tribe. Columbia Pictures has offered the Indian beauty a contract, which includes a clause that she shall appear in at least one picture to be filmed in Technicolor. « * H. E. Hardgrove, manager and part owner of the Admiral Drive-In, is convalescing at Hillcrest hospital from a heart attack suf- SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Largest coverage in U.S. No "Net" list- r- iriQS. Highest reputation for know-how and fair dealing. 30 years experience Including exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists! 3305 Caruth, Dallas, Texas Telephones: EM 0238 - EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE' INVITtD fered a few weeks ago. The drive-in is staying open on the weekends with Mrs. Hardgrove supervising the operation with the help of John Howley. former theatre manager now connected with the Pete White advertising agency. All of Hardgrove's friends wish him a speedy recovery. * * * For the first time someone in downtown area of Tulsa is doing something about a meeting place for the teenagers as well as the older folks who do not care for beer joints. R. V. McGinnis. manager of the Cozy Tlieatre, saw the opportunity when a beer parlor next door became vacant. He leased the building which is over 100 feet in length, removed the beer fixtures and installed a popcorn machine, plenty of soft drink R. V. McGinnis coolers, a jukebox and a few novelty games, plus plenty of candy featuring a full line of Curtiss Sweets. * * * W. A. Kuchel. district field manager for the Curtiss Candy Co.. saw to it that a full supply was on hand for the opening which took place some ten days ago with an almost full house on hand during the entire evening. A rough idea of the crowd can be obtained from the fact that some 30-odd cases of Coca- Cola were sold. Since the opening, a fine TAKE INVENTORY OF YOUR PROJECTION BOOTH REPLACE WORN & OBSOLETE ITEMS Amplifiers Strong Lamps Speakers Rectifiers Tubes Wenzel Projectors Sound Heads Rectifier Tubes Exciter Lamps—Sand Urns Photo Electric Cells Popcorn Machines—Reels Sno Cone Machines Film Cabinets Peanut Machines—Film Tables Deep Frye Machines—Tickets Hot Dog Machines—Ticket Machines Light Fixtures Projection Machine Parts Film Splicers AND MANY OTHER ITEMS BERBER BROTHERS "Fair Treatment and Adequate Service for 25 Years" 408 S. HARWOOD DALLAS 1, TEXAS griddle has been installed and now hot dogs and sandwiches are sold. And in the next few weeks. McGinnis expects to make many more additions and to spend rather large sums in new decorations. Already a number of police and others interested in clean amusement for the teenagers)' have commended McGinnis for the fine job he has done. We also extend our own congratulations on something that there should be more of. * • * Ralph Drewry has announced that the J Orpheum Theatre will offer a special stage | attraction Monday i22) whenRudy Vallee. thel Vagabond lover of some 20 years ago, will] present his one-man show at four performances. A local orchestra with a number of thel musicians from the old Orpheum pit band J will furnish the music. On the screen will| be "The Son of Ali Baba." * * » Tulsa theatregoers can take their pick ot\ outstanding attractions for their holiday entertainment. At the Ritz will be "Stars and] Stripes Forever"; Majestic. "The MiUion Dollar Mermaid": Rialto. "Abbott and Costello] Meet Captain Kidd": Orpheum. "Thunder Inj the East"; Delman. "It Grows on Trees";! Plaza. "Park Row." and "The Fighter" at thel i Tulsa. This is the greatest array of top first! runs for seven theatres in Tulsa for Christmas week. Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year, Allied oi Oklahoma Session in February TULSA—The first annual convention of Allied Independent Theatre Owners of Oklahoma already is assured of having one of the best theatre get-togethers ever held in Oklahoma. The date is February 23-25; the place is the Biltmore hotel. Oklahoma City. The Tulsa committee, composed of R. V. McGinnis. Harold Bowers. Earl Snyder. Eddie Jones. Bernard McKenna. has alreadjf been in contact with many of the builders of the atre equipment who have contracted for booth space in the tradeshow as well as advertising space in the souvenir program. Bowers announced all booth space w'ould be; sold long before the opening February 23. Several entertainers have been secia-ed from the film studios. £ Merry Xmas Sr ond Happy New Year § to All ft Field Representative for i» BOXOFFICE S (Conductor of 5ound-Prog; jection Dept. MODERN .g THEATRE every month.) » Test Films — Specia -^. "Servicing Bulletins" I WESLEY TROUT g P.O. Box 575, Enid, Oklo TEXAS PROJECTOR CARBON CO. 2023 Young Street Dallas, Texas Telephone: Riverside 3807 PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. BOXOFFICE :: December 20, 1952.

hi DALLAS iisitit'.'] to w;. m ttli; 1 specm : yeari j- tile scKc !e tlieii pa lieii Wfc - SI* "Stan', nit Mid )tt anii Cr 1111, "Tliiir.-- 'OR on Tr- ; Fijlitfr" i. myofloj': falsa loir,vf petoiisNejiJ 3rlg. ) Gen. Paul L. Wakefield, state director If selective service. Austin, accompanied marj soblitzelle. Schellenberg's home is Dalhart. Stormy Meadows is completing her lex. . . . al conveoti; Ighth Owners ol CJ _ annual edition of the Texas Theatre )l liaiiiij ( lers ever hi taaiy23-S' iirlSBjder.i to alieaoj le builders o! ;e contratiK low as well soiivenii P'- ih space ni' FeW lyhf mother of Mart Cole, circuit openilor In Rosenberg, filed Monday (15>. She wn,i . . . I sister of Forest Thompson's mother Walter Titus, district munaffpr for Republic, pent a few days here with Manager Jack tluuUhan. 1 Christma.s parties were held along Filmlow thLs aiul last week . . . Republic held a ;ala affair Friday (I9> afternoon on the seci)nd floor of the exchange building. Rowley 'Jnlted Theatres held Us Chrlslma-s party the line day iihercd at a breakfast last week (12» In .lie Dallas Athletic club. Christmas bonu.scs vere presented by R. J. O'Donnell. Clinrles E. Darden, president of Associated Popcorn ptetrlbutors, gave a party for the employes kt his home on Colt road Wednesday eveking (17). Col. H. A. Cole and R. J. O'Donnell returned [rom the national COMPO board meeting in tJhlcago "Bwana Devil," the three-dimen- . . . !ion film, w-ill open at the Majestic Theatre ;;hrlstmas day. Karl Hnblitzelle of Interstate circuit, presilent of the Texa.s Heritage society, presented Texas flag to Dr. T. R. Schellenberg, diector of archival management. National LTChives and Records, during a ceremony at Washington Monday (15i in connection with he enshrinement of the Declaration of Indeendence. the Constitution and Bill of Rights. ulde. It is expected to be off the press liortly after January 1 . . . The Filmrow ^^^ffifl£n«r. girls .\Ii.M. .Motion Picture Svcrrlarlrx) were to hiild .1 iMlii "bavt luncheon" ThurMlay il8i The H.^ boy« at Variety Club's Boy.^ Ranch wore looking forward to the unnuol ChiiJitmas party Sunday evening '21> for Variety Club membi'(ted that the clubroom.i of Tent 17 In the Adolphus hotel would be filled to overflowing for the Cadillac-Ford giveaway Saturday evening (20). AROUND OKLAHOMA By WKSLKY ntOUT Tom Lewis, owner of the Max and Rite theatres, Cherokee. I.s one of those progressive managers who does not gripe about buslne.-is conditions—he work* a lifle harder when is slow! He said business had picked up this month after having been a little slow in November. He said that TV had not hurt too much. Set purchasers stay away awhile, but when the novelty wears off they are back again as steady patrons, he explained. And many TV owners who never did attend shows he thought would be future theatre patrons. "After gettin-; used to westerns on TV they will like to see outstanding picture presentations at the theatre," he said. The Max is equipped with RCA sound and Brenkert projectors, supplied by Oklahoma Theatre Supply. The house, formerly a roadshow house, has been made into a very neat and attractive picture theatre. The Rltz is operated on weekends only. Many drive-ins have stayed open longer this season due to a long warm fall. The screen programs at the Jake Theatre at Shawnee are well advertised and its sound and projection are excellent. Theatre gift books are being offered at all the Video theatres in Enid. Westerns-Features-Serials Tower Pictures Co. HAROLD SCHWARZ 'S02 S Harwood St. Dallas 1. Texas Phone RA-773S ^^XS\i^^1ff^V^V:^13S^ ^S^^^^S^ 9^ &yi: . In Uic Black hottl. Variety Tent 22 will move lo new quartern at the BlUmore hotel by March I. 1953. or iiooner If poiwlble C H. "Buck" Weaver, who presided at hl« final crew meeting an chief barker last week, uUd the club la planning lo upend 110.000 for new equipment and furniture for the new clubroomi. The tent, only 12 yean old. hax taken the east and north end of the lop floor of the Btltmore. vacated by Radio SUtlon KOMA which moved recently to Itii new home near town. The balance of the floor, according to Weaver, will be made into offices by the management of the hotel. There will be a vestibule as you get off the elevator on 24lh for public use. The club quarters will be off this lobby. Weaver explained that the hotel will remodel the floor and decorate 11 for the new tenants. Tent 22 will have half again as much room as at present, according to Weaver, but the arrangement will be "much better." There will be a main big clubroom. a .M^parate bar room, cloakroom.s. a cardroom. and restrooms. He mentioned a board room, but didn't explain whether it wa-s to be like the current setup, a double purpose room for board meetings and card parties. Plans are to launch an all-out membership campaign and build the club every way possible. Weaver discussed the great possibilities and opportunities ahead for the club. If sufficient room is obtained for a growing organization. Private parties, luncheons, dinners, open-houses and such which will bring In added revenue. At the Variety board session. contribuUon cards were handed out and will be distributed by the Variety members and exhibitors. Weaver said the cards will be sent throughout the country. These contribution cards are tagged for $1 and all funds will go into the tent's charity treasury. Two of the lucky contributors win receive a new Cadillac or a new Ford. Dee Fuller, entertainment chairman. is in charge of this project. The autos will be given away on Valentine's day. Some of the new crew sat in on the final .se.ssion of the year. Outgoing officers are Weaver. C. B. Akers of Tulsa and Peoria. 111., who was second assistant, and Fuller, property manager. Weaver Is the new international canvasman, succeeding J. C. Hunter. Tulsa, who is leaving the show business for the hotel business In Florida. At the January 5 session. Charley Hudgens. Universal manager, will take over the gavel as chief barker, while Don Tullius. Warner exchange head, will be his first assistant, and Ralph DrewTy. general manager of Tulsa Downtown Theatres, will be second assLstant. George Fisher. MGM manager, will be property master and Harry McKenna of this city, who is interested in Southwestern Theatres, will be doughguy. Other new crewmen Include Charles R. Guthrie and Claude F. Motley, both Video Theatres officials. To Build at Vidor, Tex. \aDOR. TEX.—A drive-ln theatre win be built about five miles north of town on the Evangeline highway by the Jefferson Amusement Co. of Beaumont. The company has purchased 38 acres of land as a site for the 500-car drlve-ln. 79