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— REFRESHMENT SERVICE A Compact Snack Bar Really COUNTER DISPLAY PAYS Every 24 count container of Jujyfruits opens into a neat attention-getting display—as shown above. Takes up little room on counter — increases Jujyfruit sales! Persuade your retailers to use the display— and watch your Jujyfruit volume grow! One of the most popular candies of the day . . . Jujyfruits are advertised in Life, Saturday Evening Post, Look Magazine and on Television and Billboards. HENRY HEIDE, Incorporated 313 HUDSON STREET, NEW YORK 13, N. Y. HOT popcorn means more The Hollywood SERVEMASTER can prove it to YOU: • Keeps popcorn HOT ... not just worm A new merchandising unit constructed for immediate operation to serve Hires root beer in conjunction with grilled frankfurters has been introduced by the Charles E. Hires Co. The bar is attractive, combining steel and handfinished oak in a modern design, and was developed exclusively for Hires. Although unusually compact, the bar has been profit- tested and proved capable of volume economical operations under a variety of location requirements. It is suitable for both drive-in and indoor theatre concession operation. Hires executives, Peter W. Hires of the fountain syrup and fixture division, and C. Duffield Clarke of the national accounts division, are at the head of an extensive distribution program for the unit now being produced on a large scale. Canada Dry Sponsors Terry' Canada Dry is stimulating the sale of the beverage by sponsoring a new television production of "Terry and the Pirates," and reinforcing the merchandising campaign by extensive use of the Terry group of characters in newspaper and magazine advertising. The half-hour show is to be telecast on alternate weeks and will be televised on a spot network basis, with local broadcast time varying from city to city. • Stores up to 350 boxes or bogs of popcorn • Eliminates one ottcndont during rush hours over the counter selling • Tops for speed . . . • Animoted display, brilliant lighting, elevator wells • Eye-appealing, streamlined design • Economical operation. Plugs into any 110 to 125yolt AC electrical outlet. Get the full story. Write NOW ... or use the FREE postcaril on o'oe 44, marking in this ad's key number. 30B. Popcorn for the Breath Chlorophyll— that magic green stuff has popped into America's popcorn business. Samples of the new concoction, which is said to clean the breath as it is eaten, were on display during the recent convention of the National Ass'n of Popcorn Manufacturers in Chicago. Inventor is Carl DeWeese, who thought up cheese-flavored popcorn. 30 The MODERN THEATRE SECTION

Success of Popcorn Bags Leads to a Full For Concessions by IRVING A. SINGER* Line In the Past F^ve years a noticeable trend has been growing on the part of theatre operators and concessionaires to use bags in popcorn merchandising. This is not merely a passing fancy on behalf of concessionaires — nor is it a mere transitory change that is / 'Em naHHOB doomed to "fizzle out" Irving A. Singer in the future. It is, indeed, a well-thought-out development based upon the necessity of concessionaires to increase profits. And one excellent way to increase profits is by decreasing packaging costs. It wasn't until we here at Rex developed the noiseless blow-proof popcorn bag about five years ago that concessionaires started to use the bags extensively; and they've been doing it in ever increasing numbers ever since. Concession girls have found the bags convenient to use and that dispensing is accomplished very speedily. ately counted and numbered. Because of the ever increasing demand for bags for popcorn, we here at Rex have just completed a full line of bags especially designed for the various needs of drive-ins. The full line consists of a hot dog bag, regular style and slit one side; a hamburger sandwich bag, regular style and slit one side; a french fry bag, both large size and small size: an easy-stack, pillow-type dry wax popcorn bag and a newly created bag for hot buttered corn. The fact that the drive-in line of bags permits concessionaires to prepack in advance of intermission breaks makes it possible to handle the large crowds with great speed and a minimum of bottlenecks. Now that bags have been fully accepted in all concession fields, we are looking forward to expanding our lines even more to help concessionaires in their operations and make concession operations easier and more profitable in the coming years. Let me sum up the future with our motto— "It's in the Bag." James Lees Shifts Sales Territories, Salesmen Eleven new territorial and contract appointments have been made in the James Lees & Sons sales organization, according to Fred Lehnertz, general sales manager for the carpet division. Four new territories have been created by the company. Gene Orcutt, who has been in the San Francisco office, will be assigned to a new territory in New Mexico, Texas and part of Oklahoma in the west central division. Donald W. Canada, now at the Bridgeport, Pa., home office, will take a new territory in Maryland and Virginia in the eastern division. Edward J. Aylward, also at the Bridgeport office, will be assigned to a new territory in the southern division, covering parts of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennes.see. Richard Wagner, now in the Chicago office, will be assigned to a new central division area including North and South Dakota and part of Nebraska. John M. Lydon, director of the Glasgow, Va., retail clinic, will succeed Kenneth David in the southern division. Robert B. VandeiiBerg will take over the Glasgow clinic. David will go to the Atlantic headquarters of the contract carpet division. James Fitzpatrick, who has been handling special services, will return to the contract division in the eastern area with headquarters in New York and Bridgeport, Pa. David A. Forster, who has been in the eastern division in New York, will take a New York metropolitan post upon the retirement of John E. Sparrow January 1. Wilton P. Smith, Fredrick C. John and Thomas Anderson will be assigned to divisional offices in San Francisco, Chicago and New York, respectively. STUDIED POPCORN VENDING Once bags became firmly accepted, and a market established, we here at Rex made an extensive study of the concession business, particularly popcorn vending. The result of this study has been the development of many other types of bags specifically suited to special operations in popcorn vending. In actual experience it has been demonstrated that the use of bags does not lose consumer sales, and savings are such that using bags results in an excellent profit return on popcorn operations. This is especially true in these days of constantly spiraling costs of the raw materials that go into the vending of popcorn. Aside from the all important factor of cost, we have found the bag also has the outstanding advantage of requiring little storage space. Bags also discourage pilferage, because popcorn bags are packed onethousand to a corrugated carton, accur- *Vice-president and general sales manager, Rex Speciolty Bog Corp. Mr. Singer was also exhibit choirmon of the 1952 Popcorn Industries convention. A RESEARCH BUREAU for MODERN THEATRE PLANNERS ENROLLMENT FORM FOB FREE INFORMATION The MODERN THEATRE PLANNING INSTITUTE 1-3-53 825 Van Brunt Blvd. Kansas City 1, Mo. Gentlemen; Please enroll us in your RESEARCH BUREAU to receive inlormation regularly, as released, on the following subjects lor Theatre Planning; G Acoustics G Air Conditioning G Architectural Service G "Black" Lighting G Building Material G Carpels G Coin Machines G Other Subjects D Complete Remodeling G Decorating G Drink Dispensers G Drive-In Equipment G Lighting Fixtures G Plumbing Fixtures G Projectors G Projection Lamps Q Seating G Signs and Marquees G Sound Equipment G Television G Theatre Fronts G Vending Equipment EVERYTHING FOR THE CONCESSIONAIRE Popcorn Equipment Candy Floss Equipment Popcorn, OilS/ Boxes ond Supplies Kiddie Rides Write for catalog . . . Theatre... Address City Seating Capacity.. State.. CONCESSION SUPPLY CO. ?ol%o^'r'S: olli Signed . (Owrner-Manager) BOXOFFICE ;: January 3, 1953 31