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DRIVE-IN THEATRES Compare Spacarb THE CHOICE OF BETTER THEATRES EVERYWHERE ? New Popcorn Machine for Drive-ins The new Cretors drive-in model popcorn machine was displayed for the first time at the NAPM and TESMA trade shows. The group here viewed the new model, which features two elevators heated by circulating warm air, and a revolutionary new automatic seasoning pump, at the NAPM convention. 5 ...the high speed cup machine designed for short* rush demands THEATRE-DESIGNED JUMBO CAPACITY . . . the modern way to take care of customer demand during intermission rushes easily, speedily ... no lost sales due to slighted patrons. EYE APPEAL . . . Cool, modern exterior blends with your lobby. INCREASED VOLUME & HIGHER PROFITS . . . through Spacarb 4-flavor selectivity. Patrons love to use Mix-A- Drink for new flavor thrills. Save on overtime to attendant, too. Let the Spacarb Operator In your locality tell you more or send todoy for further details. Write for FREE BOOKLET S P fl C fl R B. 375 Fairfield Ave. • Stomford, Conn.j I- S,o..o,

Two New Miniafure Trains for Drive-ins The "Streamliner" The "Casey Jones" A new line of miniature trains has been announced by Drive-In Theatre Manufacturing Co., consisting of the "Streamliner" and "Casey Jones." The latter is patterned after the oldtime steam locomotive with wooden coaches which was in use at the turn of the century. It is of steel construction and the coaches are wood covered. The "Casey Jones" will seat 30 chUdren or 18 adults. Representing the modern Diesel locomotive and coaches is the "Streamliner" which is of all steel construction. It will seat 21 children or 12 adults. The DIT-MCO line of trains is furnished complete with steel rails, wood cross ties and steel spikes for attaching the rails to the cross ties. The supply will be limited and dependent upon the availability of steel for manufacturing the trains. ^ICHFIERS p^^ftRRED WEIGHT, 165 LBS. THE ASHCRAFT HYDRO-ARC designed to produce MORE LIGHT at LESS COST than any Suprex Lamp. It is the most economical and high-powered lamp for SMALL and MEDIUM DRIVE-INS We recommend the HYDRO-ARC for drive-in screens from 40 to 57 feet wide. = 5 ASHCRAFT MANUFACTURING COMPANY 36-32 Thirty-Eighth Street long Islond City 1, N. Y. The only recti Mers especiallv designed, manufactured and tested in one plant together with and for use with motion picture protection arc lamps. This is highly important, as eHJcient operation of each type and rating of arc necessitates a rectifier specifically engineered to its particular requirements. There is a dependable Stroag Rectifier for every type projection lamp: 2-Tube - 4-Tube • 6-Tube Single and Three Phose Models for • Rotating Feed Angular Trim High Intensity • Copper Coated Coaxial High Intensity • 1 K.W. High Intensity • Low Intensity All assure smooth output current, long low operating in control, life, temperature, and fleMibility Write for Free Literature THE STRONG ELECTRIC CORP. City Park Ave. Toledo 2, Ohio PROJECTION LAMPS • SLIDE PROJECTORS SPOTLIGHTS • RECTIFIERS • REFLECTORS $ 25 DOWN Balance $10 Monthly 400 DE LUXE PENNY FORTUNE SCALE NO SPRINGS WR;rf fOR PR/cfS LARGE CASH BOX HOLDS $85.00 IN PENNIES Inrented and Made Only by WATLING Manufacturing Company 4650 W. Fulton St. Chicogo 44, III. Est. 1889—Telephone: Columbus 1-2772 Coble Ad