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. . . How REFRESHMENT SERVICE NAPM Cites DeMille BUTTERLIKE AROMA . . . stops em in their tracks — makes 'em want to eat popcorn. ^ BUTTERLIKE APPEARANC . . . gives your popcorn a golden hue . . . makes it look good enough to eat! BUTTERLIKE TASTE . . that satisfying flavor that makes 'cm \\ant to eat more popcorn! POPSIT PLUS ONLY ^^'^^'M^^^'f-m Q,vE5 YOUR POPCORN THESE THREE FEATURES! pURt Plus less cost per bag, fewer "duds", easy to measure accurately, pours in all weather OoW Made by C. F. Sinonlii's Sons, Inc. phua. 34, pa. Is a cluttered concession counter your bottleneck? The first annual Golden Ear of Popcorn Award was presented to Cecil 8. DeMille, Paramount Pictures Corp in recognition of his picture, "The Greatest Show on Earth." His grandson, Jody Harper, presented the award on behalf of the /National Ass'n of Popcorn Manufacturers which created the trophy at its recent convention. It will be awarded annually for outstanding industry service. Rich Moves Up in Sweets Co. Sam E. Rich has been elected vice-president of the Sweets Co. of America. Inc.. according to an announcement by William B. Rubin, president. Rich has been sales manager for many years, in charge of sales promotion of Tootsie Rolls. Tootsie Candies and Tootsie Pudge'n Frosting Mix. He is well known in the theatre field and is a member of the Candy Evecutives club. Your counter space is valuable' The SODAMAKER presents a flat, Formica top. No gooseneck faucets, dispenser heads or other obstructions to interfere with speedy service. Top is hinged for easy access to large gravity-type syrup pans. Faster service means more profit! .... Dealer Territories Open .... SUPERIOR REFRIGERATOR MFG. CO. 822-824 Hodlamont Ave. St. Louis )2, Mo. Weisbach Joins Dod's Root Beer Co Ben W. Weisbach has been named assistant national sales manager in the fountain flavor division of Dad's Root Beer Co. Weisbach joined Dad's after six years of varied and extensive experience in the field of advertising and sales promotion. Ben W. Weisbach Improvement ^ PAYS... Do It \ NOW! MOVIES ARE BETTER THAN EVER About Your Theatre? The NEW Patented SPEED-SCOOP Three times more efficient. Scoop ond pour a bogtui of popcorn in one single easy motion. Made of light, stoinless aluminum. Cool hardwood hondle. Perfectly balanced for maximum efficiency ond speed. Only S2.50 ot your Theatre Supply or Popcorn Supply Dealer. SPEED-SCOOP 109 Thornton Ave., Son Francisco 24, Colif. Peanut Week Promotion Exhibitors can help boost peanut sales at their concessions by tieing in with National Peanut week. February 1-7. The National Peanut council. Washington. D. C, suggests that peanuts and peanut products be prominently displayed, and suggests the use of point-of-sale display cards and signs. The council offers to help theatremen in their efforts to make the most of the sales event. It is anticipated that the peanut king and queen for 1953 will be selected from the entertainment field. 28 The MODERN THEATRE SECTION

quick dependable . . impart Mau^///f^a^^ca^jCsi^^azaio^ TedZ'P/i^H^ jCea^^jS^dd (^im' De/ifOi4t/ V LOOK AT THE.PlCIUREj See the difference between Manlev's seasoning and the other brands. POPCO- BETTER stays cleaner! III! Here are the actual results of the continuous 75 hour heat test recently conducted by the Miner Laboratories, Chicago. Here's proof that Manleys POPCOBETTER is the best popcorn seasoning. Look at the results of this impartial, scientific test. All three other brands tested left more gum deposit than Manley's seasoning. Miner Laboratories report: "POPCO- BETTER left a gum deposit of less than one per cent! The other brands showed deposits 3 to 12 times more!" What does this mean to you? Manley's seasoning makes your popcorn pop better, taste better, sell faster! Manley's super-refined popcorn seasoning is specially processed from pure cocoanut oil ... so different from ordinary seasonings made from animal, vegetable or other such oils that turn rancid and break down under high heat into gummy resins which blacken your kettle . unpleasant odor and taste to your popcorn. Remember . . . it's the best - Manley's best, so depend on POPCOBETTER, the quality seasoning for better popcorn, faster sales, bigger profits. Oil Manley Popcorn Machines Plus Manley Supplies Mean Bigger Profits for you ... r' ^ For the biggest possible popcorn profits, Manley supplies everything you need—large volume popcorn machines . rich, big-kernel pop corn . dissolving salt candy-stripe bags and boxes. Just one source for quality equipment and supplies . service! That's Manley!