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Suggested Portable Equipment For Theatre Fire by J. A. NEUMANN I HE Leaders in fire protection throughout the country, such as the National Fire Protection Ass'n, insurance companies, fire prevention bureaus and safety men, have set up what they call "Standard Portable Fire Protection." which in many cases differs, depending on the size, location, type of building construction of each theatre. The average 600-seat house should have the following suggested items, listed as stations. Each station consists of the following equipment: STATION 1— Projection 2 Booth. 1 -quart vaporizing liquid extinguishers (C.T.C. type) 1 2'/i-gallon soda and acid extinguisher (class A extinguisher) 1 10-pound carbon dioxide extinguisher (electrical tires) These extinguishers should be mounted as follows: •Mr. Neumonn is president of the Minnesota Fire Extinguisher Co., and is on the staff of the Minnesota state fire school, University of Minnesota. Protection 1 1 -quart V.L. extinguisher mounted on each projection machine 1 2'/2-gallan soda and acid extinguisher, placed near the exit door of booth 1 10-pound C.0.2 placed also near the exit door of booth There should be mounted on the wall, at least one six-pound fire axe plus a battery operated light. STATION 2—STATION 3—Should be on the main floor near the exit or in lobby, one station on each side. STATION 4—STATION 5—Should be locoted on eoch side of the screen, stage and heating plant. These stations shall be called "The Emergency Portable First Aid Fire Protection Station." The manager shall be responsible for these stations. It is his duty to teach every employe where and how to use the extinguisher. This includes not just explaining the equipment, but actually demonstrating its use, perhaps even a little fire drill. He could also call the chief of the fire department, who, I am sure, would be only too glad to help with the above plan. Following are the chief kinds of fire extinguishers: SODA-ACID—This is the familiar cylindri- The fACTS are in favor of ... RAYTONE'S NEW fMHScemc" SCREEN SURROUND Designed, engineered, produced r.«sn^ ^-^^^"^' • A WELL-PROPORTIONED PICTURE FROM ANY SEATl • NO RADICAL CHANGES TO STAGE! SYSTEM CAN FLY! • CURTAIN CAN BE USED BETWEEN FEATURES I • NO DISTRACTING FLUCTUATION OF LIGHT! ^ *R. J. Mulltrt Polanli lor all theatres. Very little stage space required. Extends effective picture area. "Transcenic" vision gives illusion of depth — you look jnto the picture. A pleasing, low-level illumination is maintained in the surround area and provides more comfortable viewing conditions. This is the viewing method advocated by leading eye specialists and lighting engineers— balanced lighting over the field of vision 1. Light source controllable from the projection booth, as it should be, with a small slide projector and patented mask. 2. Special color effects available when desired. 3. Perfect viewing from every seat. No one-sided surround when Bide seals are used. 4. A dramatic improvement In screen presentation at reasonable cost. 5. The perfect setting for true third dimension films when they become available. ASK YOUR RAYTONE DEALER ABOUT "TRANSGENIC" FOR YOUR THEATRE - OR WRITE FOR INFORMATION AND DEALER LIST. .^..^RAYTONE SCREEN CORP. !brVokES?.v.r y.' cal tank, with the heavy ring handle on top, which holds two-and-one-half gallons and has a three-foot hose. Turning it upside down empties a bottle of sulphuric acid inside, which, with the bicarbonate of soda in the water, forms a gas, expelling the water in a 30-to-40-foot stream. The stream lasts about 60 seconds. GAS CARTRIDGE— This extinguisher looks like the soda-acid type, but has a plunger at the top. Inside is a small cylinder of carbon dioxide which is punctured by inverting the extinguisher and bumping the plunger. The carbon dioxide then forces the water out under pressure. The spray lasts 60 seconds. PUMP TANK— These extinguishers are usually cylindrical containers with a pump handle on top and a short hose that throws a 40-foot stream of water. Some types are shaped to be carried on the back like a knapsack, the pump in the hose handle. Although usually of only two and one-half-gallon capacity, this extinguisher can be refilled easily, even by someone else while you are using it. It is about the easiest type to operate and maintain. VAPORIZING LIQUID— You can use this extinguisher for flammable liquid and electrical fires. Usually a small pump gun, it squirts carbon tetrachloride or some other chemical which vaporizes into an inert, heavy gas that smothers the flames. Contents are usually one quart. The stream is 20 feet and lasts about 30 seconds—so you have to work fast. The gas is toxic, and use of this extinguisher in unventilated areas is dangerous. CARBON DIOXIDE-Por both flammableliquid and electrical fires. Releases a cloud of carbon dioxide "snow" through a megaphone-shaped nozzle and blankets the blaze. It lasts about 25 seconds and has short range—three to eight feet. You now should try out the extinguishers to see and know how they operate. Label your fire extinguishers with tags as to when they were serviced. When calling in a serviceman, be sure he knows what he is doing. Getting reliable servicemen is most important. If these extinguishers are not properly serviced, they will be of little protection as first aid fire extinguishers. Keep your extinguishers in the right place and the same place at all times, and near an exit so the fire cannot trap you. Remember, all types of fire extinguishers should be inspected and serviced annually. Don't buy extinguishers that are not approved by the Underwriters. They may fail you in a crisis. Accept the fact! Good extinguishers cost money but they are well loorth it in the end. Last but not least, remember: 1. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING—Don't let candy wrappers and popcorn boxes collect back stage at any time. 2. TEACH ALL EMPLOYES HOW AND WHAT TO DO IN CASE OP PIRE— "But remember," in case of a fire, always call the fire department first. 18 The MODERN THEATRE SECTION

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